Canadian carriers set to release the Nexus 5, will be priced at $500 outright


  • Hubert

    At 150$, better off buying the LG G2!

    • gmaninvan

      Not really. The G2 doesn’t really present any advantages and you have to use their terrible UI (or root).

      Nexus, imo, is really the only way to go.

    • thepeddle

      You need to clarify the “no advantages” comment. LG G2 has A much bigger battery at 3000Mah. A rear Camera that has 13mp vs 8mp a front facing camera that has 2.1mp vs 1.3. These are all SIGNIFICANT advantages. The only advantage the N5 has is vanilla amdroid with 4.4 Kit Kat out of the box and price.

    • Laer

      The N5 doesn’t have proprietary drivers, which gives it a huge advantage in ROM land. If you like to root/ROM a nexus device is far superior.

      I think you’ll find the battery surprisingly good, 2300 mAH with the better hardware and software is going to give you very good usage.

    • Crazy

      Does anyone really care about MP for front facing cams uhh no. It’s used for video chat. Rear camera 13mp vs 8mp don’t get sucked into the MP battle. 8mp can be just as good if not better than 13mp if done right. Battery 3000Mah meh I have my phone plugged into the car to/from work, into my computer at work. Doesn’t matter to me.

    • thepeddle

      Oh OK……we were all waiting for the one who speaks for all…..thanks. Who cares about the number one issue in phones..Battery life…..who cares about the ability to zoom in on pictures and keep detail. Thanks for putting these issues at rest because you don’t. Much appreciated.

    • Crazy

      “who cares about the ability to zoom in on pictures and keep detail” I guess your new to smartphones. They’ve been doing that for ages. “Doesn’t matter to me” My last line, obviously I was speaking for everyone. /yawn droll failed.

    • thepeddle

      Wow…you’re more simple than I thought…I don’t mean zooming in on your actual smartphone genius…the actual photo when transferred to a PC or what not. I didn’t realize I was conversing with such a Tech specialist. My apologies…

    • Crazy

      Oww in the case, 8mp vs 13mp doesn’t mean crap unless you know the sensor size.

    • Derukun

      Not getting a phone because the camera isn’t good enough for you is ridiculous. Want actual quality pictures, get a damn DSLR… geez, people are retarded nowadays. Battery life may be an issue for some, but 2300 mah with an optimized kernel (go XDA, go!) will be more than enough for the majority.

    • Amparipaa

      i’d be certain the contract price is for a “smartphone lite” plan, which are cheaper than the “top tier” plans.

    • Max Fireman

      Agreed. The LG G2 is a better phone. Better camera, bigger battery, bigger screen, blazing fast. I got one. I can answer any questions.

  • voice of the voiceless

    I can’t believe this blasphemy.. Do they really think people are going to buy it at that price?

    • Super_Deluxe

      At $150 I might as well get a GS4 or a HTC One. I’m not saying the nexus 5 sucks, I’m just saying they’re asking alot more than they should. It’ll be even worse if the 32GB is $199 and $599.

    • Laer

      Don’t forget the mystery carrier premium of $100. I guess this is for the pleasure of their enhanced, multicultural, customer service?

    • gmaninvan

      Lol. One reason and one reason only. To make the contract pricing look more appealing

    • Outspoken

      There are actually benefits to buying from a carrier

    • Barry Rueger

      Ah. Name one.

    • Outspoken

      You can bring your phone back within 14 days if you don’t have 450$ you can still get the phone, you don’t have pay for shipping to get your phone repaired, you can get a phone otherwise out of stock online

    • leobg

      I had to send my N4 for warranty work (purchased from Play Store), it costed me nothing (they sent me shipping labels and all) – so scratch that one out.

    • Tom

      “if you don’t have 450$ you can still get the phone”

      A phone is not a car or a house, and therefore it’s not worth paying the premium to be allowed to pay less up-front but more in the long run. If your income is low enough that this is a problem… then you should probably lay off the smartphone and data plan and feed yourself with that money.

      Heck, even my car is paid for in cash… I simply made do with a $2000 clunker for years until I knew I could afford my car without ripping a giant hole in my savings account. No need to pay interest and my wallet thanks me for it.

