Update: Nexus 5 pre-registration goes live at WIND Mobile, reveals full specs



    Awesome !!!

  • hamza

    Finally something official! Been waiting on this for ages

    • tyresmoke

      I’m skeptical. There’s no new info here, and it’s the same leaked press shot that leaked a while ago. How do you know they didn’t just round up all the rumors to beat others to the punch on preorders.

    • hamza

      I’m pretty sure WIND wouldn’t pull a stunt like that. Could cost em a crapload of money.

    • Daiane Aguiar

      Im pretty sure they are collecting emails for future spam messages =)

    • Abdul Al-Basith

      Never got a spam from WIND 🙂

    • Canucks

      It’s good news. But why would I buy from a carrier that might be locked and cost more when I can get a fully unlocked one directly from Google. It’s not like the phone is going to be $700+. UNLOCK PHONE FTW!!!!!!!

    • Salinger

      Nexus phones are always sold unlocked, regardless of where you buy it.

  • MapleSyrup

    Any time now. . .

  • Richie_Peterson

    Interesting!! Although it is just a PRE-registration page, but it does give hope that the launch is imminent.

  • RandomHero

    As excited as I am for the coming launch, the real challenge of course, is having one delivered in 2013…

  • hunkyleepickle

    its just so bizarre that google has announced zero details that this device even exists….maybe they are just pulling some sort of ‘anti-launch’, and not doing an announcement at all, and just releasing it.

  • AlgoSnarfVapidHeatCiderr iTard

    no LTE?

    • Louis

      Wind doesn’t have LTE so they would leave that out.


    445ppi that must be damn nice

  • Guest


    • jamal

      Right On bro/girl (whatever).

  • RG

    I think I am risking down votes but here goes … Wind uses facebook to promote/pre-register a Google product? A bit bizarre

    • Anaron

      They did the same with the LG G2. I think they did the same thing with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 too. It’s an easy way for people to be informed of the device’s availability because a lot of people use Facebook.

  • rumthin

    Google hasn’t announced anything and rumors have this device launching on Nov.1? WADUQ Google?!

  • ricklowes

    This phone in particular has got to be on of the worst kept secrets in the history of major/flagship phone launches. This is worse than seeing the movie trailer where they basically show the entire movie in the ad (or all the good parts at least). The actual launch is going to be a snore-fest of the same stuff I already know…although I’m still going to buy it immediately! 🙂 Hope it comes soon.

    • Louis

      Google’s perfected the modern day Apple product launch. I mean, “left it in a bar”? (This is, by the way, more than half sarcastic.)

    • Andrew_notPorC

      There might be some software or hardware functionality surprises.

  • Sam Wiggans

    I just want it so badly.

  • Vostok

    Just compared the technical specifications to Nexus 4. What’s different? Oh, a slightly bigger screen, better CPU, higher resolution and more pixels per inch. Go figure.

    • gommer strike

      which can be the same thing said for every single new phone this year

    • Vostok

      😀 EXACTLY. So, why are we all so happy here looking at its specs.? lol

    • thedosbox

      It’s Wind, hence no LTE support. And before anyone claims HSPA+ is fast enough, try it in a city where a carrier’s HSPA+ network is overloaded.

    • Jimmy Russell

      You might be experiencing the effects of latency rather than speed.

      For most uses on a phone you would probably find it perfectly usable even at like 0.5Mbit if it was stable and responsive.

    • thedosbox

      Try loading pages on a HSPA+ connection in London (UK) and you’ll change your tune.

      Having said that, you’re correct that latency is a bigger reason to use LTE – especially when tethered and sharing a desktop.

    • Jimmy Russell

      Really? You brought up some issue you had in another country on another continent? That’s stretching just a bit

    • thedosbox

      Yes, because it’s a recent example I can cite from personal experience. I could also talk about NYC, but that’s over a year ago. But hey, if you want to believe that HSPA+ is enough, regardless of location, knock yourself out.

    • Hungrier

      If we’re throwing out anecdotes, I went to Europe this summer and did not experience any problems with mobile data in heavily populated cities. I could browse the internet, use walking navigation, and stream music without issue on my Nexus 4.

