Update: BlackBerry says they don’t anticipate BBM for iPhone and Android relaunching this week


  • Khristopher Ranger

    What. A. Joke. I had such high hopes for this! Big letdown.

    • Keegan

      Its not BB’s fault really, its those who installed the illegal version. They didn’t release the Android version so no wonder they weren’t prepared to handle the Android traffic.

    • aingaran

      If they can’t handle 1.1 million users, how do they plan to handle the potentially 20-30 million users who were going to download BBM on Saturday & Sunday? Blackberry is a joke!

    • Balls O’Steele

      We will probably never see it. There are patent issues and BBRY ‘s new owner, Fairfax, doesn’t want any legal problems as it shuts down the company and sells off the patents.

    • Balls O’Steele

      So if there is $1 BB worth of unsold Z10s that they will write off, how do I get one for a cheap price?

    • hunkyleepickle

      It’s BB’s fault they didnt get this to market approx 5 years ago, when ppl still cared. Now a handful of ppl will be slightly annoyed, and then quickly go back to the half dozen alternatives that are more reliable, user friendly, and most importantly, available!

    • dickgozinya

      Don’t be so ignorant.

    • collinpage

      Blaming it on the people installing the leaked version is just a cop out

    • whatever

      Intentionally incompetent. Nuff said.
      Blackberry, you suck and deserve to die.

    • vendetta247

      Agreed. I believe they screwed the rollout on purpose

    • d a

      They simply don’t have anyone there that can make good decisions. I’m not saying this is the wrong decision but the decisions that LED to this nonsense were all wrong. Other than decided to let everyone have bbm I can’t recall the last time BB did anything right. What a horribly run company. They don’t anticipate, they don’t innovate. Right now I’m thinking they should just shut down all hardware operations and try to reinvent themselves with strictly what they do best.

    • Plazmic Flame

      I am really kicking myself for not doing the region switching to get it on my iPhone… Argh.. So pissed!!

  • hardy83

    What exactly is wrong with this unreleased early version that’s causing them to withhold releasing the official IOS and Android versions? Did they ever say?

    • Super_Deluxe

      They said it had data consuming issues which explains why their servers crashed so easily. Don’t know how that could happen or how they allowed it even if it was just a beta version. Anyways you can’t blame them for this, just an a$$whole employee who decided to leak it and ruin it for everyone. But they do take some of the blame since they should’ve had the ability to kill the app right away. Oh well I’m glad I didn’t get my hopes to high.

    • aingaran

      That’s just BS.

      They simply did a piss poor job of planning (I’m having doubts they plan anything) and launching (attempted launch).

      Everyone at Blackberry should be flogged for this crap.

  • selonmoi

    Egads! How will we ever send short messages now?!

  • Jonathan Schmitt

    I think there are a few reasons why they are doing this. One could be that they truly were unprepared (terrible for a company not to expect high usage), or they are mad at someone leaking a version of the app. Or it could just be free advertisement to attempt and sell the new BB phones that have BBM.

    • Anaron

      Given the situation the company is in, it’s safe to say that they are having genuine issues with the app. Even though it’s out of their control, it’s still pretty disastrous. They shouldn’t hold back the iOS version though. I believe that version is unaffected.

    • dickgozinya

      Ya the iOS version works (and continues to work) fine. Maybe someone should leak it so that other jailbroken ppl can have at it?

  • blobie (blob-ee)

    people don’t like to stay on old versions, releasing the new updated version would pretty much eliminate the old android version. if the issue was with the leaked android version, why did that stop the iphone version? sounds fishy.

  • TomsDisqusted

    Doesn’t help when the people who were supposed to work all weekend on the roll-out find out on Friday that their jobs are probably gone…

  • Jon Turner

    I wouldn’t hold your breath on EVER seeing it released as BlackBerry just announced today that they are being bought out by a company named Fairfax. Fairfax intends to take the company private. Seems too coincidental to me…

    • RealDeal83

      A successful BBM4ALL launch would have driven stock prices up, which would have destroyed the deal with Fairfax. It does seem fishy.

  • ryeyeyeyey

    best company NA

  • 01011001001

    more smoke and mirrors from BB.

  • lei huang

    now I can understand why blackberry go to down hill, first is playbook, now is bbm, they just can not do anything right.

  • Kms Ajer

    I hate U =0 i will nott waiting for u .!

