Nexus 5 now available at several Canadian carriers


  • Zee

    Giddy up!

  • plums

    Issues with this phone connecting your email to an exchange account.

    • Shadi

      Not for me… worked on the first attempt.

    • fbdhdb

      There seemed to be an issues with auto discover when I added my exchange account because I had to edit the hostname before I could get it to connect to the server. Looking at what it was doing without diving in, if your mail domain’s unnamed record points at the exchange CAS server/array it would still work anyway so that might be why some people have no issues.

  • monsterduc1000

    Especially when you can get one with double the storage for a hundred less from Google.

    • Todd Moore

      It comes to 435 with shipping+tax for the 32 gig

    • Tom

      You mean the 16 GB? If the sales tax is 13%, then the 32 GB one would be $452, shipping not included.

      And don’t forget that the $500 from carriers would have sales tax on it too… so even if the 16 GB came to $500 after shipping and tax from Google Play, it’d still be at least $65 saved over going retail.

    • Matt

      I know this will come as a shock, but Canada does exist outside of the borders of Ontario…

    • Tom

      You got me there – I totally forgot about Alberta, lol. Lucky them and their 5%… It actually makes it cheaper than buying stateside if you live there.

      I live alternately in BC and ON. Always expecting minimum 12% :/

  • xOptix78

    *sigh* Makes me sad to know that people will be walking in with $500 thinking they’re getting a good deal, only to turn around and get screwed on what seems to be the norm for mobile data.

    Anyway, I’ll be flipping from Telus to Bell in December to save $4 on my bill when it’s bundled. Every little bit helps.

    • Tom

      Most people buying from a carrier will be thinking they get a good deal because they pay “only” $100 up front. They are not going to fork out $500.

      Most people buying the phone outright would get it online, like through Google Play, or get a used one off kijiji or ebay. Huge advantage is that if you’re on an older better-valued plan that’s no longer offered (like I am), then you get to hang on to that plan. Signing a new contract might require you to forfeit the plan and get a more expensive on, which over 1 year basically cancels out any “discount” from a subsidy.

      E.g. I’m paying $39/month and I get 600 MB of data. If I were to get a contract + subsidy on a new plan, my bill would rise by at least $20/month, assuming I wanted a similar amount of data. Over 2 years, the total difference would be more than what I’d pay if I bought the phone off Google Play and stuck with my old plan.

      Everyone, do the math and calculate the long term pricing! Don’t let Robellus fool you with their “discounts”.

    • kevy

      I’d like to agree with this, but what kind of plan can I get with Bell if I use my Google Play phone? I want to stay with Bell cuz they have coverage everywhere I go and I go lots of places that are NOT covered by Rogers. Bell does not have any plain no-phone package. What are you guys doing for plans/service when you buy your phone from non-carrier sources?

    • Tom

      I have an old plan from Fido that’s no longer offered, and the only way to keep it is to buy my phones outright, hence it really makes no sense for me to get a subsidy these days, not even on an iPhone.

      For the parent companies, you do get $20 off every month if your bring your own phone, but that’s only for new activations. If the phone’s MSRP is > $480, and you’re signing on a plan for the very first time, then I guess taking the subsidy and contract works out. For a $350 Nexus though, buying outright and getting the $20 monthly discount results in net savings.

      If Bell allows you to grandfather in an older better-valued plan, then yes, taking a subsidy probably isn’t a bad idea for the Nexus. However some of my friends said they were unable to grandfather in their 6 GB data plans for new 2-year activations (both rogers and bell).

      If you really need Bell due to coverage, I suggest taking a look at Virgin Mobile as well. Same network, same speed, lower prices across the board – possibly BYOP friendly too.

    • kevy

      Thanks for the comments; I’m gonna give Virgin a look…after I talk with Bell customer retention…I really want the 32GB N5 so it looks like direct from Google Play either way.

