Samsung’s ‘Smart Olympic Games’ initiative to give every Sochi athlete a free Note 3

You train for years, sacrificing your body, your social life and, potentially, other career pursuits, so the least a major technology company, who also happens to be a sponsor, can give you is a free smartphone, right?

That’s the idea behind the “Samsung Smart Olympic Games” initiative, which puts a smile on every face and a Note 3 in every pocket. Samsung worked with the International Olympic Committee to designate the Galaxy Note 3 the “official smartphone of the 2014 Sochi Games.” This will facilitate athletes and Olympic staff alike to use a specially-made app called WOW to track “essential, up-to-date Games Time data and connectivity that are crucial to the Olympic Games operation.”

A public version of WOW, aptly named Public WOW, “will turn Android devices into mobile sports stations with instant access to Sochi 2014.” The Public WOW app was first made available at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, and Samsung considered it a big success. Since then, however, Android smartphones have absolutely blown up, so the newer version will likely see much higher use.

Of course, those visiting the Olympic Park is Sochi will see a huge Samsung presence, with product demos and promotions of Galaxy devices.

[source]Samsung Press[/source]