BlackBerry ceases worldwide BBM rollout, cites earlier Android leak as the cause


  • Threecube

    Complete and utter bull

    • dickgozinya

      Complete and utter fail. TFTFY

  • WTangoFoxtrot

    1.1 million people downloaded a leaked app just hours before the official launch? Holy cow that’s a lot!

    • Tom Blinky

      But everyone keeps telling me that nobody wants to use BBM.

    • WTangoFoxtrot

      Same people who keep saying the company deserves to die I guess. When the proper numbers are out we’ll know if their the minority or the majority.

      Remember when instagram hit Android? It hit the 1 mil mark after 24 hours. If BBM can exceed that without an official release and in just a few hours on the same Android platform then I guess a minority of people just gotta hate.

    • d a

      Actually, what people say is bbm is the only thing worth attention with Blackberry. They had about 2 freaking years to come up with something great and all they did was catch up. It’s a pathetically run company. ZERO vision. That’s why all they can do is catchup.

    • Anthony

      the link in the article says the leak was on September 16… it’s been almost a week

  • TorontoWireless

    is the apple rollout still on?

    • clockwork

      Did you Read the article? ” The company is also discontinuing the rollout on iOS until further notice”

    • TorontoWireless

      yes I did but at the same time they also said “As soon as we are able, we will begin a staggered country roll-out of BBM for Android and continue the roll-out of BBM for iPhone.”

    • iPlunks

      BBM is dead bro

    • TorontoWireless

      have you used bbm recently? its a solid app along with bb10, bb10 as an os is rock solid, it is the developers to blame for not supporting the platform. I switched from bb to iPhone not because bb was no good, it was because at the time i wanted my sling player, netflix, Skype, and other aps that the developer refused to develop for blackberry

    • iPlunks

      Listen, first i know all about developers not supporting a platform. I’m a WP user. Second bbm is great for BLACKBERRY , but the app that they are giving ios and Android is just messaging and group messaging, at least at this point. When and if downloaded, there are 4 other messaging apps that would kill it right now

    • pegger1

      Yeah, just like it says, when they fix things they’ll continue the rollout. They had already started rolling it our for iPhone starting with East Asia (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc…). I downloaded it from the New Zealand store but when I open it, it appears to start up then the app goes to some Blackberry site with an error about scheduled maintenance. It’s since been pulled from those appstores.

    • Richard Xing

      BBM was already available on the iTunes New Zealand and Australia stores.

    • TorontoWireless

      it ‘was’ pulled


    • Richard Xing



      though you are technically correct,usage of “already” and “available” is misleading.”BBM for ios pulled after the brief availability” would be more specific.

  • clockwork

    My Android version still works. Waiting for it to be shutdown….

    • realitycheck

      its your fault…… ALL YOUR FAULT

    • Tyson

      No it’s your fault not mine

    • Tyson

      Mine works too.. They won’t shut it down… We are just lucky to get it lol

  • julian

    another botched rollout by blackberry…saddening

  • Merags


  • Emilio

    I just can’t…

  • apowerranger

    This might kill it for BBM. I’m super disappointed.


    Typical Blackberry

  • JerryBolton

    GG BB. Game over.

    • Omis

      No continues.

  • Mosin

    Millions of people are waiting? Really?

    • blobie (blob-ee)

      1.1 million acivations in 8 hours and they stopped the iphone rollout in india. so yeah millions waiting might be accurate.

  • Eric

    I got the iPhone one from New Zealand.. works fine!

  • Super_Deluxe


    • Mike Simpsons’

      your brian is the size of a tiny peanut.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Better than having a head full of air…

    • Doug

      At least he’s not supporting a dead company

    • Dave Wilder

      you must be from the us… yes lets not support a Canadian company that has employed hundreds of thousands.

    • Doug

      Why support a failed company?

    • Gregory G Harding

      i dont own a Brian

    • ryeyeyeyey

      His Brian may be that size, but your BRAIN is clearly smaller.

  • Houli

    Who cares. BB is dust.

  • Guest

    All contestants shall be cleanly shaven immediately prior to competition, except that a contestant may wear a closely cropped mustache.

  • Balls O’Steele

    Can’t they do anything right? This company deserves to die.

    • Tyson

      Yes that they do… They are brutally incompetent… Don’t blame Google or android it’s BB and their dead company

  • Elmo Prankster

    and BB crashes in flames. There is no surviving this… smh

    • justinl

      hardly its working they had to stop the rollout because the demand was too high. the servers were melting in waterloo.