    • pwnasaurus11

      Yuck, switch to Koodo. I get unlimited text / talk and 2GB of data for $54/month. Bet that’s $20-40 less than you’re paying.

    • Tom

      It’s $60 now 🙁 The “promotions” progressively get worse in value, especially after the 3 year contracts were killed.

  • Savbers

    Bell still doesn’t support the Nexus 5 with their Mobile TV app.

    • Sam Wiggans

      I’m using it with no problems on my nexus 5

    • Pascal

      How did you install it?

    • Sam Wiggans

      Just searched it in the app store

    • Pascal

      I see the MobileTV app in the play store, but it says “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”. Did you bought you Nexus 5 with Bell or on the google play store? I bought mine from the play store…

    • Sam Wiggans

      That’s really weird..I bought mine from the play store too.. I’d call customer support about it.

    • Pascal

      Did you swap your sim card, or did you get a new one from Bell (I swap mine from my other phone)?

      Thanks for your answers!

    • Sam Wiggans

      Just swapped from old phone, I had an LG G2

    • kevy

      How do you like the Nexus 5 compared to the G2?
      Any battery life, camera comments?

    • Sam Wiggans

      Battery life is terrible compared to the g2, camera is decent, a lot better than the nexus 4 camera. I love stock android though and wasn’t a fan of lg’s UI

    • kevy


  • Günter Schwarz

    I think the only time I’d pay $500 is if my phone completely died before the one I ordered ships. Unfortunately due to work I can’t risk not having a phone so I’m hoping that the phone ships soon.

    • Tom

      I have two spare phones for emergencies. One’s a dumbphone that I keep in the glove compartment with a 12V charger. The other is a Nexus One. If I ever lose or damage my phone, or have to RMA it, I grab a micro SIM to full size adapter and use one of those.

      I had a phone whose Bluetooth died on me while it was still under warranty. If I didn’t have my N1 handy in my drawer I’d have been smartphone-less for 2.5 weeks lol.

  • Justin B

    Also need to be aware of the math. I’m on the bring-you-own-device plan from Telus, and to get the N5 I’d have to bump up to the smartphone plan which is an increase of $20/month. Multiply that by 24 months and you’re at $480 on top of the $99 you paid for the phone. So for those keeping track, that’s $580 for a $350 device. Even if I have to wait, I’ll pick up a phone from Google directly.

    • Sequoia46.2

      I did exactly this with a $600 device that Rogers insisted required a $70 plan when I wanted to keep my $32 plan, and the amount I would have had to pay extra over 24 months came to over $1000 including the upfront price of $160, so. I bought it outright and saved hundreds.

    • Tom

      Good to see you did the math and realized that Roger’s “discount” was a scam. Hope more people follow your lead!

  • phoneguy

    I assume these are the black 16Gig versions for $500.

    For $50 to $100 for 2 years not to bad if you can not afford to but it from Google for $350.

    Keep in mind thought…with Telus anyway, the base plane rate is $55 then you HAVE to select a Data plan on top of that. 250 Megs min for $15 to $30 for a Gig.

    So, you have to pay min $70 to $85 a month to get the N5 for $100.

    2 years @$70=$1680 plus $100 for the buy=$1780
    2 years @$85=$2040 plus $100 for the buy=$2140

    If you got it at Google for $350, you can do a say $30 plan.

    2 years @$30=$720 plus $350 for phone=$1070

    So, in the end, you will pay at least about $700 to $1000 more over the 2 years.

    • jroc

      Except that it’s a $35 plan, and you will have no data unless your constantly around wifi signals.

    • jb

      Why not make a comparison using similar plans? Its still cheaper, but not by that much…

      1gb plan = 50 from fido, koodo, virgin – 10% byop

      2 years @ $45 = $1080 plus $350 = $1430

    • Paul Branchaud

      Can’t speak about Telus, but when I shed my term plan with Rogers and switched to a month-to-month contract, I was informed that the 10% discount for BYOD is only for NEW activations. They didn’t even want to give me the $50/1GB unlimited local calling plan, saying that was for new customers as well. They blinked on the plan, and offered me “great deals on smartphones” to which I replied, “this is why I am switching to a monthly plan and using my own phone: to be able to leave Rogers whenever I want, because you treat your longtime customers like garbage”. Still didn’t get the BYOD discount, and after 40 minutes on the phone, I’d run out of patience to go further up the CSR ladder.

