Hands-on with the Nexus 5 (video)


  • Discuqdhdh

    I’ll be sticking to my HTC One, but if that phone didn’t exist I’d be picking this up. Looks great.

    • Ryan


    • silver_arrow

      Think of it this way. HTC has confirmed a 4.4 update within 90 days.

    • ObviousNinja2

      LOL. Samsung said that years ago….it took them 6 months after their 30 day promise. They just sent out 4.3 to everyone….

    • gmaninvan

      Only reason the One doesn’t interest me is hardware buttons. I really don’t know why these OEM’s are still bothering with them

    • Nick Klenchik

      More screen real estate

    • sweenish

      Not a valid argument with 4.4 anymore.

    • Nick Klenchik

      care to elaborate?

    • Jace Hernandez

      4.4 now lets apps decide whether to go fullscreen and hide the software keys and even the notification bar.

    • sweenish

      Jace covered it. True fullscreen for more than just videos is de-facto in 4.4 when the app supports it.

      Always helps to stay up to date before regurgitating years old arguments.

    • Nick Klenchik

      I’ll have to try it before I blatantly share my opinion

    • UKROB

      You’ll definitely have to try it, software buttons are the way to go. –They hide when you don’t need them
      -you can voluntarily hide them
      -they don’t break because not mechanical
      -they’re not ugly
      -can be modified
      -don’t ruined the exterior of the phone

      I could keep listing

    • gmaninvan

      Doesn’t really apply in kit kat, they hide when not needed. This is all while eliminating the big chin and allowing for flexibility for things like button rotation

    • Mika Turcotte-Talbot

      because some people like them. Like me.

    • gmaninvan

      That’s fair, but they are limiting. They can’t rotate, be customized, or hide. As a result, the chin on the phone you use will always be bigger to accommodate them

    • davedooter

      Software ‘buttons’ are a flawed concept and annoying at best. You can keep your on screen buttons, I’ll happily fill my screen with actual things other than arrows.

      Software buttons… LOL!

    • Laer

      Have you used software buttons?

      They are amazing! Always on the right spot, the right orientation, and have the right functions with appropriate icons because you can completely customize them.

      Arguments about lost screen real estate are a red herring. No matter what you do, you have device space consumed. Kitkat acknowledges this with the new UI/design elements. So if the device is the same size and the screen is just 42px taller the only thing you have lost is a cumbersome antiquated technology. But you’ve gained so much, even the ability to scale your buttons down, or hide them and gaining you more then you had before in all categories.

      I’m excited about 4.4. It will make screen usage very effective and positive, much more so for software buttons devices.

    • gmaninvan

      You clearly haven’t read about how kit kat handles that have you? You can take your big chin phone with buttons that don’t reorient themselves, hide when not needed, or reorient themselves

    • UKROB

      you simply don’t have any idea about software buttons. I’ll just leave it at that.

    • gmaninvan

      So I present valid points as to the advantages presented by on screen navigation and I get a vote down. You, on the other hand, an ambiguous statement with no supporting points and you get two up votes. Gotta love the trolls

    • Tim

      lol if you would buy a new one there is no single reason to go for the HTC One anymore, this is 200$ cheaper, has a faster SOC (which def matters in the GPU performance on a 1080p screen and is more power efficient), native INSTANT OS updates, it has a bigger screen without being larger than the One, it has 60hrs (SIXTY!) of audio playback time, and the buttons on the One are not logical placed.

      but yeah, if you already have the one and don’t have a goldmine, you shouldnt upgrade

    • justtotrolllol

      “but yeah, if you already have the one and don’t have a goldmine, you shouldnt upgrade”

      i wouldn’t call this as an “upgrade” over the one…the only difference is the snapdragon 600 to 800 processor (and price obviously).

      one thing i love about my HTC One is the screen quality. if only nexus line starts using better screens again…..

    • fates

      obviously haven’t used the n5 yet, but htc one has pretty nice speakers and i PERSONALLY like the build of the phone (unibody aluminum). i’d say there are at least a few good reasons (at least for some people, like myself).

      not a big deal but i’ve actually gotten compliments on the phone from every other person i met (mostly iphone users).

      n5 would probably be my second choice for phones though (almost wish i could own and use both!)

    • BB BB

      The One definitely has the best speakers.

