Here’s a picture of Nexus 5 inventory, apparently there’s 30,000 units coming to Canada


  • Mayoo

    I’m getting mine from the play store anyway. Carriers will charge 600$ for it (over 2 or 3 years), like they did for the Nexus 4. I’m not following them into their ever lasting plan to rip off everyone.

    • silver_arrow

      Agreed with the Nexus phones it is Play Store or bust.

    • Nimer55

      Got my dad one through futureshop.

      It was $150 on a tab + $75 cash. But $50 futureshop gift card… Keep in mind this is when they were selling for $350 at Google.

      But for launch, yea, I’m buying mine from Google Play. Unless the carriers decide to price it reasonably (which I STRONGLY doubt).

    • MaX Damage

      Koodo was charging 50$ less than the play store at some point.

    • Mayoo

      Remove the “tab” thing, and you pay 300$, even today (just went on their site to try it out). This is 50$ more than the latest price.

    • MaX Damage

      Yes, right now, which is why I wrote at some point… It was 300$ before the Play Store dropped the price from 350$ to 250$, not to mention the shipping cost as well.

    • TB!

      Not to mention, how long was anyone able to actually buy it for $250? Sold out almost immediately.

    • Canucks

      If the phone is $700+ unlocked then getting from a carrier might be a good option. But Nexus 5 is going to change the landscape once again like the Nexus 4 for unlock phones. Buying it unlock from the manufacturers is the way to go nowadays.

    • Balls O’Steele

      I’m not going to get the N5 unless it has a 3000mah battery.

    • Bob Rhea

      Great man. I don’t think anyone asked that or was talking about it. Same people whine every year. If it doesn’t have what you want then don’t get it. Dont need to whine about it. Considering most new phones don’t even have close to 3000mah, I don’t see how your statement is reasonable.

    • littledover

      The Note 2 and 3 have over 3000 mah. It’s reasonable to assume this should spread to other large phones.

    • Bob Rhea

      “Considering most new phones” keywords. Note 2 and 3 are huge phones they have the space for larger, cheaper batteries. It’s more expensive to make a smaller battery with higher capacity.

    • sags85

      have you seen the size of such a battery? it’s about the size of the Nexus 4…

    • Nadefrenzy

      LG G2.

    • Bob Rhea

      “Considering most new phones”

    • Nadefrenzy

      LG G2/Xperia Z1/Z30 heck even the S4 has a bigger battery than the rumored 2300mAh or so.

    • Bob Rhea

      “Considering most new phones don’t even have close to 3000mah” I wasn’t talking about the S4 having a bigger battery was I? So 3 phones defines most? New to me.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Yup. 3 of the most famous flagships in the Android world. What else is there?

    • rcfcyl

      Most phones, being more than half, technically, no. But many phones released or announced within the last 2-3 months all have batteries larger than 3000mAh. Should we be comparing this to the GS4 which launched 8 months ago? Or the iPhone which has a 50% smaller screen and runs iOS? I think not. I believe Nadefrenzy’s comment is valid and unless elGoog has implemented some serious battery optimization, 2300 mAh may not be competitive with MANY of the Nexus 5’s current crop of competitors. Including, but not limited to, the LG G2, Xperia Z1, Blackberry Z30, Note 3, Nokia 1510, HTC One Max,…

    • Tom

      Carriers didn’t charge $600 for the N4… saw it for $450 max (except Wind which was $550). Still a ripoff vs buying from the Play Store regardless.

    • Bob Rhea

      Free on 2 year at Fido. Bought mine from play store though.

    • Seanyp

      Carriers will only discount you 10% from your phone bill unless you haggle. So it might be cheaper to go through the carrier.

    • Mayoo

      I didn’t even knew they would discount anything. I’ll ask for sure.

  • Balls O’Steele

    Only 30 000? They need 300000

    • jackjiarocks

      For Rogers my friend.