    • Amparipaa

      this is a message everyone should hear. telephony is practically essential in this day and age, but smartphones are pushed onto the populace knowing that they’ll gladly be a part of the system so that they can worship an android or tim cook and not become one with the supreme consciousness, the master of all creation!


    • sero.evo

      This is the problem with the anti-carrier people. They can only see the world through their very specific context.

      You much make a decent salary if you can afford to pay $15,000-20,000 outright for a new car, since we’re not talking several-year-old used phones here.

      It is definitely not a common thing to be able to pay out that much without making a salary of at least $70,000 or more, or making $50,000 while still living with your parents.

    • prick

      Excuse me? How do you live? How does the world live? It is uncommon? Yes. But how insane is that? Have you ever calculated what crap you buy every day? The coffee, the insanely expensive phone plan, the new phone every two years, the theater ticket every week, the drinking every week?
      Do you really need that? So now you can’t afford a car on cash?
      Did it ever occur to you, that back in the day people did?
      They did something called saving money. And I am not talking about putting $100 at your bank every month. I am talking about Buying nothing you don’t need, paying for living expenses, maybe a theater ticket every month, a drink every month, a phone only when your old one is broken. This is how responsible people live. And it is utterly insane to me how anyone can live the life that you people all live. And then you find it insane how someone can pay a car out of his pocket. I am not rich, I have an average salary but after 2 years of work I can afford 2 damn cars!
      Maybe you should stop seeing money as something to spend but as something to save.

      edit: I have to correct my self, lets say one car, not two.

    • prick

      Exactly! It is absolutely insane how people today buy every piece of crap on credit, getting in debt. Has it ever occurred to them to not get something if they can’t afford it? Having no money, but yet they pay EVEN MORE to get something still? Humanity is completely lost.
      If you don’t even have $400 for a phone once in a few years, how about not getting it then, is that so absurd? Jez, people today are just insane. Doing everything that marketing tells them. Like brainless Zombies. Best example, Apple.

    • Tom

      Yeah, I’ve got a friend whose salary is 1.5x mine and he’s bouncing from paycheck to paycheck paying off a s**tload of things he couldn’t wait to have. Nice car, nice furniture, etc (and a nice phone, of course, with a 3 year contract :P).

      He’s actually not in a position to buy a $350 Nexus outright due to near-zero savings going into the bank account each month. Wish I was kidding.

    • prick

      Just sad…

    • Barry Rueger

      Google price is $350, not $450. In my case, to upgrade to a new phone with Telus I’d have to lose my $50/mo plan and pay a MINIMUM $70/mo. In fact, to maintain my current data and voicemail options I’d have to pay A HUNDRED DOLLARS a month.

      Which means that a “new” phone through Telus would cost me about $1200 more than what I pay now over a two year contract.

    • ErikRP

      I’m curious, since I’m in the same situation as you from the sound of it, where I’m on a cheap plan with Telus and now I want to bring in my own device. What are the chances I’m going to be allowed to keep my sweet old plan, or am I going to have to get a new plan and pay about the same or a bit more?

    • Cameron Campbell

      Erik I asked the same question today at a Bell store and I was told I can keep my grandfathered plan as long as I don’t change any features or the plan itself. Also I always have to buy a device off contract from now on.

    • Outspoken

      To you as Barry as well as to Tom I’m 17 so I don’t have money like that. So I’m not the one paying for the plan just the phone so that is not an option as well as the fact I want a 32 gb version and it seems you forget about shipping and tax. Although they will have the 16 gb version currently it will still be at least 400$. Also that plan stuff is not true as with bell you can opt in to pay more for the phone for a cheaper plan along with bell and koodo and Fido and virgin. So in conclusion if I wait 4 months or so I might only need to pay 100 dollars or zero dollars depending the carrier.

    • Tom

      I can see where you’re coming from… if your parents are willing to pay for the plan but not the device, then yeah, you make a good point assuming you are already on a plan.

      If you’re on an older (and probably cheaper) plan, and that plan can be grandfathered into a new contract, then sure, get the subsidy and pay less up-front. However, if your carrier refuses to let you grandfather in the plan, and wants you to get a new more expensive plan to get the subsidy, then it’s not worth it.