    • dickgozinya

      They should have ZERO issues with capacity as they’ve lost almost 10 million subscribers over the past few months. Those servers will still be there…

  • Ian

    What I’m getting from this is that: The leaked version was the complete version. Users felt it was crap. Blackberry is now reworking the app under the guise that it is punishing users because of an early leak.

    • blobie (blob-ee)

      it wasn’t great but it wasn’t crap. i doubt anything will change except they add more servers over the next few days to handle the larger than expected load.

    • Ian

      Yeah maybe crap was a little strong. It just sounds like bull. If the leak was an incomplete version, how does that effect the release of a so-called complete version, unless it was the same thing, and they need to fix it.

      Semi-off-topic: I have met a few BB App devs that work in house, and they* were quite arrogant and out of touch, so I could see them releasing something for another platform that just wasn’t quite at the level it should be. *(Obviously not all the devs are like that.)

    • blobie (blob-ee)

      yeah that message is vauge. my guess is they couldn’t handle the 1.1 million new users in 8 hours and had to curb the rollout before flooding their servers. i don’t think they will change anything big from the final version.

    • clockwork

      I tried the leaked version today. The setup after install process was a bit confusing. Kept trying to take me to some blank web page that I kept dismissing until I got to the login screen. Also they really did do a direct port to Android. I have two back buttons on top of each other. One for BBM and the one below for the Android OS. both do the same function. It’s retarded.

    • MuMu KhAn

      You know you can disable that bar right. Check the options properly before going ranting about it !

  • blobie (blob-ee)

    you got the old version

    • blobie (blob-ee)

      check the version number is working no longer works.

    • Tyson

      Mine worked and still works… They halted it cuz it would make them look stupid that it leaked before it hit the store lol

    • Tyson

      Does yours still work… Mine does

  • G35

    Nothing compared to googles nexus 4 release fail.

    • Emilio


    • S2556

      Hah that was a rough one that’s for sure.

    • Craig Pakkala

      At least there were items that made it out …. This BBM app sucks, I had the new leaked version running perfectly but had a total of 3 contacts with bb pins. So lame. BB is dead after this fiasco, and for them to blame the leaked version ? Cmon, that’s so much bull crap.

    • skullan

      So, you’re blaming your lack of contacts as a reason why the app sucks?


    • Craig Pakkala

      No the app truly sucked

  • blobie (blob-ee)

    sounds like blackberry wasn’t prepared that millions of people actually wanted to try one of their products.

  • L Joel

    Serious question. What does BBM do that a text,email or FB message does not already do. Toss in Google+ for good measure…

    • blobie (blob-ee)

      for people who don’t want to give out their phone number or email address they can give out their pin. works good for people you will txt msgs but not want to receive calls from. also you need to authorize someone before they can message you, this way you don’t get random people sending you messages. lots of bbm users like the ‘D’ (delivery) and ‘R’ (read) letters so they know the status of the message they sent.

      if those features don’t matter to you, then bbm doesn’t matter to you.

    • Carl Hall

      BBM has built in notifications to tell you that the message is in the users inbox, and when it is read, built in privacy, since you dont give out your email address or phone number, plus its traffic is routed and encrypted through Blackberry’s BIS infrastructure

      Emailing is more time consuming, and relies on external servers to route the message, facebook is incredibly buggy and slow, and sms needs cellular networks to communicate, as opposed to

    • RanyKeo

      Screen share
      Voice over wifi
      Video chat
      Real time text
      BBM Channel

      All in one package.

    • ryeyeyeyey

      cept none of that comes with the release, maybe in like 6 months

    • skullan

      The ability to wrap text messages up into BBM and get BBM notifications when you get a text message, plus one central location to work on both.

    • dickgozinya

      Congrats, you just described what iMessage has successfully been doing for YEARS now.

    • Astro

      well actually BBM was out way before shitty imessage

    • dickgozinya

      It’s shitty because it does the same thing, only better? Uh yeah. Lol

    • Astro

      imessage isn’t better in anyway, you need a wifi signal to use it and it uses your number

    • Tadooh

      You sir are absolutely clueless. Not one word of that reply speaks any truth. My god how are you even alive being as stupid as you are?
      Imessage can use email I’d OR phone number. Your choice. Works over ANY network you want it to, and allows fail over to SMS IF you want it to. Allows individual or group chat. Allows voice and/or video chat via face time.
      Sorry, but you are a massive failure. Time to kill yourself.