    • Tim

      I dont get it why someone would get a phone because of the speakers, they ALL suck. Get a decent pair of headphones instead and enjoy movies and music much more.
      I understand its cool to have the best speakers on a phone, but it’s like a bit less worse than the others. Unless you have one of a fancy ringtone :p

    • Ryan

      For me, I take videos of my children (who play music) which I show to other family members. The speakers on the HTC One make it so that you don’t need an absolutely quiet space to hear the music. I can also set my HTC One on the counter while making supper and listen to music, which I couldn’t really do with other phones. I would not say that speakers on the HTC One suck, are they better than a good pair of headphones, no, but they are still very good speakers, much better than any other phone speakers.

      That’s not the only reason I got my HTC One, but it certainly was a feature that I enjoy having over my Galaxy Nexus.

    • Mike Dye

      Agreed. Its like being the smartest kid with down syndrome.

    • fates

      Just because you don’t use speakers doesn’t mean its useless. I assume you’re speaking out without having actually used it, because the speakers on the one are actually pretty good.

      Here are my pros:
      -it helps when watching videos with other people
      -also useful for just playing music while doing other activities where you might not necessarily use earphones (i’ve used it around the house, e.g. brushing my teeth, showering, eating, cooking).

      -its nice not always having to use headphones (can be bulky to carry, sometimes you don’t have them around, extra cost), -earphones can potentially damage your ear and personally, they give me headaches/hurt my ears after awhile
      -better ringtone sound

      This is a non-factor for me because I’ve rooted my phone, but the one also had beats audio for headphone audio (not sure what that changes though tbh)

    • Tim

      lol ‘the only difference is the 600 to 800’ , this is huge!
      Adreno330 is 30to50% faster than Adreno320, which is quite a big difference. I has a faster CPU (I know, this will not be felt) but it does all this stuff extra with LESS power (read: extra battery life)

      It has a larger screen, without being physically bigger.
      Does the HTC One also has a dedicated sound chip to get 60hrs audio time?
      As far as i remember, the LG G2 display was one of best on the market and first handsons say this screen is way better than N4.
      And don’t get me started on the bad camera on the HTC or the slow updates or the price or sense5.5.

      EDIT: ow, your name.. nevermind

    • Nahuel

      Boff… If you want to get in the ”specs battle” it’s a never ending thing. In February there will be the Snapdragon 900 or what ever they call it. The average user won’t even know the difference. If you own a One, I don’t see a real reason to upgrade, but if you are looking for a new phone, then, it might be something to consider.

    • Zoidbort

      Uh…did you read the article?

      “The Nexus 5′s screen is also something to behold: while it shares the same IPS technology as the LG G2, which we acclaimed as the best mobile display on the market, it is slightly smaller and therefore sharper.”

    • Nee Austin

      I have an HTC One with the terrible purple camera tint hardware problem. (T-mobile Warranty replacement on its way to make it sellable). Also bought the 32gb white N5, because I always liked the N4’s dimensions. The HTC One’s narrow width always rubs me the wrong way, but that’s just personal. (Dislike “physical” buttons too) I’m most anxious about the N5 camera quality. These samples look pretty good for quick snapshots, but the vs 5S comparison isn’t quite same shot for same. I hope the OIS compensating for aperture is true, and it can at least hold its own vs iphone 5s.

  • Hilman in Edmonton

    Sweet phone at an even sweeter price!!

  • Jules Landry-Simard

    Just bought one! Definitly best Halloween ever

  • Ed R.

    Nice looking phone.

  • lusky3

    Let’s see the carriers charge $200 on contract now.

    • TomsDisqusted

      Also, my experience of carrier hardware support has been horrible; my experience of Google Play hardware support was great.

    • jetbeck

      I think initial reports are $149 on contract with $499 outright.

    • Laer

      IMO should be zero on contact, f’n scammers.

  • Handheld Addict

    Does this phone use micro sim or nano sim? I need to know if I have to cut my sim card…

    • Daniel Bader


    • Sean Walton

      Damn I have to get another new sim. Just got a nano for my Moto X. Ugh.

    • Ryan

      you can get a sim adapter for a buck or two

    • Laer

      You can buy a punch on Amazon for about three dollars. Then you can charge your friends to downsize their Sims…. Keep the outlier as an adapter for using full sized Sim slots.


      Pay 10 bucks for a new Sim and a 35 dollar activation fee (telus)

  • KT

    Mobilesyrup’s device testing lab is in the lobby of the Sheraton?