    • thedosbox

      *shrug* hence the qualifier “where the HSPA+ network is is overloaded”.

    • Unorthodox

      After switching to LTE with the same phone I found that a lot of dead zones along Milton GO line aren’t actually dead. So, no – no way back to HSPA+ for me.

    • Matt Welke

      Agreed. I use my phone for email, checking facebook, youtube etc. Pages do take too long to load but I wait til I get home for web surfing.

    • AWS-worried

      1700/2100 AWS bands are not supported by nexus 5. So this phone will not work on the wind network

    • thedosbox

      Um, perhaps you ought to read the story.

    • AWS-worried

      Please forgive my ignorance that AWS is the same as CDMA band 4. Mind you, reading the story again does not make that clear. So suck my sacroilliac.

    • thedosbox

      We have access to this wonderful thing called a search engine. Perhaps you ought to use one? It’s called Bing dot com.

    • thedosbox

      Hint: there are multiple models.

    • catpunt

      yes because the nexus 4 was already great. so why not take the nexus 4 and improve on everything that people care about — faster, better battery life, no glass back, bigger higher-resolution screen… oh and lte

    • Shawn T. Nicholson

      I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of an upgraded model. Just thinking outside the box here……

    • Thrasher

      You forgot LTE

    • zaghy2zy

      OIS camera…… I’d buy that…

  • lebel

    Shut up and take my money 😛

  • Marc Grondin

    And the page is gone. Another one jumps the gun

    • Sweet

      The page is still there and it still works. Just follow the link at the end of the article.

    • Marc Grondin

      I did it tells me the page does not exist

    • Marc Grondin

      OK never mind. It was the mobile version of Facebook that would not show it. I see it now. Kinda odd they would do this before any word from Google. Wonder if Google knows yet that they did this.

  • thedosbox

    So, how long before spheroids of ferrous posts about how this is worth $0 outright?

  • Sweet

    445ppi is way overkill and nobody will notice the difference between that and 350ppi.

    I presume they meant to say that it supports 802.11ac and not 802.11nc.

    • oceansaber

      Agreed on the PPI. Quicker battery drainage for negligible difference in viewing experience.

    • HatInTheRing

      I noticed that as well. Definitely ac. I’m glad that wifi spec is included. It was left out of previous spec speculations.

  • Dahn Balan

    GOOGLE IS SUCH A TROLL! I have been waiting for the Nexus 5 announcement since September.

  • Alex Marz

    Hopefully the camera specs are wrong. Hello early 2012…

    • Thrasher

      How do you know what the camera is like? Just from the number of MP? We do not know how well it will perform in poor light or maximum aperture. Hard to base an opinion solely based on number of MP…

    • Alex Marz

      Without specifically mentioning aperture tho.. Its a good indication

    • GeorgeG

      id rather have a 5 or 8 mega pixel camera with fast response and clear focus than a 10 or 14 mega pixel camera with slow response and blurry corners.

    • BMSMA

      Moto X’s 10MP camera is great, the camera software kinda stinks however when using a magnifier app from the store it tells a different story (and it has its own camera shot function), compared to my HTC One X (8MP), the difference is night and day using the same magnifier app on both devices.

    • HatInTheRing

      the iPhone 5s is 8mp. The HTC One is 5. Until we know the rest of the story (sensor, software), it really means nothing.

    • zaghy2zy

      To keep cost down, they include 8Mp… but take note that it has OPTICAL IMAGE STABILIZATION which mean, it will have sharp and stable images/video if you are taking them handheld (like 99% of all pictures/video taken on a mobile device)

      It can also mean that the camera doesn’t need to worry about exposure and will do better low light because there’s OIS which can dampen blurry night pics.

      There’s a whole world being unlocked just through having an OIS.

  • oceansaber

    So they left out the most important spec – the battery 🙁

    • hardy83

      Big, but not big enough. lol

      I would honestly take a phone that’s an inch or two thick if it means having a cell phone that actually lasts a whole day, or more preferably.

