Motorola ‘Moto G’ to be unveiled on November 13th, event will be streamed live starting at 9:00am EST


  • silver_arrow

    If they really get this out at around $230 this would do insanely well here. This phone would be going up against all the S3 minis, Galaxy Ace II’s and boatload of low end cheap devices. This would be a high quality device at such a price that I would have no problem recommending to people who want a cheap phone.

    • jb

      this exactly…i’d say at 250 or less it would be a better value than the s4 mini, though both phones have trade offs in diff categories

    • Nadefrenzy

      Should be $199 tops, and drop accordingly when the nexus 5 drops too.

  • Sequoia46.2

    I wonder if it will be smaller in height and width compared to Moto X or if they used the same shell with cheaper materials that’s the same size.

  • MapleRacing

    Wtf is Motorola doing? Seriously. Releasing a “Top End” smartphone with a dual core processor in the MotoX. Now they’re releasing an “entry level” phone with an underclocked quad core processor? Those sound like two entry level phones to me. Add on top this new phone won’t even run the latest Google OS, and I have no idea what the Motorola/Google relationship is supposed to be.

  • Henry

    Sounds like a good budget phone. Less than $299 and this thing will sell. I’d rather take this than a mini s4 for sure, sd card is a trade off but the pure(r) Android is gonna run decent on the G.

  • Adam B

    The logo looks like Super Mario Galaxy