    • Daniel Bader

      You found out our secret.

    • fates

      haha i noticed that in the photo too

    • Moon

      lol …

  • Parth Desai

    This phone got sold out in 27 min. Can’t believe it…

    • Vince Yim

      After what happened with the launch of the Nexus 4, if there were enough units to go around, that might be a bit more unbelievable.

  • Steven KC

    can’t wait to get 4.4 on my N4. At the price difference, it’s definitely worth an upgrade but i’ll hang onto my N4 until the N5 goes on sale #collegebudget

  • D Kup

    For that question ofe pay more upfront or go thru a carrier…. This is for sure a no brainer question…. At $399, with shipping and taxes, you are paying $460+…. Whereas if you get the same specs device from a carrier will cost you at least $649 + tax…. $That is $730+…..

    To all the consumers in Canada… If you have an awesome plan already, just spend a bit more of your device like the Nexus 5…. You will save so much money from going with the new plans from the big 3…. For those that have Wind/Mobi around, you cannot be more than happy to get this device and use the service credits from Wind to get the premium data package.

    Also, some of us that would at least travel outside of Canada once a year, you can enjoy the super cheap local rates…. No more those roaming surprises!!!!! Lastly, the big three will always want you to be on contract…… Say no with your wallet.

  • thas ★

    What kind of SIM card does it use & will the phone work on Fido’s LTE network?

    • silver_arrow

      MircoSIM and yes

  • raygwap

    this phone looks great but i’m still going to stick to HTC ONE until Feb when the new HTC ONE comes out

    • Google-Street-View

      New HTC ONE? Rumours?

    • raygwap

      yea in February

  • MapleSyrup

    How about a nice case for this phone? The official bumper case from Google looks nice, but too expensive.

    • D. Paquette

      It’s not a bumper, it covers the entire back of the phone.

    • MapleSyrup

      Google calls it the “Nexus 5 Bumper Case” $34.99

    • MapleSyrup

      Looks like Google wants to change the definition of a “bumper case”

  • Daniel Bader


  • ObiWom

    Dammit!! Already out of inventory!

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    I will for the next version My Nexus 4 will get Kitkat soon

  • Greg

    Would you choose the Nexus 5 over the LG G2? It is better on paper, and a Brand New In Box costs the same on Kijiji.

    • Bri

      oh on Kijiji, that makes sense then.
      G2 looks so much uglier though but better battery so not sure.
      I kinda hate the LG Android UI though.

    • Bigs

      I will never buy a phone that LG brings out… Their updates SUCK… Yes the Nexus 5 is LG but Google has the control for the updates!

  • Guest

    What do you guys think about the Nexus 5 vs LG G2? They cost about the same, but the LG G2 is better on paper?

    • Bri

      They cost the same?
      LG G2 is so much more expensive.
      G2 has a bigger display and it’s got about 50% bigger battery.

    • alwin006

      not really both Nexus 5 32GB and G2 32GB can be found for 399€

  • Charlie Val

    Stop mixing Google Now and Voice Search, they’re two completely different things.

    Tapping the mic icon or saying “Ok Google” opens up Voice Search, not Google Now.

  • Trek S

    Just to make sure does it work on regular rogers LTE or not, would appreciate if someone can clarify?

    • Tiago

      afaik it works on every network except verizon but only because they’re peepee heads

    • Trek S

      You mean it works on Rogers LTE . I know HSPA and the other ones are supported, just want to make sure if Rogers LTE works

    • Greg

      It works on Rogers LTE 1700, not the new 2600 one, meaning you have 20-40mpbs instead of 150 mpbs

    • Trek S

      Ahh perfect greg thanks thats good enough 🙂

    • operator

      may i correct you sir…Rogers uses 2100 Mhz for LTe and 2600 Mhz for Lte Max

  • Bri

    for the next batch? Did it take that much time last time?

    • Sam Wiggans

      That’s how long it took last time, yeah, but I doubt it will take that long this time again.

  • McNucklefuts

    I only have money for one or the other, and until this point I was considering keepin my Nexus 4 and getting a Nexus 7. I understand theyre different, but if it was your money, would you take back the Nexus 7 and get the Nexus 5, or keep the 4 and get the 7?

    • Pengy Lin

      Get Nexus 5, sell Nexus 4, then get Nexus 7.

