Rogers launches $25-a-pop referral program to entice new and existing customers

Rogers has launched a referral program to entice existing customers to bring on new ones, to the benefit of both at $25 a pop.

Existing customers can earn up to $300 per year, which equates to 12 referrals in 12 months, while referees will find themselves with a $25 credit as long as their new account is in good standing after 30 days.

The program, which is powered by referral marketing solution company RewardStream, is being launched in conjunction with a mass text message campaign, though it’s understood customers will see these blasts over email and in banner ads as well.

This isn’t the first referral program offered by a Canadian carrier, Koodo, Virgin, Fido currently offer the equivalent of $25 per incoming customer, and WIND, Public Mobile and Mobilicity have all dabbled in the category for some time, but this could be first from an incumbent’s leader brand. It will be interesting to see how it pans out and if it slightly bumps up their subscriber base.

Update: TELUS also has a referral program in place.

(Thanks tipster!)