    • xOptix78

      Thanks for the info. I was wondering about Telus’ new “share” plan. I’ll be flipping to either Koodo (yeah, I know it’s essentially Telus as well) or Bell to get away from that foolishness.

  • Donny Chau

    What the ffff are these carrier s thinking for charging that much for this phone.?

    • Sean Walton

      Most people do not know they can buy it cheaper from Google. Most people just see it as another device and another option. People will pay this.

  • phoneguy

    Just a side note. For those of you teachers out there do not forget you can get a discount via the Ontario Teachers College membership Discounts.

    Just Google the OTC and go to Discounts.

    For $20/month you get a great plan.
    For $50/month you get that plan above and about 3 Gigs of Data.

    Just had family member do it and got 5 Gigs of data for $30

  • Top_Quark

    Rip Offs

  • John

    so what, 16G model for $499? hope not…

  • Filibeto

    Hahahahah —–> Rogers: $99.99 on a 4-year

  • Ryan

    4 year contracts? since when

  • Dimitri

    4 year contract? LOL Ian wake up bud:p

    • Günter Schwarz

      Oh gotta love mornings lol. As much as I’m sure it’s a typo 4 years seems to be something Rogers would do.

  • Budd

    Are they preloaded the carrier app and locked?

    • Dimitri

      No for all of those.

    • Candido

      All Nexus devices are unlocked. In terms of bloatware, I am not too sure.

    • Eluder

      Nope, same phone that you get from the Play store.

    • Darryl Friesen

      Telus support told me the justification for the extra $150 was that the device “is branded and comes with all settings for data and picture messaging”. Not sure if that means locked and loaded with crap, but it does sound as if it is not 100% stock Android in the same way the Google Play device would be.

    • HelloCDN

      Wow, really, that’s their answer?
      I wonder if they hire people who at least graduated high school these days…

    • Darryl Friesen

      $150 for a Telus logo on boot seemed a bit steep for me. I don’t plan on getting mine from them anyway, so I didn’t question them any further.

    • Elephanty

      That’s not the Telus answer, that’s just some dummy at a call centre making up an answer he doesn’t know.

    • Darryl Friesen

      Possibly. It was a response from the TELUSsupport Twitter account. Perhaps there is more justification for the $150 than he could speak to in 140 characters. I am curious to know if the carrier versions are locked or not — my understanding is that iPhones from carriers are, but iPhones from Apple are not — but I have no intention of buying this phone from a carrier so in the end it doesn’t matter that much to me.

    • pwnasaurus11

      I’m pretty sure that’s not true anyways. The Nexus devices are sold untouched by carriers. When I bought my GNex on launch day the Bell reps were telling me it was locked and it wasn’t. They’re just morons.

  • Ali F.

    I received mine yesterday and noticed that plugging and unplugging the USB cable to the device requires extra force. I am not sure if this is normal. You need to bend the usb head a bit down in order to plug it (if horizontal it is almost impossible to plug). To unplug it it requires a stiff pull. Anyone experiencing this?

  • Super_Deluxe

    No 32GB? forget about it Robelus.. -_-

  • KiwiBri

    Seen a ton of Nexus 5’s being dumped in local classifieds… most nearly at actual price.. I guess a lot of people were thinking they were going to make a few $$ reselling them..

  • Candido

    Does your sticker on the box read LTE band 2600 supported? I got mine yesterday and it reads a bunch of LTE bands including 2600.