  • David Fulde

    32GB White!

    Also, I was not expecting the camera to look so nice!

  • Sean Walton

    Yes and most others will as well. I know for a fact Virgin has it and my source from Virgin said it’s releasing the third week of November.

  • Paul Quito

    manage to get me 1 and my other 2 buddies 🙂

  • Paul Quito

    just keep refreshing

  • Peter Blanco


    Or at least the new Hangouts .apk.


    • Ovi

      Coming soon to xda.. I’m sure 🙂

  • EllSee

    Everything is right about this phone. Except one thing. Manufactured by LG. Quality of LG products is equal to trash.

    • Magjee

      Nexus 4 had good build quality.

      Same with Last years Optimus G and this years G2.

    • EllSee

      That’s good to hear. Unfortunately I’m permanantly turned off from LG. I don’t want to further spend any money on their products as everything that I’ve owned from them has failed prematurely. Kinda like the sentiment for US automobiles. It’s a lot better than it was before, but still not as good as competition. Plus, the negative stigma.

    • kroms

      Well nothing you can do about that.
      There always , the HTC One , Samsung S4 , Sony Xperia Z1 Iphone 5 , Nokia , Z30 or any other phone our there if you dont like LG.
      Personally I love the N4 and I’m sure the N5 is just as good.

    • EllSee

      Oh for sure, there are heaps of options out there. Especially for Android OS. I will probably be picking up one or more of the options to try them out.

    • TechTinker11

      Are you mistaking LG to Samsung, I know they look similar. Easy to confuse. 🙂

    • Ovi

      Come on; Samsung is not trash either. I know lots of people that love the feel and quality of their Samsung phones (maine Notes, S3, S4, don’t know about the rest). Maybe Acer or HP phones are crap quality, or some of the really cheap Android phones.

      The Nexus 4 has very good feel and quality with a good reliability record.
      Mine is perfect a year later with no case on it ever and heavy use everyday in and outdoors.

    • EllSee

      See my above comment.

    • Ovi

      Were you high when you posted this?

      The Nexus 4 has very good feel and quality with a good reliability record.
      Mine is perfect a year later with no case on it ever and heavy use everyday in and outdoors. Their new phones like the G2 also have good build quality.

      You sir are obviously biased and I have heard it before from people who are not up to date with the industry or not tech savvy. When I mentioned the N4 was made by LG they brought up build quality. I gave them the phone to try and they got a new perspective.

    • EllSee

      See above comment. It’s hard to wash away the bad taste in your mouth after spending your hard earned money on product that fails prematurely. so yeah, I am biased but with good reason. Has nothing ot do with being tech saavy or not. And yes, I have used the N4 and G2 before, my opinion has not changed.

    • kroms

      Buy another Brand then , why are you complaining here about it ?

      Obviously this Brand is not going to be for you, right ?

  • Jason Courage

    150Mbps downlink on a capped plan is just silliness. Sweet phone… but we need uncapped data now!!

  • fool184

    this review is too gentle. eveything is amazing and things that could be bad “we haven’t tested yet”. makes the whole article a waste of time.

    • Sam Wiggans

      Hence it isn’t a review, it’s a brief hands on.

    • Daniel Bader

      I’d had the device for two hours prior to posting. It’s more an initial hands-on than a review, which will come shortly. Hold tight!

    • Tony Sarju

      Looks like you herped when you should have derped.

  • Chris

    i really like my HTC One, but damn I shoulda waited for this one.

    • Valter Vilar

      There will always be a better phone than the one you currently have, I promise you that!

      Still very happy with my Galaxy Nexus.

  • L Joel

    cannot check out of google play? Not shipment to canada????

    • Ovi

      They ship to Canada. I bought one. Make sure you’re not on a US proxy like I was (some big companies have VPN/Active Directory on US servers) and also they are sold out.

  • NotARogersEmployee

    For those curious, you can up to save $20 a month by buying your phone outright. I’m assuming they do it after taxes, so let’s say it’s $480 net savings. Paying outright after taxes is 450.87. Unless your carrier gives you the phone for $0 (and even that may not be a good enough deal), you’re probably better off buying this one straight from Google.

    • Petephone

      yep, i did not care for the N4 when it was released this time last year. Put away $10 a week and got the 16GB in black today with bumper, and still have change left over 🙂 .