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Watch now they won’t release it at all cause there going to be taken private

  • Raj Singh


  • caanda45

    Another f up by BB…so sad they promise and never deliver on time anything….bad karma, bad management…..bad just bad….I unfortunately do not think they will ever get any good will back…disappointed us to many times…

  • BB BB

    Geesh come on man! Didn’t they test this out before? They could have privately invited some beta testers

    • Anaron

      I don’t think it was a matter of bug testing but one of security. They dropped the ball and couldn’t kill the app.

  • Brendon D

    Everybody already forgot about the 1 and a half year delay of bb10?
    Stuff like this is what’s to be expected of blackberry lol

  • Guest

    Think about how spoiled we are as a culture. We’re whining about an app we don’t need not being released when we want it. Boo-hoo. We’ll have to text with one of the hundreds of other messaging apps in the meantime, blasphemy!

  • Anaron

    I know a bunch of people that were looking forward to it. This really doesn’t help BB’s image. It’s pretty disastrous.

    They should make the best of their situation and release the iOS version now, since it’s likely unaffected.

  • steven_bauman_7

    BlackBerry is a joke, seriously? Typing this on my Z10

    • 01011001001

      It’s nothing to be bragging about…

    • steven_bauman_7

      ..how am I bragging? I’m stating that I’m using a Z10 to show that even blackberry users think they’re a joke

    • 01011001001

      aight my bad.

    • Beeblz

      Typing a message on a phone? What a marvel of technology you must have.

    • steven_bauman_7

      Typing a sarcastic joke on an Internet forum? What a marvel of originality you have.

    • Beeblz

      Your comment was deserving. And apparently so were you. Have fun with your dying tech.

  • tyresmoke

    Can these guys do anything right? They must have fired their testing team.

    • dickgozinya

      They did.

    • whatever

      Lol yep. Mobile syrup even posted an article on it.

  • 01011001001

    I seriously doubt that it will be released anytime soon or in the near future. BB will now be very busy with other matters…. More layoffs is very likely on top of what was announced last week. This takeover bid does not inject any cash to bb for r & d, new owners will likely ask to trim more fat.

    Furthermore from those who downloaded the ios version it was designed for ios6 instead of ios7, which bb knew was coming. All they had to do was sign up as a developer to have access to ios 7 beta. The Android version was apparently buggy – who really knows…. They can say anything they want except the truth – they don’t have a version that works…

    Just tells you how badly mismanage this company really is.

    • dickgozinya

      Just because it was written for iOS 6 doesn’t mean it won’t work on 7. It’s a very basic app, after all. All they could have done is changed the colors to better blend with the new ui, but then it wouldn’t look like bbm.

    • 01011001001

      Yeah I agree but still why not have an app that’s ready for ios 7 and get featured on the app store’s “Design for IOS 7” section.

    • dickgozinya

      Yeah I hear ya, but this is blackberry were talking about. Everything they’ve done since 2007 has been behind, and obsolete upon release. It’s basically an expectation.

    • TheAnswer

      Yes what they should of done is put a finger print reader on their phone and give it an unecesarry processor and BINGO! No longer obsolete.

    • dickgozinya

      No, only smart and innovative companies do that.
      You think exactly like bbry – a reject from a reetard factory.

    • TheAnswer

      So thinking like Apple would be…? Lol.

    • 01011001001

      well given Apple can “sell like hell” (lol) then yes blackberry should.

    • TheAnswer

      Good point.

    • pegger1

      BBM doesn’t need to be featured anywhere. Those who want it are going to get it, those who don’t aren’t. Nobody is going to be swayed if it’s in a featured section.

    • JV

      I’m Wondering, if they had the letter of intent, and they were to go further on with the deal. And the did release this app to the new owners seeing a spike up of stoke price past 9 dollars a share, would the board still agree to sell at 9? giving the new potential owners a profit on there asking price to start right of the bat? (already as i type this im thinking how absurd that sounds and so am leaning towards no. lol ), thoughts?

    • 01011001001

      yeah that’s too far fetch for blackberry’s management to even think about. lol.

  • Ali F.

    It is all a lie. I think they are in the process of closing a bid and one condition could be to stop the releaseof bBBM.

    • Tyson

      Yup bullseye… They got a bid of 4.7 billion dollars today

  • Ali F.

    How sad Canada! First Nortel and now BB. What is left? Hockey? Oops that is too is gone. We still have stand up comedy and Cuba

    • dickgozinya

      Cuba lol. Yes, the haven for dirty old men.

  • Smartphone_Expert

    Perhaps its because Blackberry first intended to release the BBM app for free, But then realized that theres a huge demand for the app in the millions. So their discussing on perhaps having it as a paid app to make money for their Company instead.
    Which is probably why its being delayed, until their meetings are done discussing on what price to price the app at.