    • naviz

      Really? There are only 2 models, so either you got the international version that will only work on LTE 2600 and no other LTE band used in Canada or the NA model has the band but it wasn’t certified by FCC since its not a valid band in the US.

    • leobg

      Indeed the box mentions 2600 among the LTE bands, but it is noted as “TD2600”. Not sure if that’s the same band Rogers has

    • Labrat

      I confirm this as well.

      I am on Fido, I just checked and they seem to use the 2600mhz as well.

      On Fido site I see:

      As of today, Fido LTE devices are capable of maximum theoretical download speeds of up to 100 Mbps1 and Fido customers are experiencing typical download speeds from 12 Mbps to 25 Mbps for most devices, or even up to 40 Mbps for select devices on the Fido LTE network, which supports 2600 MHz spectrum for LTE connectivity.

      I did a speed test and got 28Mbps down and 10 up, does that mean I was on 2600? Will do further testing!

    • Labrat

      Nice, don’t think my speedtest was in an optimal location either.

      Anyone know a tool to see on which LTE band you’re phone is connected?

    • Pawv

      I’ve been with wind for nearly 3 years and it’s wonderful paying 35 dollars a month for unlimited EVERYTHING! 😀

    • wayne t

      The only thing I enjoy more then $35 for unlimited everything is coverage.

    • Pawv

      It works everywhere I need it to. If I need it to work anywhere else I add 5 bucks to my balance. Still a hell of a lot cheaper than paying 50+ for nothing

    • Dimitri

      2600mhz is 100+mbps speeds. So no you are not getting those speends. Your speeds are normal 4G / somewhat LTE speed.

    • Labrat

      This is theoretical speed. With overhead and real world condition, I have yet to see anything above 65Mbps on a cell phone.

      Nothing says the faster speeds (28 vs 10) was not because it was on a 2X20mhz/2600 band.

    • JTon

      65Mbps … not bad at all !

    • naviz

      2600 TDD is a band used in the states only I believe (band 38 and 41). 2600 FDD is what is used in Canada/worldwide. So it probably wont work if it only supports TDD on that band.

  • Brandon Snow

    Hold on, they’re charging more for the phone outright than the Google Play Store is? I cannot be the only one to find that ubsurd.

    • Dimitri

      Carriers have been doing this since the Nexus program came out. All Nexus phones were more on carriers. Some will bring the price down a few days or weeks later.

    • Kahn

      Carriers have been doing this since day 1, long before the Nexus. Manufacturers never really sold phones outside of the carriers in NA until the Nexus.

    • Oilersfan74

      OMG a retailer isn’t selling a product at cost!! *rolls eyes*

    • wes

      Google is selling the phone to service providers for at leat 50$ more than the retail price on google play store. That explains the increased price, then the service provider needs to make some money too off the phone. So in fact google wants you to buy it directly from them if you have they money, if not you can buy it with a subsidy and slowly chip away at that subsidy.

  • Justin

    They have them for $0 on $300 tab at koodo in store at best buy and futureshop. though i’m not with them i reserved one to see if they will sell it to me $300 outright. might be a long shot but i will update people on here to let them know when i pick it up tonight.

  • MrGreen72

    Nope. This won’t be the phone I upgrade my S3 to.

    I’d like the 5s if only the IOS keyboard didn’t suck so much.

  • Kahn

    FFS people, when are you guys going to understand that the outright price that a carrier charges are NOT the same prices as what the manufacturer/Google sells it for. Phones have a certain percentage added to the manufacturer cost that they purchase to accommodate the fact that they’re not paying off the phone right away at purchase. The carrier buys them in bulk from the manufacturer to in turn sell to you. They pay $X million for them and don’t usually pay off phones until past 12 months of receiving your monthly subscription. And no, you do not simply multiply your monthly plan cost until you hit the manufacturers value of the phone. Only a small percentage per month goes to paying off your phone (think overhead costs, rent, employee costs, etc). This is where the idea of MSRP comes from (Manufacturer’s SUGGESTED RETAIL pricing) – not manufacturer’s pricing. This occurs EVERYWHERE in the retail world but everyone here seems to get into a stink because they’re aware of Google’s price offering. No carrier advocates selling these phones outright to people, it’s just used as a basis to illustrate the amount of money that is required to be collected over the duration of the term. Naturally, there is always a little ‘pad’ – the companies aren’t here to sell feelings.