    • Astro

      OMG group chat, your email omg imessage is so amazing, I am going to go buy an iphone right now! GFYS, with the name Tadooh I think you should be the one thinking about jumping.

    • Tadooh

      Get a life clown. Your so hopelessly useless to the world with your rampant ignorance.

    • Dave Wilder

      imessage is a copy of bbm, blackberry will now sue! thanks you just saved the company

    • dickgozinya

      Don’t be reetarded like the rest of the bb lemmings.

  • Guest

    Why am I not even surprised?

  • Maria Hernan-Sanchez

    More like blame the people that can’t wait.

  • ryeyeyeyey

    yup, and where are all those i****s who blamed google? like i said, bb cant even release an app correctly.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    That sucks we all get screwed by this damit

  • Ibrahim Abed

    Is this the corporate equivalent of a hissyfit?



  • Zeno

    This is why Blackberry is in the position its in. Piss poor management

  • Zee

    The 1.1 million people probably includes a huge chunk of ex-Blackberry owners who switched to Android and wanted a piece of nostalgia. No big surprise there in the number of downloads, BlackBerry as a platform lost a ton of market share.

  • 01011001001

    Blaming it on a leak is just weak, these guys are just on a roll. If I was a shareholder of bb I would launch a class action lawsuit for mismanagement and incompetence of the management and board.

  • Advisor

    HAHAHAHAHHA what a joke this company is!

  • Kitchguy

    As soon as the full version of BBM is out millions around the world will be on It. I wouldn’t doubt it may even crash at first. Can’t wait to get on it

    • ryeyeyeyey

      I can remember going way back that people always used to say that the Kitchener folk were of a lower class. Seems like that old statement holds tru to this day.

  • hi

    I sent them news – no credit? 🙁

  • rgl168

    I hope they didn’t do this because they are preparing for further “corporate restricting”; that would be a sad day for the company.


    Blackberry, I like you, but you’re cheesing my life!

  • mahoganyheart

    BB is a lost cause. I can’t count how many refresh I did today of the play store, pathetic!

  • wildspin

    This has to be the first time such a high profile rollout to be pulled simply because of a “leak”???

    Congratulations, BBRY … you’ve got a broken record on Google Play and the AppStore!

  • Guest

    Is anyone ACTUALLY surprised here? Blackberry has been nothing but incompetent every step of the way for the past 6 years.

    Anyways, thinking about corporate governance and the Nazi’s golden parachute, shouldn’t their employees investigate criminal actions re: liability against this goof?

  • Manuel Orellana

    Why Blackberry, Why???? Why are you your own worst enemy. Why do you continue to shoot yourself in the foot time and time again, more importantly at this point you’d think they would have ran out of feet to shoot. This was an opportunity to capitalize on the hype and they went and screwed it all up. Telling the world that they’re stopping because of the leaked version is an absolute lie. You mean to tell me you can’t tell your servers to stop service for a particular version, this kills all the leaked versions, then release the official version on the respective stores??

    I hate using this phrase but absolute epic fail. No excuses, if I was Thorsten Heins I would fire them all, who ever botched this up just made him and the rest of the company look like fools.

    • realitycheck

      considering most of the employees job at BB is about to meet its impending doom, who would have the motivation to do anything properly at this point. and at 40percent cut. that means the rest would have to pickup their slack all while waiting for their turn to get cut. meanwhile the CEO gets paid 50mil for making all this happen.

    • wildspin

      Fire them all???

      The CEO’s plan is to fire himself and bag the 55.6 million BBRY failing bonus.

    • Frank

      You’re right, Thorstein makes the old Blacksocks, look like troopers. This is an inside job and they are intentionally failing.

    • ryeyeyeyey

      You might actually be onto something, as conspiracy theoryish as this seems.

  • Sweet

    Engadget says that BB is claiming the problem is that there were too many simultaneous users. That doesn’t make any sense. Didn’t BBM have something like 50 million users before this iOS & Android launch ? If so, then how could an extra 1.1 million users (an increase of 2.2%) bring the network/system/servers to its knees ? It all smells fishy to me. My guess is that BB discovered a major bug just as the app was sent to the Google Play store.