    • Brandon Roberts

      Dude. You do NOT want a phone that is two inches thick, let alone an INCH thick. Maybe you mean centimeters, but still that’s large.

    • hardy83

      Maybe not two, but I’d be fine with 1″.

    • Chris Martin

      LMAO 1″ thick phone?

  • Anell

    your comment tripped my eyes out.. it looks like its slanted slightly upwards.

    • Humberto Giambrone

      Holy crap, it does. Optical illusion? Alien invasion?

    • Shawn T. Nicholson

      Look at the word “hour” but focus on yes. It looks like it moves upward

    • prick

      Well, I didn’t think the first trip I’d ever have would be from an S. Yet here I am, gazing at it.

    • Pranav Arora

      You are on weed too??

  • wes

    I wonder how they’ll be able to supply the demand! Cause the price will be affordable and highly sought after! Nexus phone line has been gaining more and more support. Two years ago when I first bought my LG Optimus 2x, I was debating between the LG and the Nexus S. Sadly, I chose the 2x, cause of the dual core, not knowing the implications with the Nexus line (updates from Google). Two years later, I have seen more and more people with a Nexus phone. Just today, I saw two of my classmates having Nexus 4s. I believe that Google has been gaining steam, slowly but surely and we’re seeing the general public starting to gain knowledge about smartphones. I hope that the trend continues!

    • dinmab

      that is a god thing. time to stop buying phones from carriers.

  • Jonathan G.

    Damn, why wont they release this phone already?! It is clear that this phone is just around the corner. So give it to us already!

    • HatInTheRing

      I have a weird feeling it has to do with KitKat. Maybe Kit Kat isn’t ready and the N5 will have it pre loaded. I assume they also want to announce them both at the same time.

    • HelloCDN

      I think you’re right. They’ve been delaying it for a long time now. Whatever happened to October 24 event btw?

    • Marc Grondin

      That was never going to be hardware related it was just a party by the Google play team for the media to celebrate Google play.

    • Muddy_Water

      Personally I think they want to make sure they have enough stock on hand.

  • HelloCDN

    It’s not there anymore actually.

  • rynh

    aaaaand they pulled it down.

  • Guest

    Nothing about the battery?

    • vperl

      They in fact included a battery

  • Ryan

    We should all go sleep outside Google’s offices and wait for the announcement….oh, wait…we’re sane

    • vperl

      I have lawn chairs for rent.

  • iKnowrite

    Anyone else realize that the dimensions are a couple mm larger than the nexus 4?

    Nexus 5: 69.17 x 137.84 x 8.59 mm
    Nexus 4: 68.7 x 133.9 x 9.1 mm

    Bigger by: 1 x 4 x (-) mm

    Wasnt this thing supposed to be smaller than the Nexus 4?

    Also, those dimensions arent the same as the once from the FCC, so I dont think they know the specs. Somebody made a mistake.

    I wonder if the FCC didnt include that 3,000mAh battery? They got a couple things wrong.. Turns out we may actually be seeing that version after all!

    • psychoace

      The 3,000 mah battery is just bunk (otherwise there would be two sets of cases for it) and the FCC filing was riddled with errors. I don’t think many people are going to mind the size here.

  • John

    What the hell is ceramic power?

    • F Young

      I think the complete bullet reads “Ceramic power and volume buttons”

      That is, the power and volume buttons are made of ceramic.

    • John


  • Vicko Ma

    I bet you it’ll be released on the 31st. Kitkat? Halloween? Script writes itself!

    • psychoace

      Why would they need a pre-registration page if they were going to release it in a day?

    • Hungrier

      Treat: You get the phone.
      Trick: It’s sold out in 5 minutes.

  • Deciare

    So in spite of earlier rumoured specs, the Nexus 5 will be physically larger than the Nexus 4. I am disappointed. Narrowing the bezel only takes you so far in keeping the device at a reasonable size.

  • MXH070

    Vapor device…..

  • Adam Watts

    No info about the battery life… To bad.