    This works similar to a mortgage. People put down a tiny bit of cash (often times the famously idiotic 5%) and slowly pay off the mortgage over time not realizing that the overall price they pay is much, much higher than what the house would have been if they purchased it outright (or in this case, from Google).

    Now, please stop applying your ideal of ‘why not but the phone for $350’ to people who pay $49 or $99 for it on a 2 year term. If you pulled your head out of your own awesome arse, you’d see that there are in fact many people that cannot or choose not to spend that amount of money on a phone (or put 40% down on a house).

    • Kahn

      Yes, I do and I wasn’t trying to ‘change anything’. If someone uses the phone for 2 years (which many, many people who sign contracts for them will) than that $150 mark up is completely moot. So no, it’s not THAT ridiculous. Look, I’m not all for throwing money at carriers but all these comments about how subsidies and contracts work in the business world are growing thin. I think it’s great above all that Google is selling the device and cutting out the carriers to begin with – that is progress. Expecting carriers to price things based on what they’re customer base is NOT doing (buying phones outright) is just silly. The mark up is also to pay for people wanting to opt-out of their contract early and re-sign (and yes, there is overhead costs for that as well.

    • Kahn

      How about you just call me when you figure out a magical unicorn solution on how to pay for building networks and paying for hundreds of thousands of Canadian jobs. Want your 5G LTE+++? How about 4G in rural Canada? Guess what? That costs billions of dollars.

      I’ll be waiting for your call.

    • Kahn

      I’d give you my number but since you’re switching to WIND good luck connecting the call. I’m kidding, but I had to take my WIND jab and I’m not trying to imply that you’re an idi*t. Look, it’s not about what YOU want in regards to a network speed but what their customer base demands. The reality is that they need to build it for everyone and to keep moving forward. If you’re not interested in that than Wind is a great place for you.

      But why is it that people complain about the big three yet companies like Apple receive so much praise and they charge SO much more – many people see value. I firmly believe that if we spent more time making companies be transparent in their business and provide more options than people would gladly pay a premium. If these companies took out contract and made people buy devices outright you’d have riot on your hands. My original rant is because this community seems to have largely turned into Nexus-toting Windies that see fit to bash every single article on this site.

    • jroc


      The $150 is completely moot eh? So, you’re telling me that someone should be cool with paying $100 for a phone, then say, $85 a month for a plan over two years (total of $2,418 w/tax) when they could buy the phone outright and pay $65 with the BYOD discount for the same plan (total of $2,157 w/tax).

      Must be nice to have more money than sense.

    • Elephanty

      That’s a dumb argument. The difference is like $250. You honestly think that some people wouldn’t take the phone cheaper upfront to avoid buying it outright? In my experience there is a HUGE portion of people who always take the lower up-front cost despite paying more in the end. Yeah its cheaper in the long run to buy it outright but alot of people don’t see it that way. How many people do you see walking around with iphones that don’t look like they can’t afford them. Not everyone can do the math on these things.

    • jroc

      I know most people would take the upfront discount, that’s the thing. I hardly see it as a dumb argument though, as the people that can’t afford to buy phones outright are probably the ones that need that extra $250 that they could have saved.

    • beyond

      it’s ridiculous until you realize its a great strategy for coaxing existing customers into signing a new contract.

    • jroc

      Sidenote: Overhead for buying out your contract and resigning? I used to work for Telus, in finance no less. Let me tell you, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Kahn

      You’re kidding me, right? Sorry, it’s not that large of an amount, yes, but there is an overhead cost for pretty much every transaction within an organization. A better example would have been without resigning because they have to pay for the time required to process everything. Resigning just counteracts the cost. Last stat I remember reading on MS was that it was around $18 for Rogers/Bell/Telus per 20 minute call and that was around 2010.

