WIND Mobile has 636,827 active wireless subscribers


  • J-Ro

    If they merged with Mobolicity, They would have a nice size customer base.

    • FunkyMonkey

      mobi should literally just come to WIND head office and say TAKE ME UNDER YOUR WING PLZ

    • Sweet

      A little while ago I saw a rumour that Mobi was in talks to sell their customer base to Wind for a few million dollars and then shutdown operations. A stop-the-bleeding strategy. I haven’t anything about it since, though.

    • J-Ro

      They are likely hoping Telus buys them with a better offer and the government will let it go through.

    • Sweet

      Yep. Either that, or they’re waiting for Mobi to go bankrupt. Either way, Wind will end up getting Mobi’s customer base for free. But that only makes sense if Wind has enough spectrum to accommodate the surge of new customers.

    • beyond

      you mean bandwidth

    • J-Ro

      Bandwidth might be sticky in Toronto but everywhere else should be fine.

    • Accophox

      No, spectrum. You need wireless spectrum to handle customers data needs – Rogers sits on 85Mhz of spectrum per major metropolis except Toronto (which it has 75MHz) based on a report from 2007. Factor in AWS and 2600MHz, and they’ve got a lot more… Wind is lucky to hold 10MHz in most of their markets, and Mobilicity holds 7MHz in one area, IIRC.

  • Liberal Phone Person

    Go wind go! make robellus sweat!

  • tyresmoke

    Good job wind.
    I’ll be back when you have some low frequency spectrum and LTE.

  • James

    Proud to be a wind customer!

  • Accophox

    Not half bad. Not as fast as they wanted, but 25% y/y growth is nothing to scoff at.

    • CADDMan71

      Well….when their numbers are as low as they are 25% isn’t too impressive. It certainly looks nice on paper though. But you do need to take those numbers into their proper perspective. Back when I worked with Bell Mobility there was once a 16,000 increase in one quarter which was a MAJOR disappointment. This is also the 3rd quarter (not the 1st when activations is usually lowest) when there should be a spike in activations with the start of the new school year. However for Wind it’s a positive, albeit a minor positive since they’re still WAY behind what their original plans had them at by this point.

    • Accophox

      18000 for a Company with Bell’s reach is a severe disappointment q/q… but for a carrier that has had to deal with aggressive advertisements from flanker brands like Chatr… and the continuous impression that they have bad coverage, everywhere (thanks Mobilicity…), they’re still growing.

    • CADDMan71

      Well…to be honest, and when I say honest I mean, you know, brutally, 16,000 for Wind is also a disappointment since they’re located in many of the major English speaking cities across Canada. They’re certainly not going to make up the difference in smaller towns.
      Using as an excuse that there’s competition in the market place is a pretty lame excuse since even with that competition and with, you must agree with this, higher prices the Big 3 are still kicking Wind’s behind when it comes to new activations.
      Wind has now been on the air for 4 years and they’re still barely over 40% of their planned activations after their 3rd year. It’s nice that there’s competition, but long term viability is a totally other thing. I still don’t see how they’re making a profit.

    • Accophox

      Again, it’s set into so many people’s minds that Wind’s got crap coverage… and it really hurts their image. They’ve tried to argue that away – but it’s an ugly sticking point that the incumbents are more than willing to take advantage of. I ask any of my friends about it, and they’re usually like: “I hear their coverage is limited!”. And they’re content to pay the prices that they are for their service because they’re too worried about the limited coverage that they’ll experience for that handful of days of the year that they’ll be without full data service.

      Devices aren’t an issue anymore, as they’re finally getting their hands on big hitters like the One, S4, Note 3… but they’re still missing the big one – the fabled fruit, and most people aren’t willing to buy a 750 phone outright.

    • CADDMan71

      Yes, that reputation is unfortunate. It’s also unfortunate that that reputation was born out of Wind’s poor decision to compete head on nationally against the big 3 from their launch in 2009. If you’re a regular on Mobilesyrup you’ll know that I’ve said from day 1 that Wind should have never thought big from the beginning. Rather they should have used Westjet’s model of starting small, build a good reputation, and expand as economics allow. They didn’t do that and have wasted $Millions that they could have used to solidify local coverage instead of spreading themselves so thin in the beginning.