      One of my colleagues is having this problem – he is holding on to a promotional 6 GB data plan from 2009, and Rogers won’t let him keep the plan for a new contract. If he wants a “cheap” phone on a new contract, he’s going to pay at least double what he currently pays and he won’t even get 3 GB of data. As a result, even $650 up-front for his latest phone made more financial sense than signing a new contract!

    • Cameron Campbell

      I am in the same boat as you Barry. If I want to sign a new contract to get the Nexus at a “cut rate” I have to sign a new plan. I am on the Fab 10 Unlimited Facebook & Twitter 1 gb data $55 from three years ago and to get anything remotely close, atleast $30 dollars more a month plus the device price. So over the two years a $400 phone becomes a near $900 phone before taxes. It’s a no brainer.

    • Tom

      I suppose if you can’t wait, you can get a Nexus from a carrier while the Play Store is out of stock.

      Other than that, ZERO benefit.

      Even if you had to pay for shipping to get repairs/replacement, it’s small change compared to the premium carriers charge.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Less upfront payment for those who don’t like paying a large sum at once like myself?

    • gmaninvan

      Yes but the amount you save over the life of a contract is substantial. With the new rules, all the carriers will knock off 20% now

    • Cameron Campbell

      Here’s a suggestion for all. If any relatives ask what you want for Xmas, tell them Google Play gift cards. Instead of stores you really don’t want. Also if they give you ones to certain stores like Wal Mart, Future Shop or Shopper’s just go in and exchange their cards for a Google Play card. Pretty sure it can be done. As long as you don’t mind waiting a couple of months.

  • Frank

    Complete garbage. Device subsidies make no sense

  • lusky3

    I’ll take my 32GB for less than $500, thanks.

  • Liberal Phone Person

    ouch… a $150 difference…

  • Nachotech

    Can anyone tell me why I would pay $500 for the Nexus 5 from a carrier when I could just buy the phone direct from Google for $349? Makes no sense.

    • David Fulde

      Seeing as how it’s sold out in Canada….

    • RoboBonobo

      At that price, they probably will have better stock.

    • Laer

      Supply and demand at its finest. Hopefully Google balanced the equation just right so carriers are doing the majority of the advertising at the minimum of sales.

    • Henry

      I just kept trying over the afternoon and ended up getting two, one two hours later than the other. They seem to release them in batches

    • HelloCDN

      Carriers want you to buy with a contract, as simple as that. Someone who doesn’t check on tech websites doesn’t know, and they end up with a carrier.
      Although thankfully people are becoming more and more educated to perform the simplest Google search.

    • Sean Walton

      It makes a lot of sense for the carrier. Most customers do not follow these tech sites and know nothing about Nexus devices. To most customers it’s just another phone to choose from and when that upgrade is available or they are signing up they might want this phone. I hear you it’s a rip off but they can get away with it and they will. Keep spreading the word to buy direct from Google that’s what I try to do.


  • Johnny

    That seems like a good idea!!! NOT!! F that get it from the Play Store.

  • Sukdis Knaatz

    Don’t be a fool! Buy this phone directly from Google – unlocked and carrier-free [if you are lucky enough to not see the “We are out of stock. Please check back soon.” message in the Play Store…]

    Don’t give carriers the satisfaction of locking you in, then ripping you off.

    • Mayoo

      Sadly though, people who gets caught by carriers won’t come to this website and read this news.

    • Edward

      I did.

  • Liberal Phone Person

    Rogers: “lets increase the price so the contract subsidy looks bigger!”
    Bell: “We are geniuses”

    • Zed

      Exactly what I was thinking. But to add to what you just said: it’s not just to make the subsidy look bigger, but also to charge more should the poor fellow decide he/she wants to cancel early

  • trickster_qc

    A decent price would be around 399-449$ retail since the providers encounter some fees to ship the phones and stock them and provide a sim card.

    But 500$ outright is a joke.
    and 150$ on a 2y term is also a joke.

    • grantdude

      Your carrier gave you a SIM for free? Mine (wanted to, at least) charge me $10.