    • jroc

      Ya, ok, there’s a minuscule allocation of overhead cost centres to just about everywhere. Nothing worth noting though.

    • Elephanty

      A guy named jroc worked in finance. ANyone else smell a lie?

    • jroc

      Yes, because jroc is my real name.

      A guy named Elephanty is using the internet, what a crazy world we live in.

    • jroc

      Here, have a snickers.

    • CF Medina

      Wrath of Kahn, indeed.

    • Kahn

      That made me almost cry laughing.

    • jroc

      But..but…the overhead!!

    • cartfan88

      After seeing amount of $ the carriers spent on their retail stores … Overhead indeed!

    • Darryl Friesen

      I’m guessing Kahn works for one of the carriers.

    • Kahn

      I don’t, actually. I work for a bank. Why is anything other than outright carrier bashing considered to be proof of employment?

    • Lance

      If your messages weren’t indicative of someone drinking the koolaide of the wireless industry. You might not come off as being one of them.

    • Elephanty

      Many areas I’ve lived are blown away when I tell them about discounted phones and contracts in Canada. They don’t understand not having to pay full price for a device.

    • Tom

      “many people that cannot or choose not to spend that amount of money on a phone”

      If they can afford the data plan… then it shouldn’t be that bad. If income is low enough that a $250 upfront difference is a problem, then perhaps they should re-examine their expenses…

      If they choose not to pay the higher upfront price (and realize net savings over 2 years vs getting the contract), then they are naive…

      I always advocate the practice of just doing with less for a bit longer than usual, then paying for something nice in full. Of course, this isn’t realistic for property, but for cars and anything cheaper, it’s very feasible.

      I’m by no means wealthy, but I managed to buy my car in cash. While many of my friends immediately went out and financed new cars with monthly payments after getting jobs, I just stuck with my $2000 clunker from college until my savings balance made me confident I could buy the car without jeopardizing anything else. No interest payments and my wallet thanks me for it. Plus, if I lose my job tomorrow, I know I won’t have to worry about my car getting repossessed!

      I have a good valued data plan ($39) from Fido that I would lose if I were to get a contract and be forced to pay $70+/month (and get less data than I have with my $39 plan). $350 + $39 x 24 < $150 + $70×24. The difference is enough to buy me another phone or two… Similarly, with my car, saving up and paying cash has saved me nearly $5000, which could buy two of my previous car…

    • cartfan88

      I like your way of thinking brother.

    • Unusual_Suspect

      Comparing a $500 phone purchase to a $150,000 + (for example) long term property investment is asinine. Marking a phone up from $350 to $500 is just gouging on the part of the carriers. Do you not think they make money on the plans that they promote and sell?

    • Lance

      They don’t make the money on the phones, they make the money from the plans. How do you not understand that?

  • Fate_tw

    Only $150 over retail, nice.

  • Dalex

    Pretty much as expected. It’s obviously a better deal to buy them outright off the play store as Google is selling almost at cost (and hoping you will spend money in the Play store/use their services). The 2 year contract price isn’t that bad. On videotron you can get the 60$ unlimited talk/text/6 GB of data for 60$ and with a 50$ phone that’s pretty good.

    • wes

      They aren’t selling it at cost. IPhone 5s costs about 200 to make (that’s including labour). Google is still making money at 350$. The phone itself probably costs 150-250$ to make.

  • Ace

    now is there any Duty or Brokerage fees applied when you received the phone ???
    I have zero trust in UPS !! And their scamming fees

    • jroc

      None. What you pay in the play store is the final price.

    • John Coirazza

      It ships from Toronto, no duty

    • John Coirazza

      Did you pay duty? What company shipped it?