    If Blackberry priced it at $9.99 for the app and get millions of people to download it and potentially make over $2 Billion profit off the app itself. and potentially use the $2 Billion to put towards their loss of $1 Billion on their Z10 device, and then still profit another $1 Billion extra. Would be smart for Blackberry

    All they’d need is 100 million people to download the app, and profit nearly $1 Billion
    200 million and profit nearly $2 Billion

    Just the population of Canada and United States together nearly 135 Million just these two countries and not counting the rest of the world population. So it would be easy for Blackberry to make a huge profit no problem. BBM is popular. And 1.1 Million people downloading the leak in just 8 hours goes to show how popular BBM is and how many people want this App.

    If they can get 1.1 Million people to download the leak in 8 hours. how many will be downloading the real app in 8760 hours for the year

    • Ali F.

      $9.99! This would be like selling contaminated water to a guy swimming in a river, clean river.

  • Mike Simpson

    its all androids fault. i dont know why you nerds need to download leaked apps. what the hell…just wait and be patient.

    • Tyson

      The leaked app was the app they were releasing.. Bb lied to us all

    • Ali F.

      Blablablabla, patient for what? It looks like the two best OS, webos and BB OS, went into the wrong hands. It is a real shame. Bunch of i****s, they started very well and because of their arrogance and lack of imagination they sank the two best Innovation in the mobile industry. To hell HP and BB.

    • kroms

      ” Mike Simpson

      an hour ago

      ……..its all androids fault. ”
      THIS is what’s wrong with BB , these fools right here. Look no further.

  • dickgozinya

    That’s only because you don’t have a choice, amiright? 🙂

  • Nathaniel James

    Whats app it is..

  • Jonathan Jacobs

    I have the iOS version and it is extremely laggy and unresponsive. Doesn’t even allow me to accept contact requests at times, or sometimes allows it but doesn’t show the new contacts on the contact list. The messeges take ages to send and sometimes show up in the notification centre but when you open the app, they’re nowhere to be seen. Horrible buggy app that’s simply useless.

    • pegger1

      I have it as well. I’m not experiencing any delays in messaging. I do find moving through the app slow and laggy, especially swiping between emoticons pages.

  • wildspin

    I don’t see why and how this matters to most people on their right brain … it’s not like the BB diehards can’t use BBM on their orthodox devices anymore, and it makes zero sense for those who are already using WhatsApp, WeChat or whatever on iOS and Android making the switch to a much lesser and severely lacking product.

    It is simply an insult to BBRY themselves.


    Meanwhile stock plummets below $9.

  • kroms

    Honestly I could care less now, was excited to see if this BBM was as good as the OLD school one. No fees to text and all that . Now ? Don’t really see what the big deal is. I mean it’s not like there are NO OPTIONS.

    Hangouts is what I find my self using more and more. It’s just there on Stock Google and just works. So no Biggie.

    I do Agree that BB has really dropped the ball and this will do nothing to up lift there image.

  • Smartphone_Expert

    Well after doing some research, I can give an honest opinion on why Blackberry will not be releasing the BBM app for android or ios. comes at a coincidence that at the same moment Blackberry was suppose to release the app while at the same time they have a deal possibly set with Fairfax for $4.7 billion dollars. So being said Blackberry has lied to why they are not releasing the BBM app. It is not because of the leak version, that was just a diversion. But the real reason is because of the potential deal with Fairfax. And while the deal hasn’t been finalized yet. It will be Fairfax decision to release the BBM app later in the year. But my guess is BBM for android or IOS will not be coming for a long time.
    Blackberry is just stalling the news right now for BBM launch. They don’t want to many people angry right now. So they’re just saying a load of garbage to stall the real reason.

    • Mindmeld

      I have to agree. In fact, Fairfax will give the go ahead to release BBM to Android, iOS and Windows as a paid app in couple of months. How does a $4.99 price tag sound?

    • pegger1

      BBM for iOS was released, I have it on my phone right now. They haulted the release after the android issues.

  • GabyYYZ

    You know, what with firing everyone…I guess that’s why they can’t launch it again.

  • dracos

    I find it funny people trying to defend Blackberry, they are a joke, just like Nokia they screwed up and now they are dead, might make a comeback but I dought it, they knew they were dying and people left for other platforms, they knew people on the other platforms were willing to give this a try and they were not ready, they screwed up just like the company is screwing up everything else, everyone is too busy either getting laid-off or trying to save their jobs, or looking for other jobs they lost their focus everywhere in the company chain, I was willing to give them a try like many others now forget it, time to move on to other better things, RIP Blackberry.