    • RLC

      What about dealer (best buy etc) costs and commission? What is not known is the price that the carriers pay Google (LG) for the phones. It is commonly believed that at product launch Google sells the Nexus phones at close to their costs. So I don’t believe they would sell the Nexus product to the carriers at a discount to their cost = Goggle Play price.
      So who is going to compensate the dealers for selling a Nexus phone without a contract? The carriers are not so. the dealers have no incentive to sell.

  • kirilmatt

    Does anyone have any speculations about the plan requirements at the carriers, specifically rogers? The reason is that I’m on a no contract retentions plan that’s $57 a month, and most new phones require a $60/mth contract. I refuse to lose my plan, but if this is cheap and doesn’t require a $60/mth plan I might pick it up on contract. I get an amazing deal so I don’t plan to leave them in the next couple years, so a cheap phone would be nice.

    • Tom

      Just ask the carrier’s support and specifically use the words “I want to grandfather in my existing plan”.

      If they allow it, then sure, get it for $150 if that works best for you.

      If not, then buy it from Google. Or pick up a Nexus 4 used for cheap – prices will plunge now that the successor is out, and the 4 is no slouch.

  • peter barrera

    The same officers that took the Rob Ford case should look in to this robbery. It affects a larger group of people.

    • thedosbox

      Um, the price of a cellphone is more important than who governs a city of 2.5 million people? Get a grip.

  • L Joel

    EPIC FAIL but really we all knew this would be the price points they would use. I mean ROBELUS pull your heads out of your asses… We are not stupid…. 150$ over the price from google???? The price of a 2 year contract should be 0$ and even then with the over priced 2 year rate plans its still a bad deal. Keep your current contract and buy outright from google.. rant over….

    • Tom

      You aren’t stupid. But the silent majority, who don’t monitor tech sites and don’t often shop online if at all, are the “stupid” ones.

  • Mike Elders

    At first I lol’d til tears rolled down my cheeks….but now they’re just tears of shame. Shame that I live in a country violated by these jokes who not only get away with blatant price fixing, but now apparently they feel it’s ok to essentially call their customers morons to their faces.
    No way I’m paying $349 when I can pay $500, I mean what complete tool would pay $349 when clearly $500 from the Jokeopoly is such a good deal.

    • Anaron

      It’s bad in the US but worse in Canada. What a damn shame. I’ve been with WIND Mobile since December 2010 and every day, I’m happy to be with a company that doesn’t overcharge me. I’m loving my unlimited everything + US long distance and global text messaging Holiday Miracle Plan.

    • AWS-worried

      Google play store lists the bands for the Nexus 5 as NOT supporting AWS (1700/2100). So this may well mean that the 30 bucks for unlimited use is not available! I’ve been on Wind with the nexus 4 for 30 per month, and the phone paid for itself in 8 months.

      If I have to use one of the big three carriers, then I would be better off to buy on contract. I really hope that this works on wind. The nexus 5 wiki page lists the AWS bands, but the play store page does not. What gives?

    • Jonavin

      Maybe learn to read. The google specs shows “WCDMA: Bands: 1/2/4/5/6/8/19” Band 4 = AWS. They are using proper band numbers instead of confusing “1700/2100” which could mean band 4 or band 4 + 1.

    • Lynton

      Not all of us are network band experts. I was wondering the same thing and almost panicked when I saw that the 1700/2100 weren’t listed for the Nexus 5 (they are specifically listed under the N4 specs which is why its so confusing). Thanks for the info though, I can now rest easy 🙂

    • Anaron

      It’ll work with WIND’s network.

    • pundag

      I’m on the same plan…. It was a dream for the last 3 years I had it In Van City.. but now I’m back in toronto.. and damn… wind is kinda shitty here… I’d leave, but after haveing SO MUCH for so little… I can’t even look at the big 3’s rates… $70 for 200 mins and 250mb data? yeah no.

      no x100

    • Anaron

      What kind of issues are you experiencing? Dropped calls or slow data speeds? I’m in the GTA and I haven’t had any issues in a long time. The last time I had a dropped call was in the middle of a heavy thunderstorm and I wasn’t the only one. My friends who were with Rogers and Bell at the time had the same issues.

    • Tiago

      mine costs more so that must make it better quality

  • SCLL

    Rip-Off!! These wireless providers need to check themselves….before they wreck themselves!