    • CF Medina

      UPS ships them, and AFAIK there are no duties. The phone is shipped as “World Ease” which means the taxes you paid at checkout (if any) are already put towards your duties/taxes.

    • jroc

      The payment is made to Google Canada, which is in Toronto. It’s shipped out of the US.

  • Alexandre Deshaies

    Bought it, waiting 14 days to return, then wait for my Nexus 5 White to come up from playstore :3

  • Pawv

    Me too! 435 final price for my 32gb! Love it so much!

    • Tom

      You must be in Alberta 🙁

      Someday I need to move there…

    • Pawv

      Sure am :p

    • Andrew bro

      Like everyone else in Canada seems to do.

  • Pawv

    Got my spigen on its way from the USA from eBay! Saved about 30 dollars

  • Squirrely

    This is probably a stupid question but it’s really hard to find a straight answer. If I order this directly from Google Play can I use it on Telus? I understand that it is unlocked but I’ve also read that there are different models that have different frequencies.

    • theRKF

      I bought mine from Google Play US and had it running on Telus Monday. HAd to get a new SIM card, and the clerk at the Telus store wouldn’t give me the phone back for about 5 min as he played with it 🙂 “We don’t even have these yet!” LTE on Telus is crazy fast compared to the my old Galaxy Nexus.

    • Squirrely

      Awesome! Thank you!

    • HelloCDN

      The only network I know will have problem with Nexus 5 is Verizon, but it’s in the States. Unlocked model should be working with all Canadian carriers.

  • Lucas Lafrance

    hi, i have a question : does this mean videotron does not support LTE speed ? so if i buy the Nexus 5 with videotron i will be downloading at 3G speed ?

  • TheDuke

    I seem to have found an issue already. Once the phone is taken out of wifi area, it has difficulty connecting back. Only restarting helps. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • Sketchy

      I don’t have one, but I’ve read about that on other forums. I’m thinking I’ll wait till they get the bugs sorted out.

      Also it appears Futureshop fixed their mistake of $0 Nexus 5 from Koodo on $300 tab.

    • theRKF

      No such issue here. I absolutely love this phone – it’s incredibly fast, runs all the apps I want, Aviate snaps along nicely, and no wifi problems. The only complaint would be the inordinate brightness from the edges of the screen when viewing full screen or reading on a white background.

  • pwnasaurus11

    Lmao why would any one spend $500 when you can get it for $350 online? What a joke.

  • Justinn Parkinson

    No cases in any of the “The Mobile Shops”

  • Paul Q

    Has anyone bought it from google? It says 3-4 weeks it will leave the warehouse. What the hell does that mean? That mean that it won’t arrive for 3-4 weeks plus the 2-7 days to deliver?

    • HelloCDN

      Yes. 3-4 weeks is the waiting period for shipment, and then add couple of days for delivery.
      Sometimes, however, online stores ship earlier. For example, lots of times Apple Online Store ships after 2 weeks, even though waiting period was outlines as 3-4. It’s all up to the stock they have and how they plan their operations.

  • PositivelyShocking

    Do the carriers have the 32 GB versions? If not, are there any plans for them to do so?

  • MikeA

    Too bad rogers wont transfer my current plan to a 2 yr contract so I can get a nexus 5. Son of a…..

  • Hubert

    I was waiting for the carrier pricing for a 2-year contract but at 200$, I rather buy the phone full price from the Google store.

  • Sean548

    I actually surprised and a little pissed off that all of the carriers have marked up the 16 GB version by 43% $500 for a $350 handset, WTF?

  • j n

    Bought mine this morning at Best Buy. Love it! Replaced my SIII and got it on a 2 year for $49.99. Was the first customer that signed up with the Nexus 5. To those talking about purchasing from Google Play Store. Saving money, good for you I’m happy for you. Some us like myself don’t have a credit card so to me this upgrade suits me just fine. To each their own I say. Again, very happy with the phone. Cheers. P.S feels good in the hands and nicer screen than my SIII.

