Leaked iPad 5 casing shows similarities to iPad mini (video)

Apple is expected to announce two new iPads at an event in October. The larger iPad is likely to receive a significant reduction in size and weight, with a design more in line with the iPad mini; the smaller iPad is expected to be upgraded to a Retina display, and both models could boast TouchID fingerprint scanners in their home buttons.

In a video released by sw-box.com, the larger iPad 5 casing is compared to that of last year’s model alongside the first-generation iPad mini. It’s explained that, if it does turn out to be real, the iPad 5 could be significantly lighter and some 2mm thinner than its predecessor, with smaller bezels making it easier to hold in one hand.

The video also points out an updated placement for the rear microphone, meant to cut out extraneous noise during audio recordings.

Rumours pointing to an October 15th launch mean the new iPad(s) could be coming in just over two weeks.