  • HelloCDN

    Would it be unlocked?
    If not, than it’s simply a trick to help the salespeople rip off the people who don’t follow the news.
    Also, I guess Big 3 are really hating on Google right now lol.

    • Linker

      No they won’t. Google provides them with inventory so they can charge a surplus

  • Jv

    350 outright from Google with free shipping…. No need for a sim card all you do is pop the sim card in and your good to go. Done and Done. or you guys can pay 500….. Gee…. hmmmmm…. which way will you go?

    • canucks4life

      Just so you know S&H is $17 for N5 but still the way to go…

    • Tom

      free shipping was only for the firesale of the N4. For most of its life cycle Google will charge $17 for shipping… but still a steal.

  • FunkyMonkey


  • Collin dubya

    They must think we are i****s to pay that much.

  • Eduardo

    How about… NO!

  • Haxor99

    I’m thinking that $500 price will be for the 16GB version

  • gabby ybanez

    They can KISS MY A**. Friggin money grabbers.

  • grantdude

    Wow people get so upset so easily.

    • mwahahahaha

      Upset? UPSET?!!!!! What you think you’re better than the rest of us? You think you’re so cool with your calm and rational state of mind? I’ll tell you, YOU”RE the one who should be upset! Upset with yourself for the inability to express your rage about issues that matter most! ….upset…sheesh….

  • gommer strike

    NO reason to buy from retail. Google Play store all the way. The sadder thing here is, the average Joe on the street would never know.

  • gmaninvan

    Take my money!

  • thedosbox

    LOL @ the vitriol in the comments. Carrier prices have NEVER been about convincing people to buy a handset outright, but about convincing people who can’t do math that they’re getting a great deal.

    This is not news.

    People who don’t realize this aren’t going to be reading sites like mobilesyrup anyhow, so save your energy.

  • matthewcouto

    I guess the $150 difference is a “convenience” fee. You know, the convenience of driving to the store, finding park, walking in and waiting in line as opposed to simply ordering it online and waiting a few days. Wait a minute…

  • Lebking

    And thats why I ordered my 32GB today =D

    • Ibrahim Elmi

      some orders didn’t go through,

  • Shaggyskunk

    And it’s $399 from the playstore…. What do you get for the extra $100 from the carriers?

    • formulaphone

      I asked a carrier store that. They said “warranty and loaners if it goes for repair”.

    • Salinger

      According to the article, the $499 price is for the 16GB version, which is only $349 in the Play store, so it’s actually an extra $150.

  • formulaphone

    I understand that carriers setting a higher price is a bit sketchy and what not, what I don’t understand is all the carrier bashing. Most of the people who read post from this site (and those who comment) are going to buy directly from the Play store. No brainer right?
    The carriers provide the infrastructure that keeps this whole mobile craziness that we’re all so addicted to going. The people who are going to buy from them are people who don’t know any better, or quite simply can’t afford to save up $400 to buy a phone outright. And believe me, there are quite a few of those people out there.
    I’m not trying to defend them, but at the end of the day they’re service providers. And somewhere down the line, we’re all tied to them in some way. it’s just a matter of how much of our dollars we let them have.

    • Tiago

      yeah the’re call i****s who dont bother to read the world is full of them

    • J-Ro

      Maybe they don’t want to wait. I know that I would rather spend more than wait if I don’t have to. I can’t be the only one.

    • Tiago

      we;re not talking about the ones who know they’re paying more , we’re talking about the ones who pay less upfront and way more later

    • J-Ro

      Those types are the worst. They get the lowest and best possible deal and than complain later when they want better and lower.

  • f3

    Soon, the carriers won’t be allowed to charge an arbitrary cancellation fee. They know people won’t pay $500 for this phone. They don’t care. The $500 price includes a $150 contract cancellation fee for those customers who cancel early. Since the carriers won’t be allowed to have anything called a cancellation fee, they have hid it into the price of the phone. This is their sneaky way of getting around the new contract rules.

    • ReGenesis

      Was this not also against the new wireless code of conduct? I thought Carriers could only sell phones at MSRP – just for this reason.

      I would assume MSRP is the price that Google themselves charge but maybe that’s wrong.