  • publicuser

    Will the Google Play version be compatible with Wind? I know they leaked a “pre-regsitration” page a few days ago but looking at the details in Google Play it says:

    2G/3G/4G LTE
    GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    CDMA: Band Class: 0/1/10
    WCDMA: Bands: 1/2/4/5/6/8/19
    LTE: Bands: 1/2/4/5/17/19/25/26/41

    While Wind says that the phone must be compatible AWS, with bands 1700/2100… which I don’t see above… does that mean that this awesome new phone is not supported by Wind?

    By contrast the Nexus 4 is compatible with Wind of course. Anyone have any idea?

    • Daniel Bader

      Yes, it will be compatible. Band 4 is AWS, which is what WIND uses over WCDMA.

    • publicuser

      Thanks for confirming! Good news!

    • Ovi

      My dad used a Nesux S and Galaxy Nexus on WIND. This will work as well.

  • C Jacobs

    I bought one for shits and giggles. It may replace my One as my daily driver or it may just go in the drawer with the rest of my collection. I’m a phone w***e so I buy all the flagships whether I need them or not.

    • prick

      Wait, you already bought one?? Wtf? It’s not even available on play store??

    • HatInTheRing

      I also go one. It sold out in 22 minutes.

    • ErikRP

      Yes and no. I bought 2 32GB blacks about 90 minutes after the phones were made available. The first 30 or so times I refreshed it said that they were unavailable. Just kept hitting refresh until the price showed up. Was on the fence but I figure why not.

    • prick

      Got one as well now. But shipping in 4 weeks 0_0.

    • ErikRP

      It’s been available for hours. Well, it started being available hours ago. My advice is to keep hitting refresh and you might get lucky.

  • Guest

    I received my receipt through email, but the order status still says pending…is that normal?

    • Tony Sarju

      Yes, it will stay at Pending status until it is shipped.

  • Mike Konowaluk

    yeah im sure they learned their lesson the first time.

  • Shawn

    Looks like every few minutes they are adding more phones one flavour at a time.. just got a 32 GB in white for my mom.

  • ancestor_one

    Does the Nexus 5 has a Notifiction LED?

    • canucks4life

      I really hope so could be a deal breaker for many…maybe I better hold off selling my ZL to be sure 😛

    • psychoace

      Yes it does. I’ve read a few different forums that have had confirmation from Google and other sources about the LED light and all of them have said yes

  • Rich

    Damn that camera looks good

  • jetbeck

    It looks like they were slightly better prepared then last time, they seem to be adding more stock every hour or so. I just picked up a 32GB White around 5pm.

    • Adriann

      Are you getting a case for your white phone? I got a white one too, but I’m thinking of changing it to black for fear of getting it dirty right away.

  • Wes

    This is the best hands-on I’ve read today.

    Great work!

  • yegurakakuru

    Errr… Love it, but I’m hooked on Sammy’s Note’s stylus.

  • Crazy Joe

    I’m in the market for a new phone. I was sold on the Galaxy S4, but then this beauty is revealed. Now I’m torn. Do I go for the faster processor + stock Android, or the better camera, removable storage, and AMOLED display? Gaaaaah!

    • HelloCDN

      Do not go with S4!!!!
      I did and it was the biggest mistake of my life. Laggy and completely unreliable, and the customer service sucks big time (although I’m not sure what’s the case with Nexus). Pics taken by iPhone 4s were of the same, if not better quality. Processor power means nothing for the experience on this phone, it needs it in order to cover up Samsung’s clunky TouchWiz. Battery life – barely 1 day.
      The strongest point of S4 is only the display, but as gorgeous as it is, it’s not worth when the overall experience is shitty.
      If you prefer Android, go with Nexus, or with Moto X. Cheaper price for a better quality.

    • framing god

      Galaxy 4 and n4 don’t even compare. Removable battery, SD card and touch wiz make it better than a stock nexus. This new phone might almost be as good as an s4.probably more Inline with HTC one.

    • Ovi

      I’ve tried the S4 and it was laggier than my Nexus 4. HTC one was a bit more fluid but same thing, not as smooth as the Nexus 4.

      I found this odd but it was really obvious. I’m thinking it must be TouchWiz. I don’t really like the cartoony look of touchwiz but I was going to just install a launcher to fix it. SO I didn’t get it because I felt that it should have been smoother than it is. It also felt even more slippery than the Nexus 4, almost like a pebble.