  • johnlistos

    4000 for western Canada???? the eastern bias is everywhere. I understand there are more ppl in eastern Canada but the west is not a barren wasteland that only a few ppl live here.

    • Striker67

      It doesn’t matter what distribution centre . I am sure they will be distributed to wherever they are needed

    • samwist23

      Eastern Canada holds more than 70% of Canada’s population, so it makes a lot of sense. No bias going on here.

  • deltatux

    Thing is, Nexus devices sold at the Play Store are distributed from the US. 300,000 for just carriers is a pretty good number. Most people will buy from the Play Store and as such, we should hope that the distribution centres in the States would have a lot more stock as they will be distributing these devices to both Canada and the States.

    • MochaGE

      well said

    • Salinger

      30k, not 300k.

    • deltatux

      Sorry, typo =P

  • Talnoy

    Play Store ftw.

  • bigshynepo

    And where can we find this unguarded warehouse of nexus 5’s?

    • deltatux

      Maybe this was taken from the LG warehouse in North York (Hwy 400/Steeles)?

    • gommer strike

      Ready the troops. We, barbarians are at their gates.

      And our names are legion.

    • Laer

      Why do you think Google was building a floating fortress?

  • Ben Stone

    ha ha ha… Revscene was quoted

  • JMA

    Did anyone else look at the picture on the left and see a little cardboard city?

  • Superduif

    Didn’t anyone notice that the upper part of the box is not straight but skewed?

  • SC

    Tell me the address

  • Jonathan G.

    Guys! It is happening soon! I cant wait.

  • SteveDiPaola

    So what are carrier 2 year subsidized cost on a $350 phone like this and do they keep it unlocked. Or better to buy outright and take ( somewhat lame) discount for bringing your phone. For instance what do we think Rogers charge on 2yr contract and do they keep it unlocked.

  • Muddy_Water

    10:30 tomorrow morning… on Google+

  • Gregory Le Grand

    Where’s Google in all this? No hoopla? Seems strange don’t it.

  • Gregory Le Grand

    I get where you’re coming from being born in Saskatchewan and raised on the Prairies. I’ve been living in Ontario since 1974 and still see a bias but not as much as before. Anyway, I’m thinking when talking about 30% population vs number of phones (13%), we mustn’t forget about Lotusland, Québec and the Maritimes, no matter how hard done-by Westerners are, or feel. Peace man.

  • John Doe

    it sounds like a lot of you guys forget that the carriers rather you not purchase the phone outright.

    • Laer

      I don’t think those babies have much to say about it anymore. They can have the people walking through life with their eyes wide shut if they want.

  • Tom

    Didn’t know that, thanks.

  • hoodat

    Can’t wait! Soo excited! Google Play Store FTW!

  • 馮文浩

    all nexus sold by play store are coming from the USA.

    • Mike Oxlong

      Technically their all coming from overseas, but who cares. Just get them to us NOW.

    • Frederic St-Pierre

      Technically, they are built in the LG Korea FAB… But they are shipped from the Louisville warehouse. Meaning that they are coming from the USA. 😉

  • Laer

    All the money is in the west though. Average annual income in Edmonton is over 100k. That’s average!

    • Unorthodox

      And how many of those 100k-ers would want Nexus? Or even heard of a smartphone?

    • Laer

      Lol pretty sure the average person knows what a smartphone is… If you are wondering, redneck Alberta has a very high level of post secondary.
      As for the nexus moniker, I’d say it has excellent penetration. Almost everyone I deal with in the trades could at least ball park what it is.

    • Unorthodox

      That’s good. Most of Ontarians, who make this kind of money are only aware of iPhone existence.

  • Guest

    ONLY 30,000!?!

  • Hockey is overrated

    I’ll probably order the N5 from Google Play, but if I were to get one from Rogers/Bell/Telus/Wind would it be locked to their respective networks? Would the phone still have pure Android on it, or would it be full of Rogers/Bell/Telus/Wind bloatware?

  • Jessica Collins

    Buy now, ask questions later.