CRTC looking to make Do Not Call registrations permanent

It may be hard to be believe (likely because it doesn’t always work) but the National Do Not Call List is five years old today, and the CRTC is looking to extend those entries soon to expire by making them permanent.

The independent tribunal issued a press release stating that since September 30th, 2008, nearly 12 million numbers have been registered on the DNC List and $3.4 million in penalties have been issued to non-compliant telemarketers. Nearly all marketing companies making unsolicited calls have complied with CRTC enforcement, yielding to violation notices, but 5% are committed to annoying the heck out of Canadians at dinnertime for the foreseeable future.

As of today, all registrants whose numbers were set to expire today have had them extended for one year, until September 30th, 2014, pending a decision to make the list permanent. The CRTC Chairman, Jean-Pierre Blais, said in a statement, “we have extended the life of the list so that Canadians do not have to worry about receiving calls for the time being.”

The CRTC is encouraging users of the DNCL to share their views on whether they’d like numbers to become permanent, either by filling out an online form or writing directly to the CRTC.