    • dickgozinya

      Well, they had to make that summer deadline after all. Haha

  • dickgozinya

    Haha haha haha haha. Blackberry: the biggest hopeless loser of the mobile world.

    • Sweet

      “mobike” ?

    • dickgozinya

      Fixed. True story though.

    • Sweet

      I take it you don’t see the parallel between you creating a comment with an error in it and not checking it before releasing it, and BB creating an app with a mistake in it and not checking it properly before releasing it. If they’re losers for doing so, then so are you.

    • dickgozinya

      Blame Android and it’s sometimes retarded spellchecker. Had I written it on my iPhone it would be perfect.

    • Carl Hall

      its not BB’s fault that someone posted a build that was not supposed to be released

    • dickgozinya

      Quit being a sour little id10t. Companies like Blackberry never really tell you what’s going on behind closed doors. While “News Blogs” like Mobilesuckups twist the truth to cater to their own agenda. Blackberry has 60 million users. Do you really think an extra 1 million users all of the sudden crashed their servers? I used the leak BBM that was available on XDA for several days now. It worked fine, with no bugs, but the consensus on XDA was that it was not as good as the BB stock app. Most people were laughing at it, uninstalling the app and going back to WhatsApp, that was more fully featured and has 300 million users. I believe the BBM app was leaked intentionally to get feedback from the general public. Most people who actually used the app, including myself think it’s crap. That’s why BB has pulled it and is going back to the drawing board. Do you really think a “finished” app would have not been released, and a “buggy” app just disabled and bumped off the server with ease?

  • Keity

    what’s the big deal with this BBM? BB can just keep it for BB and sink with it

  • D.Kim

    Lame excuse; you didn’t think there’d be an explosion of new BBM users on opening day?!

    I really rooted for you on, but it’s the same $hit time and time again.

    Bye bye Blackberry.

  • AED

    I think you people need to relax. The problem was with the leaked version, blame the nitwit that leaked the version, who’s bottom was itching really bad. Not only on the google play store, but also various other file storage services

    my two cents

  • Devin Deevey

    I was actually really looking forward to BBM, but I’m less excited after seeing Blackberry screw up again.

  • BB BB

    #BBM4None should have been launched not at a specific time across the globe but in small field tests Google play allows you to do this and target specific parameters. the problem is they set them up to fail again by saying 7am sharp. guess what all the 25+ hoax apps went up around that time causing confusion for users on Google play. then people grew desperate and then loaded a leaked apk which also caused more massive problems. all excuses aside this launch was poorly executed.

  • StayCalm

    Hey, I tried the leaked version on Android. First I’d like to say that the only reason to use BBM at all (if you are not using a BB) is if you need to keep existing BBM contacts… That being said, the BBM app for android is not good… first, it used just over half a meg of data in the few minutes I used it (that’s one conversation thread with less than 10 messages back and fourth), while Google hangouts used about half that, but it handled over 100 messages in the same time plus images… I understand that BlackBerry is saying that the leaked version is not the final version, but I am not sure I believe that… As a Canadian, I wish this company would finally do something I can get behind, but they are just way too late… Would it have been so difficult to have just built a nice phone (which apparently they did) with their own custom version of Android (like every other phone company has done)?

  • woodystrikesagain

    That’s bull….epic fail. I saw and used the so-called leaked version and it is very good. I have a blackberry phone as well and what RIM did was epicly fail. Now you got 1million plus disappointed iPhone/android customers that might be a tad interested in BlackBerry products. I believe it was failed attempt to boost z30 sales. If you cant even do a ” free software release properly, i highly doubt the support for the phones will be any better. Now when you hear the name blackberry all you think is ” failberry”

  • Kagnon

    If some leaked app can break down the servers i’m quite sure some malicious attacker can as well.
    That’s the worst kind of excuse you should ever release to the public.

  • Smartphone_Expert

    The leak version was working perfectly fine. Why didn’t Blackberry just release the leak version onto play store and then this whole mess wouldn’t of happened. If it was working perfect why mess with perfection. I liked the leaked version. used it all day yesterday. My friends who use BBM were all surprised I sent them BBM requests.
    most of them didn’t even know Blackberry was releasing a app for android.

  • Trapper

    Classic fail by Blackberry.

  • bobF


  • TouchMyBox

    If they weren’t so arrogant and released this 3 years ago when BBM was actually very relevant, then they’d be in a very nice position now with BBM.

    Sadly nobody cares now and all the kids have moved over to WhatsApp or snapchat or whatever they use these days.