      With 32Gb I won’t need an SD card on it.

      Battery is the only reason to be concerned with the Nexus 5. Touchwiz and Sense UIs are bloatware to many people, especially after using any kind of Nexus device. The Google apps are generally better as well, fortunately you can now download most of them now.

      The S4 is obviously also a good phone.

    • F Young

      Another thing to consider is battery life, on both a daily and lifelong basis. Many people are concerned that the Nexus 5 may not last a whole day; you might want to wait for reviews on that.

      The other thing is that Li-Ion batteries have only a set number of charges, from 300 to 500 charges, and the Nexus’ battery can’t be replaced. Once its battery dies in 12 to 15 months, the phone will no longer be portable unless you are okay with carrying a Mophie backup battery case or a charger with you. On the other hand, you can replace the S4’s battery yourself.

    • James Bergeron

      Batteries last much longer than that.

    • Crazy Joe

      Good point, I appreciate your input. Battery life isn’t of the greatest concern to me because I’m primarily around power outlets most of the day. But the removable battery is important nonetheless, and definitely something to consider.

  • Frank

    Does the backing of the Nexus 5 feel like the Nexus 10? I sure as hell hope so!

    • Tony Sarju

      It looks like the same material found on the 2013 Nexus 7.

    • Ovi

      Feels like the new Nexus 7, which is very nice to the touch.

  • Sequoia46.2

    Don’t get it from Rogers. You shouldn’t lock yourself into one of the new expensive plans. It’s cheaper in the long run to call them up and ask for a customer retention plan and buy the Nexus 5 outright from Google Play.

  • Sky Baun

    Did it go on sale yet in Canada?

    • Dano B.

      already sold out on Google Play – should be at the carriers by next Friday

    • Sky Baun

      Dammit. I was hoping that USA sold out and it would go on sale in Canada next week

    • Dano B.

      There are some reports of stock being updated throughout the day – keep refreshing the page

  • Adam Watts

    “Initial testing found the speaker relatively low at maximum volume”
    Is it louder than the Galaxy Nexus? That phone is way too quiet.

  • Navin Singh ⚠⚡♌

    Does it have LED Notification light??????????????

    • F Young

      Yes, acording to comments on other sites.

  • Dennis Zhu

    Still, the plastic on nexus 5 looks better than htc one’s metal

  • S2556

    Ordered 32gb Black replacing my gs3. Could have gone longer before switching but this is just too good for the price. And because nexus

  • Thorsten Garbe

    Anyone want my s4 .
    I need a nexus 5

  • Justin Snell

    Questions: Can the volume button be used as the shutter button to take a picutre? Can you long-press the volume button to launch the camera like on the G2?

  • Richie_Peterson

    My card got charged but still says pending on the Play Store!! =(

    • Richie_Peterson

      Bah… Thats crap. Hate reading all these messages of people getting there shipping e-mails already while mine is still in limbo. I ordered mine at 2:06pm yesterday too. =(

    • Richie_Peterson

      Yup!! Same as me! Says it will ship by Nov. 5. Grrrr Was hoping to have a new toy to play with over the weekend!

    • Richie_Peterson

      I agree. Although it does seem as though my credit card has been charged due to the charge already showing up with my bank.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    Daniel says the status bar is “not ” transparent yet it sure looks transparent to me. Which is it?

    • Handheld Addict

      It’s a typo, it should say the status bar is now transparent

  • Ibrahim Elmi

    if i purchase this phone from the google play store , will it work for windmobile. please some one help with this , its my first time buying a phone online

    • Jamal Martells

      it will work

  • p_lindsay

    I wanted to buy this so badly yesterday, but I can’t do it without seeing a review and knowing whether or not the battery will last a full day.

  • paul

    why the nexus device does not obtain an FM hardware or just Am I too old school ?

    • LumpySpace

      you are old school

  • MefMaf

    I’ll be waiting for the Nexus 6.

    • Wild

      And after that you will be waiting for what…

  • Günter Schwarz

    I will be getting a Nexus 5 next time they come back in stock to replace my iPhone 4S. The camera looks really nice and the look of it reminds me of the Nexus 4 minus the glass back which I found was more of a problem, it got scratched easily.

    I really wanted to place an order when I actually did see them in stock but then I thought about how badly the whole buying experience went with my Nexus 4 when I had ordered it when it was just released.

