New iPad trade-in offer launching at Best Buy and Future Shop tomorrow, will give ‘a minimum $200 in gift card’

Apple’s new iPad Air is going to be widely available tomorrow and both Future Shop and Best Buy are busting out an iPad trade-in offer. We just received this email and it seems that the big box retailers are giving “a minimum” of $200 in gift card denomination for your older generation iPad.

“Starting tomorrow, both Best Buy Canada and Future Shop will be launching a new trade-in offer for iPad tablets. A minimum $200 in gift card value will be given on the iPad Mini, as well as second, third and fourth generation iPads. The gift card can be used towards anything sold in-store or online at Bestbuy.ca or Futureshop.ca, dependent on the store where the iPad was traded-in. iPads brought in for trade-in must be in good condition and include original accessories.”

Apple retail stores across Canada will open their doors at 8:00am, as will both Best Buy and Future Shop. A refresher of the prices for the new iPad Air, here’s what you’re looking at:

– 16GB iPad Air WiFi is $519
– 32GB iPad Air WiFi is $619
– 64GB iPad Air WiFi is $719
– 128GB iPad Air WiFi is $919