    • vperl

      They in fact included a battery

  • kyca

    lol….that is to funny. The fact that they would even advertise this before the Google officially announces it. I bet Google called them up , slapped them around and said take that F&^# off the site now #@@!#, else we won’t give you any phones. Happy with my Samsung Galaxy Note II and SG3.
    LG is notorious for OVERHEATED phones.

  • Ugslick

    8MP? I was expecting 13. Not that I’m necessarily complaining. I guess its a cost cutting measure. Anyways still trying to decide between the LG G2 and this, but this will probably be cheaper, and so I’ll likely go with this 😛 Unless I can get a good deal on the G2.

  • test


  • vperl

    Good, I get yours, go away

  • fl1nty

    no mention of battery 🙁

  • tedstriker3

    can i buy from WIND then put on bell mobility?

    • zaghy2zy

      Possible. Nexus devices are usually equipped with radios that work on virtually every network. Just note that buying from carriers may mean the device will be carrier locked by default. Meanwhile if bought from the Google play store they will be unlocked by default.

    • dc07

      WIND sells Nexus devices unlocked

    • zaghy2zy

      I did say, “may mean” so it’s a possibility… I just didn’t want them to go out and buy the thing, and then realize they have to unlock it after… But it’s always good to know that someone can confirm it 🙂 so yeah, nexus device is unlocked, sold by Wind… maybe I should go to the store near my house and buy Nexus 5 once it comes out

  • Yulet

    We’re in Canada and this Nexus is from LG, who cares about NTT DoCoMo and stupidity of Samsung?

  • omar

    so.. 4g LTE, but does wind have that kind of service? They left that out.

  • Arun


  • Haxor99

    it’s only 4 mm longer… go grab a ruler 4mm is a really REALLY small amount. And it’s slightly thinner.

  • Shaggyskunk

    Yawn – No external sd card – No removable battery – And the rumored battery sucks & LTE…. I’ll take a Note 3 any day of the week

  • iphoneee’s bro

    Somebody at Wind will get in trouble

  • Liberal Phone Person

    i wonder. how much more expensive will this be vs the play version?

  • Jazz

    Going to be released for Bell Canada on Nov 8th. $499.95 price point. Not sure which GB model. Google announcing Oct 31st according to Bell.

    • David Fulde

      What? How did you get this info? When I chatted with a Bell representative they said “We don’t know”

    • Jazz

      Not supposed to say until tomorrow. After Google announces. It was an official communication

    • David Fulde

      Here’s hoping. My GNex is on it;s last legs, knowing that the Nexus 5 is literally on the horizon…

    • Jazz

      Good luck!

  • Fatlum Gajtani

    8mp camera. weak.

  • lenientwhale

    WIND actually locks all their devices by default. Unlock is just $10 though.

    • lenientwhale

      Depends how much wind offers it for. I bought the G2 from them for 420 and the tab pays itself off in two years, if you plan on sticking with wind it could be cheaper to get the device through them.

    • pundag

      I’m with wind, and when the Galaxy SIII came out, the refused to sell it to me, saying it was for ‘new customers only’ and they had the Nexus jacked up to like $450, when it was $199 in the states… that was before Google finally started selling them to us… IMHO, I’d buy it directly from google, cannot beat their pricing, and ease… Shipping is only like $20… less then the damn taxes.

    • Anthony Benel

      Incorrect. I got my Galaxy Nexus on Windtab. It was unlocked. Please don’t make blanket statements if you do not have all the facts.

    • lenientwhale

      Sorry mom, won’t happen again!


    The fact that Google hasn’t mentioned anything about this release yet is getting ridiculous.. come on.. like if it’s being released Oct 31st or Nov 1st we should have already had an official release date announcement.

  • blzd

    I’m assuming $550 launch price from Wind like the Nexus 4 was. So $200 or so more then from Google and roughly how much it will save you with the Wind Tab.

  • Matt Welke

    Better screen, more memory, better build quality, better camera. Those are the things I care about when it comes to buying this. I couldn’t care less about LTE.

  • RoboBonobo

    Nexus 5; the 5 stands for 5ame

  • AWS-worried

    Nexus 5 does NOT support AWS frequencies. No wind, no mobilicity.