    • Smartphone_Expert

      What could of saved Blackberry was releasing A Blackberry device running Android Software with BBM pre-installed and never came out with BB10 software. I would have bought a Blackberry running Android in a heart beat and would still be using it right now. Blackberry should still be making the hardware, but forget about the software part. And released the devices at a reasonable price around $300-400 not an insane price of $650 for the Z10. What killed Blackberry was releasing BB10 devices at an insane price when the competition had way better devices for the same price.
      what Blackberry needs to do now is have a 50% off sale of all unsold BB10 devices, better to get $500 million for something. or get nothing and lose $1 Billion of unsold products.

    • TheAnswer


  • Jamma

    Will never happen…they will blame it on the new owners.
    What a joke, glad they sold it now go quietly in the dark. Really sad for a Canadian company.
    BB folks hurry up and move to Android 🙂

  • tamper

    My theory that this is just an excuse to cover there incompetence and that they are clueless.

    They only managed to sell 1.8 million BB10s in three months. They don’t realize there are 1.5 million Androids activated per day. They had no clue what kind of server load they needed to support multipliying their user base by at least 10x in a matter of hours.

    • pegger1

      You can’t compare Blackberry to Android. Only Blackberry makes Blackberry phones. While many manufacturers make Android phones. From high end down to pure crap.

  • Shaggyskunk

    It makes perfect sense that BB would blame Android for the epic fail of BBM – After all BB blames Android for the epic fail of the entire Company.
    RIM /BB has demonstrated time and again, that they suck at anticipation of what the consumer and Markets want – Too bad, I was hoping that BB would have been able to keep a once great Canadian Company at the forefront….

  • Quagmire

    This is not about what they can’t handle this is strictly business, the Android BBM app was leaked to see what kind of buzz they could generate; think about this if the issue is with the Android why haven’t they released the app for the iPhone? two different platforms.

    Because there was no iPhone app!

    Why else would a letter of intent be signed the following Monday after the Failure to Launch! Letter of intents are not drafted on a Sunday and presented on a Monday. 1.1 million people download this application and then the app was retracted. We won’t see a Free BBM app. Fairfax will buy the company and release the app for a cost or on a license due to the security that BBM has.

    This is my opinion

    • pegger1

      Please don’t talk when you have no clue what you’re talking about.
      The iPhone app started to release. Then with the Android issues, they stopped the iPhone release and pulled it from the appstore. Those who got it, have it and it still works.
      I have it on iPhone and it’s still working. If you’re jailbroken it’s easy to find.

  • Connor Monroe

    So why can’t they release it for iPhone then and then fix the android problems later, or ban/delete all the android accounts? Seems ridiculous and like they are just using it as an excuse. I hardly think that 1.1 million “beta” users are affecting the whole system and meaning even iPhone’s can’t use it.

    • pegger1

      Anyone who already has it for iPhone can still use it.

  • Steve A

    Lol it would be unlike blackberry to actually release something when they said they would… It’s just not their style!!

  • 01011001001

    Blackberry do the world and the internet a favour – stop BS’ing us, the jig is up – no one believes nor care about your products. Well except those crazies over at crackberry.

  • vendetta247

    EPIC fail for BB. Once the jewel of Canada, now just an embarrassment.

    If it was one thing the BB needed, it was to launch this product successfully. They have lost all sense of confidence and trust to the end consumer.

  • The Invisible Hand

    Don’t assume conspiracy where stupidity will suffice.

  • Matt

    The leaked version was making illegal database calls and causing issues. This is why they had to pull everything and are re-working it so that only specific versions of the software are allowed to connect.

  • Nathan Berry

    If its really that version, why not just force an update. Can’t be that hard to lock out that version. They might as well wait a while and make sure its right. Everyone has forgotten already they were even going to attempt to release this.

    • pegger1

      It can be tougher if the version checking wasn’t already built into the app.

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    Really want this. Come on BlackBerry, release it for iPhone at least!

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    I really wanted BBM but now Frankly now I don’t care if they ever bring it to Android
    I got txt messages and that good enough

  • pegger1

    Do you even know what you’re talking about? Why would share holders want to tank the stock? Why would they want it to sell for cheaper? And the Fairfax offer to buy Blackberry was for $9 a share.

  • John Miguel Lopes Vieira

    I like BlackBerry, I really like my Z10. But this was a mess up of monumental scale… for shame.