  • Mairuk Al-Huq

    Why the hell would anyone buy it outright!? It’s $100 more than the play store!

  • nailedvision

    Isn’t buying it from one of the big three carriers suggesting complacency with the state of telecommunications in this country?

    This phone is amazing. It’ll map a route for you without asking, stream video in amazing resolution, understand speech with incredible accuracy, and do it all amazingly fast.

    Yet, unless you’re willing to drop $85+ a month–plus the fee to activate, the fee to use the store, the fee to ship it, the fee for 911, the fee to have a paper bill, the fee to change from paper bill to not paper bill, the fee to have a guy invent more fees–you’ll be ‘watching your data’.

    That’s complete crap. If Canada is genuinely interested in positioning its self as an economy of the future and not just a enjoy a period of time as an tar-sands fueled boomtown our national apathy towards technology needs to go. Either the rules need to change to allow more competition into the market or maybe the government needs to look at creating public infrastructure to provide high speed cellular and fiber optic internet at a price point that allows full advantage of the technology at a price everyone can afford.

    Buying from the Play Store isn’t just about the money you can save. It’s also about becoming an empowered consumer. The prohibitive price of phones is what allows these companies to basically bend you over and spit on your crack. Don’t let them.

  • SteveDiPaola

    so the real question is – buying it from the google play store – which one of these carriers will come up to the plate with a great monthly plan or a 2 year plan that is cheap given no phone subsidy and my loyalty.

    I only know of wind right now. I tested wind for a week recently (all around the greater Vancouver area) and all was great but their data was consistently slow. Slower (mostly) or equal ( rarely) to my rogers no lte note 1 phone.

    Why cant rogers ( or bell or telus) come to the plate with a plan for the millions of nexus 5 byo, in hand, users. ( I believe rogers will pull $20 off a month their family plan of extra phones normally $55/month for an ok level package). I guess I have to go and talk with them – they are just so lame to talk to about stuff like this.

    any thoughts on the best byo nexus 5 plan ( for me with allot of data).

  • GAH05

    I am on a Rogers contract with an another android phone. Is it as simple as moving the micro SIM card over to a Nexus 5 bought from Play Store outright? Can I continue my plan with Rogers? Or do I need to announce it to Rogers & payout the contracted phone? Thanks in advance.

    • GAH05

      I have the answer from browsing the web.

  • blzd

    None have accessories though.

  • Kimberley King

    I also paid $435 total for the 32GB one straight from Google although I have to wait about a month for it to get here as I just ordered it. If anyone is looking for a good price for a case, search Nexus 5 cases on ebay. You can get simple ones for as low as $1 or $2 from china or nicer ones like flip stand and wallet types for around $10. I expect if I order one now, it will get here around the same time my phone does.

    Also for good deals on plans, I am with Mobilicty and pay $35 a month for unlimited Canada wide calling, unlimited global texting and unlimited data with voice mail and caller ID and even 30 minutes of free roaming a month all included. Wind also has some good deals on plans but they charge extra for voicemail and roaming.

  • Alexandre Grondin

    At 399$ for the 32Gb version I’d rather buy it on the Canadian Play store

  • Viktor Elias

    Go BlackBerry Go. You guys should really consider moving back to BlackBerry!

    • Lance

      Not for like $600 when I can get the Nexus for much much cheaper.

  • David

    Hello Good People. I ordered my Nexus 5 32GB Black version on Nov 12 i got an email thanking me for the order and today on Nov 14 when i sign in to my google wallet it says Status : Pending will google speed up their shipping or what ! by the way i live in ontario any help thanks !

  • mauriceh

    WIND Mobile has it now
    Why anyone would buy it from a carrier for $500 when you can buy directly from Google on the Play store is puzzling to me

  • Dennis Zhu

    how much does it actually coat? you have to pay the tax and shipping that adds the total price up to $400. Is there any where that you don’t have to pay tax?