  • Charlie Gaziano

    Still in love with my Nexus 4 on Wind! 😀

  • vn33

    Hopefully this will encourage Wind to continue with more coverage roll-out !!
    Would have joined them if I wasn’t on corp plan !

  • exaro

    Back when it was launching, WIND was promising it would absolutely have a million subscribers in its first year. It’s running out of time. Come Feb 2014 its spectrum will be up for transfer. Mobilicity has never indicated it would sell spectrum to Wind (although it might ask Wind to service its customers on an interim basis to reduce its operating costs and deficit). Within 24 months the new carries will all be gone. It will be the big three and the regional incumbents.

    • Dave

      The government would probably extend their promise about blocking the transfer for another five years.

      Sweat rogers Sweat.

    • Brandon Roberts

      They won’t. The new entrants will sue the government if they try to pull that.

    • Dave

      They will sue and they will loose.

  • D Kup

    After being a Wind customer for a week , I must say Wind has very good coverage in the GTA area that I traveled the most. Downtown is very decent, North York is mostly good and Mississauga needs a bit work ! For $30 a month, I am very happy! Data speed at times could be slow but it is acceptable since I don’t stream videos.

    I am glad to see Wind to succeed and have their APRU goin up a bit …. I am finally out of the big three after all these horrible years !

    • Walter

      Even if you were to stream videos you should have no issue.

    • Anaron

      Yeah, WIND has come a long way since it first launched in 2009. I’m on the $40/month Holiday Miracle Plan and I haven’t looked back since December 2010. I never want to pay a crap load of money to the Big 3 for service that isn’t unlimited.

  • beyond

    GO WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AlphaEdge

    Also notice they have $100 price drops on some of their phones. $229 for an LG G2 is an incredible deal for that phone. Got that for my wife, and it’s amazing.

    Too bad, I still have 20 months tab left on my cracked screen Samsung Galaxy S3, as I want that phone.

    Been a Wind customer for over 2 years now. Very happy on the holiday miracle plan.

    • Canadaboy

      Interesting, I too wanted a G2 but unlike the Note 3, it’s not a universal phone (the Note 3 in Canada is the same version with all carriers in spectrum support). So I’ve been hesitant to get the G2. Think I’m just going with the Nexus 5. Shame – I want the 5.2″ or larger screen.

      I agree though, people confirmed for Wind for 2 years, the G2 is awesome.

  • Tiago

    i hope wind and mobilicity continue

  • blzd

    You can add one more to that number come Friday. If I’m disatisfied I can bring the Nexus 5 somewhere else.

  • Walter

    This really is good news. But I was really hoping Wind would be over a million customers by now.

    • Dave

      Everyone hoped so.
      Unfortunately, the big 3 are too big for a small fish as wind mobile.

  • ScooterinAB

    I’m glad to hear that Wind’s APRU is up. But I’m also disappointed to see that it is only $30. They need more expensive plans (face it) so that their ARPU and general revenues can increase so that they can then actually build their network.

    Props to Wind for growing, but they still aren’t a game changer. It’s business as usual for everyone else.

    • Walter

      For Wind to offer more expensive plans they need to seriously upgrade their services. LTE would help but as it is now Wind doesn’t offer anything that would warrant higher prices

    • ScooterinAB

      The catch 22 here is that they cannot upgrade their network without more revenue. I order to expand into some of the nearby communities surrounding their zones, the company needs to manifest a few billion dollars in revenue. That just can’t happen with an ARPU of 30.

      I agree that there needs to be something gained from any price increase. But there also needs to be a clear expansion plan. Companies like Wind are going to get far more customers if they show a little bit of their hand right now and show that they are in fact growing.

      It’s not an easy, straight forward scenario.

    • Walter

      Baby steps. Wind tipped their hand when they tried to time line there expansion into Winnipeg and the Maritimes. And when that didn’t pan out they looked like amateurs.

      There first step should be to do well in the up coming 700 mHz auction. And then improve the service they already have and then offer new services while expanding into new markets.

  • Peter Johanson

    It is no Bell Mobility or Rogers thats for sure. You pay more, but you pay more for a RELIABLE product that works EVERYWHERE. Wind only works in certain areas and even then it is not a very effective carrier