Both the GS3 mini and GS4 mini will be free on contract when they launch on October 4th

Samsung in on the cusp of launching a slew of new devices this week. The main attraction will be the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, but for those looking to save a bit of cash and not run in the spec race, the Galaxy SIII mini and S4 mini might be up your alley.

As expected, both of these Androids will be heading to multiple carriers, but we can now confirm the launch date and pricing. According to an internal TELUS doc, these both will become available on October 4th. The GS III mini will be for sale in black and cost $0 on a 2-year, or $300 outright. As for the GS4 mini, which is a solid mid-range device, this will cost $400 outright or $0 on a 2-year, plus come in black and white.

Check for these to hit most carriers in a couple days.
(Thanks tipster!)