    Next up, since Blackberry should have adopted android two years ago, the 3 year time delay theory indicates that we’re only a year away from some sweet Blackberry android phones.

  • IJustGotaTan

    The story about them halting it because of a leaked copy is complete BS to cover up their lack of readiness for the amount of people that were about to hammer their servers with activations. Another Blackberry fail!

    • Tyson

      Yup I have the leaked version and it works fine no issues

  • Smartphone_Expert

    Man google needs to get their act together and get better control over google play store. Every few moments theres new fake BBM apps popping up onto play store. They need a more responsible method of posting apps onto the play store. Each app should be approved by google one by one before the app gets onto the play store. All these losers who are posting fake apps are the ones that are delaying Blackberry from posting the real app. These losers posting fake apps should be heavily sued by Blackberry and criminal charges should be laid on these losers.

  • J-Ro

    I think it is being halted because Blackberry users that are beta testing BBM channels are unable to communicate with none BBRY users. They are likely waiting till they sort that out to do a mass release.

  • TheAnswer

    I usually support blackberry. I usually defend blackberry…but Apple said I was getting my update at 1…and I got it on the dot. Some even before. This is one massive nail in the coffin. Sorry Blackberry…

  • Mike Simpsons’

    Its all androids fault !!!

  • Mike Simpsons’

    anyone on this website that is actually Canadian should be ashamed of themselves for thinking Blackberry should die. At the end of the day its only going to hurt the Canadian economy, and hit Canadian jobs. You people are near sited fools. I don’t like Blackberry, im sure everyone now knows i like iPhones. But its BAD for ANY Canadian company to go under.

    put your android fanboyizm away for a minute and look at the bigger picture!

    • Jonathan G.

      I agree. I am no fan of their phones but I don’t want them to fail as a company. Every time I see a news story about them cutting jobs it makes me sad because the unemployment rate will just continue to go higher and higher.

    • Yeas

      If a company cannot compete in the market, it should fail. Now, while no one is hoping that people will lose their jobs, people are vocalizing their opinions on the fact that Blackberry hasn’t delivered on consumer demand in over 5 years. The only exception would be the 9700 which was the last popular handset they made.

      This failed BBM launch just cements that new legacy of failure once more. We aren’t hating cause we’re “fanboys”, we’re upset that our Canadian company is letting us down in such a massive way.

    • Mike Simpsons’

      im sorry, but when your “Canadian company” is down and out, you support them more.

      when your fav sports team is losing you don’t bring them down. YOU SUPPORT THEM MORE.

      when someone says, i wish this company dies. it implies that company will lose its employees. otherwise that person is not thinking at all.

      i think you should not say “people are vocalizing their opinions” because that would mean your speaking on behalf of a lot of people. and in this case your just speaking on behalf of yourself.

    • Yeas

      That ridiculous line of thought is the reason bail-outs exist. If a company is not keeping itself afloat, it shouldn’t be held up by anyone. Canada, as a country, will continue to innovate and do well regardless of Blackberry.

      Sports are an illogical comparison, which has illogical reasons to cheer for a team. You can’t really compare the two here. If a team is losing/lost, you shrug and say “Oh well next year I guess”, that doesn’t work here. One is a game, one is real life. You can support a team by showing up to games to watch them play other better teams, the same doesn’t work here. Should we throw our money at a Canadian company to keep it afloat despite its lack of ability to do so?

      You are suggesting people are either stupid or cruel, and neither of that is correct. People want to see it fail, thats their opinion. The fact is that they ARE failing and that isn’t a subjective view, its objective.

      Finally, when I say “people are vocalizing their opinions”, its faulty to challenge it on the grounds that I don’t speak for everyone. Since all it takes is a scroll up or down, or any of the numerous other boards, to see the fact that Blackberry has loud and numerous consumer complaints.

      Your defence of Blackberry, while spirited, is misguided. If you want to get people to believe in the company again, maybe put their attention forward to the pending sales/division into a smaller set of companies that can continue to succeed and innovate rather than the situation we are presently looking at.

      Blackberry is years late to the party, BB10 should have been here in 2010-2011 and cross-platform BBM around the same time. Blackberry needs to save what little good-will they have left in North America and not lose what they have internationally.