  • framewerk

    I’m curious as to how this works with WIND. Say the 32GB is $550 and you get a tab of $250 with their $40 ultd plan, that works itself out to be $300 no? Not a great discount but considering you don’t have to sign a contract and not pay extra on your bill, it’s not that terrible, or a I missing something?

  • Rocket Man

    Such a rip off. I just ordered unlocked nexus 5 off Google play for $412 include shipping and taxes!
    Why would i pay more for a locked phone. Crazy

    • Derukun

      Nexus phones are not and cannot be locked by any carrier.

  • AWS-worried

    Why has nobody noticed that AWS bands are not supported by the nexus 5? This phone is not compatible with Wind or Mobilicity in Canada


      Yes it is. There are 2 versions. The North American has band 4.

  • Russell Robinson

    haha why the hell would anyone do that? just buy it direct for a hell of a lot cheaper

    • ErikRP

      Not doubting what you say, but I’m trying to figure out how true that belief really is.

      I’m on a plan right now (about 10 months to go) with Telus that gives me set number of minutes, free evenings/weekends, unlimited texts, 5 GB of data, and call display for an extra $6, for a total of $56.

      I’ve just ordered the N5, and I’m trying to figure out what I can do next to get these incredible savings that everyone talks about. It seems carriers have changed their model to move to shared data at higher prices. Sure, they might have unlimited calling but I don’t need that.

      I don’t need 5GB, even 1GB for me, or 2GB shared, would be plenty. But I can’t find a plan where my price after switching phones drops $20. At best it is about even, or +/- $5.


    • skullan

      People think short term.

  • Brett Dickey

    so can the unlocked phone work on bell network? and does anyone know what sim card it takes?

  • monsterduc1000

    That’s only just over a hundred more than ONE 32gb hype-phone 5s 🙂

    • Adriel Garrovillas

      Hey nekkid, do you know if the Nexus 5 is unlocked?

  • Adriel Garrovillas

    So is the Nexus 5 unlocked like the Nexus 4?

  • Kenny G

    Only way I’m getting this phone with the carrier is if the phone is free, with a 2 yr plan (and unlimited data). Never going to happen though, so I’ll just buy my phone from Google and go on Wind mobiles network. I don’t need LTE. 😉

  • RD

    Do I have to cancel my old plan (still on contract) in order to use this phone or can I just get a new SIM from my carrier?

  • pundag

    Think I’ll stick with my white 16GB for $412 after taxes and delivery… stupid taxes….


    Actually. If wind does a 2 year cont ract with 150 for phone. I will be pqying way less getting th e phone from them. The only disavantage is that i will be locked to wind for 2 months. But since im going to wind as soon as i get this phone i will probably be with them for 2 years anywyas. Anyone proof me wrong. I am gonna be paying the same for plan either ways.

  • Derukun

    What’s the actual source for this? How valid is this information? S:

  • Sanjay Saini

    At those prices the G2 is a much better buy 3,000mah lasts more than a day and charges in an hour. Knock Knock feature is quite nice, and if the UI is not your thing Cyanogenmod 10.2 is available.

    No thanks carriers, do not need any bloat or for that matter a locked device…defeats the whole purpose of the Nexus in the first place!

  • BR

    How do you know its the 16GB model? If you figure the N4 was sold at $449 on carriers which was the 16GB. $100 increase, if the phone is running $499 shouldn’t it be the 32GB model? Since it runs $399? Seems to make a little more sense, we won’t know until more info is released anyways.

  • Kenny G

    They got greedy. I’d never pay that much for the phone if Google is selling it for cheaper.

  • Peter A. Shafik

    Phone is sold at $350.00 in the US, yet it’s estimated to retail at $500.00 in Canada…
    Anybody cares to explain this to me please??

  • clenfesty

    I thought this was a $350 device. How can they sell it for $500?

  • Crossbones79

    It can be bought right now through Google Play store for $399 plus tax and shipping

  • Sheldon Harrison

    went in to koodo to see how much it would cost to upgrade to a nexus 5, the lady told me i would have to add $30 to my monthly cost to pay off my tab so i can go back on a tab for a n5. when i told her i could just buy the phone from google then bring it she said it wasnt possible. good to know cell companies are on our side…..