  • Ryan

    the build reminds me of a cross between an htc one x and a blackberry…of course I haven’t held one yet but that’s how it kinda looks.

  • Gabriel Mak

    The iphone pictures are really yellow… so which one was more real…

    • shansonhorvath


  • Zoidbort

    Oh come on…you are saying the N5 is not a premium device LOL?
    You only say that to justify your purchase, really.
    Beats audio is a total gimmick as too are the crappy overpriced bass induced headphones.
    The Nexus 5 really is a G2 in essence.
    How much is the G2 to buy outright currently?
    Budget…I think not.

    • Nahuel

      It’s not exactly a G2, but I get your point. But definitely the One has a better ”Premium” feel that the N5 can’t achieve due to the materials used. I got an HTC One and I was one of the few lucky to order a 32GB N5 before it sold out (gift to my girlfriend since her Galaxy Nexus broke). Ill be more than happy to let you know once I compare them both, but I am pretty sure it wont be as nice ”everyday phone” as the One is.

    • Zoidbort

      I think you might be surprised once your GF gets hers. 😉

    • Zoidbort

      Well once you hold the N5 then you can make that legitimate comparison 😉

  • John Coirazza

    Stock has been replenished! Just picked up a Black 32GB

  • ConradP

    Thanks for the update JC, just picked up a Black 16GB for my wife to go with the 32GB I ordered yesterday.

  • Vinny

    wow cool where can i get that nokia wireless charger in vancouver?

    • Wasted Mass

      New Microsoft store in metrotown on thursday probably

  • David Foggia

    Listen, I won a phone off MobileSyrup but I gave it to mg brother because his BB Bold 9900 won’t hold a charge. There goes the Song Xperia SP I won from you guys. Now you guys have a contest that I haven’t wanted to win more since the HTC one. You guys think I’m selfish but….but…..I JUST WANT THIS PHONE!!!

  • KiwiBri

    “he North American SKU does not support Band 7, which equates to Rogers’ 2600Mhz LTE Max network” – So is this a big deal? Can anyone explain? I currently use a HTC One.

  • Kenny G

    This is my next phone…..in January, because that’s when my contract is up. 😉

  • Sheila C. Barber

    Best there is right now! Would LOVE to win one, as I can’t buy one right now. Still a beautiful, beautiful device.

  • kroms

    Sales Rep at the Rogers store where my friend went to about picking up a Nexus 5 was told by the rep that Rogers would not be carrying the Phone. They then went and suggest she buy a Z30.
    LMAO , I told her not to worry , Rogers WAS INDEED going to carry the Nexus 5 and that they will not only Sell it but most likely be out of STOCK soon after they get them. UNLIKE the countless BB Z30 that are sitting there collecting dust.
    Silly BB users, The N 5 is HERE and it is one Awesome looking phone for the GREAT price !!

    N5 ! ordered my already.

  • Susan Markanen

    Just received mine today. For some reason, I can’t access Google Now. When it started up, I got a screen similar to the last photo *except* it didn’t have the left pointing arrow that says “Google Now”. Anyone else have this problem? It’s driving me crazy!

  • Sensualpoet

    My White 32 GB model, ordered Nov 1st, actually arrived via UPS today. I wasn’t expecting this till December. It’s a very nice device.

  • Francisco

    I have an iPhone 4 with virgin mobile. iPhone 4 does not have lte, when I take my iPhone 4 SIM card and put it in the nexus 5 will I be able to access virgin mobile’s lte network? I am on a super tab with an amazing plan that I do not want to trade for anything in the world (especially after vm has modified their plans). Also the iPhone 4 is extremely slow!!!

  • Mahjabeen Naaz

    yes i want it…………Well nothing you can do about that.
    There always , the HTC One , Samsung S4 , Sony Xperia Z1 Iphone 5 , Nokia , Z30 or any other phone our there if you dont like LG.
    Personally I love the N4 and I’m sure the N5 is just as good

  • NexGen

    Got mine a week ago and it’s amazing! Smooth menus, no hiccups, fast internet both on WiFi and LTE. I had read a few reviews and thought I was gonna be dissapointed, but not at all. Feels solid in the hand, screen size for me is perfect, (long 4.95 inch), narrow enough for pockets. Only negative, the sound out of the speaker, which according to all sources will be fixed by software, well not yet anyway. Great phone for the price.