    • Allan

      Mike, the bigger picture you should be looking at is a world without borders. We shouldn’t be supporting a company simply because it’s Canadian. We should be supporting companies that make the best products for the cheapest price…that is how capitalism works and improves efficiency. If you buy inferior products just because their Canadian, that is called protectionism and is actually worse for the Canadian economy in the long run. Think about it, you would be supporting Canadian employees that can’t compete on the global scale, and they would become even more complacent. Personally, I could care less where a company is based, as long as they make products that suits my needs/wants at competitive prices then that’s who I support.

  • Jonathan G.

    In a way it is sorta a good thing then it leaked out right? I mean if it didnt leak out then these problems would have happened on launch day and there would have been more complaints from users trying to log in right?

  • johentie

    you people deserve to be smacked saying a company needs to die!! what about the people that got or get laid off? don’t you people even consider what will happen to them?? friggin ridiculous! i hope all you people that said BB should die lose your jobs and then see what it feels like… losers! go complain about something that matters like why people are dying of world hunger! just cause an APP is LATE someone deserves to suffer?

    • Mike Simpsons’

      its all the android fan boys on this website… i agree with you!

    • Allan

      johentie, when a company can’t compete, they deserve to go out of business. Likewise, the employees must be responsible and accountable for the performance of the company also. There is nothing wrong with companies going out of business, that’s how the economy works…and new businesses spring up all the time. People that lose their jobs can start their own company, or get hired by others. There’s nothing wrong with that. If a company can’t deliver on their own promises to their customers, then yes, the company and the employees deserve to suffer.

  • VH

    Why is everyone so excited to see BB die? Are they oblivious to the false illusion of choice Goople offer with their smartphones? Why would one want someone offering something different to end?

    This isn’t over until we see a signed document indicating BB has given up.

    Keep in mind, the comments in this thread are very similar to what some were saying about Apple in 2000. They can still turn this around! It’s not an overnight change, it will take months, in this case, years before we see improvements with BB.

    I’ve been seeing RIP RIM/BB for years now and guess what, they’re still HERE.

    • Mike Simpsons’

      i think its important for everyone to understand, Blackberry is not going to pull an Apple and come back from the dead to smash everyone.

      BUT its still EXTREMELY BAD to lose Blackberry. i agree 100% on that. Google just wants to control all the information, know who you are, and everything about you, so they can hit you with ads, ads, ads.. might i ‘ad(d)’ targeted ads.. hahaha

      everyone should be using duckduckgo . com now for better search results. watch the video people.

    • Tadooh

      It very sad to see people like yourself who think they know something, yet they happen to be more of a lemming than the majority if people to which their lambasting.
      Since you have no clue what duckydoo is let me just say that if you think that they’re out to save you from big old evil google, you have a lot to learn. So much so infact that you should probably turn off your computer and cancel your internet subscription because you’re a danger to yourself and anyone you speak to.

    • Astro

      coming from you that is like asking an apple fanboy to describe why they like android, the tools are running the show

    • Sweet

      What saved Apple was a new type of device hit the market ( MP3 players ) and Apple was able to design one that was arguably the best on the market and maintain that lead. Then the same thing happened again in 2007 when all-touch-screen phones with downloadable apps hit the market. In fact, that’s the same kind of thing that made BB so successful way back when they released the first smartphone, except they weren’t able to maintain their lead.

      BB has lost the smartphone race and the only way for them to regain their glory is for them to come up with a new type of device that’s market leading (e.g. smart watch). Alternatively, they can do like IBM did in the 1990s and become a enterprise services company and function out of the mainstream spotlight.

      I do hope we continue to see BB10 devices. BB10 does have features that are market leading and in demand.

  • Tyson

    I have the leaked version and it works fine… It was a server issue at BB…I don’t have to wait but I feel sorry for the people waiting still

  • Lobo Stroski

    what does bbm offer that the other 30+ messaging apps don’t?

    • DravenInc

      probably the most iconic messaging app yet…great function and interface…and a hell of a lot of people who fondly remember it but have moved on to iOS or Android.

  • DM

    Guys if you all really want BBM then get a new BlackBerry 10 and move on 😉 . Stop crying for a free app….

    • 01011001001

      That makes sense, spend 600 or what not just for BBM.

      I don’t think anyone really cares, people may download it now their iPhones and DROID phones out of curiosity but as far as it being the messaging app to use I doubt it. The world is littered with them.

    • DM

      But there aren’t many cross platform messaging apps which provides video chat and screen share, which I believe will come in future updates. BBM has a fighting chance. Google play store should have more stringent ways of approving any apps. Yesterday there were about 6-7 fake BBM apps.

  • 01011001001

    The people over at crackberry is now blaming the mods for leaking or posting the link to the link, what a mess.

    • BMSMA

      Well there’s plenty to blame on, but I think RIM handled the launch poorly, the leaked versions shouldn’t have caused any issues and i doubt they did- they’re probably using that as an excuse.

    • 01011001001

      Yup, I agree bb is full force excuses. It’s never their fault, it’s always because of this and that. Like I said before, I smell a class action lawsuit coming from shareholders. That company is littered with them.

  • lewis

    God I loved this company and their product. I truly did. I actually stood in line Friday for an iphone 5. And its got to the point that I’m not even ashamed to admit that. What alternative BB have you given me. Broken promises and an ecosystem that continues to plunge to the edge of irrelevancy. WTF BB………..really WTF. How after everything else could you completely f* this up. Apple and Android put things to release and no they are not perfect. You think holding back the release is instilling confidence in ANYONE. You think they care the official version wasn’t playing nice with the leaked? Worry about the things you can fix. It hurts so much to say this, but you are truly done now. Truly. There is nothing you can do to dig yourself out of this now.

  • Wadeep Singh

    The taxis have already started to line up in Waterloo to ship those whom will be terminated home in a timely fashion.

    Donations to the local food banks will be needed to support families affected by these major losses.

  • Dylan

    Oh chill out y’all.

    Blackberry is a company under fire. They have had many complex projects under development these past few years and a relatively small work force and cash float to execute. What you are seeing is a company trying to keep global scalability on a shoe-string budget.

    Apple and Google own the distribution systems here and they have billions upon billions to throw at a problem. Blackberry does not.

    This is not about Blackberry being run by i****s. This is just the reality of a small company trying to keep the scale of their former glory but with 1/10 the resources, influence, and cash.

    You should be rooting for them, not tearing them down like a pack of wolves out for the kill.

  • The Dude

    What’s the big deal? iMessage is the same thing and so is Whatsapp? BBM is a has-been. Take a week off of it and you won’t miss it.

    • 01011001001

      Tell that to BlackBerry users, those guys are really stuck in the past.

    • Dave Wilder

      you wouldnt have your icrap if it wasnt for bb, respect your elders

  • avow

    What is wrong with this company?! 1.1 million people like your product so much that they are willing to download an early version of it. They don’t like this so they screw everyone over? The management in this company never ceases to blow my mind.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Where are the Corporate Raiders when you need them

  • Tudor Marsden

    Who is eagerly awaiting this? And why? In a world with so many excellent messaging apps that are crossplatform, why would I care about BBM?

    • Craig Pakkala

      some of us have tech retarded friends who still use BBM …. I have 2 such people left who haven’t moved on

  • Smartphone_Expert

    Everyone just call Blackberry 24 Hour Support Line at 1-877-552-5532
    And bug the crap out of Blackberry and let them know how pissed off everyone is for Blackberry letting Millions of Customers down.

    24 Hour Blackberry Support Line

  • Dave Wilder

    you all are complaining about blackberry and how they fail? lol why are you all here crying about there software????? really??? holy crap take a second and think before you post…. seriously OFJIGFISDGK AS IF THEY DIDNT RELEASE SOFTWARE THEY OWN TO OTHER PLATFORMS!! BLACKBERRY SUCKSS!! BUT I NEED BBM!!! SONMdigj really?

  • Milt Davies

    I wonder about those that speak so frivolously about how “BlackBerry should die”, etc. Or constantly Hammer the company at every opportunity.

    Do they realize that there are real people, lots with families with young kids, that are going to lose their livelihoods with the layoffs, etc.

    BlackBerry surviving, or even thriving, doesn’t hurt you personally.

    Some might want to question the sanity of being so malicious toward a company that makes phones. Really, whatever thing your imagination says BlackBerry did to you, does it truly deserve thus constant barrage from you?

  • HelloCDN

    Rest in peace BlackBerry, it’s been a good run. I hope all company employees will find a new job soon.

  • JaysonF

    Anyone else notice that when you type in Blackberry limited in Google Play, the 3 apps that used to show up no longer shows… Does that mean BBM is almost here…?

  • ilank

    failing from the top to the bottom, it eats battery too much. My phone become useless after installing this crap. Uninstalling…