BlackBerry ‘Kopi’ leaks online, designed like a Q5 with a removable battery

A new BlackBerry 10 device has leaked online. What we’re looking at here has the codename of ‘Kopi’ and is one of their upcoming entry-level devices. The specs sheet is currently limited, but taking a look at the pic shows it looking like the Q5 with a full QWERTY keyboard. According to BGR, the Kopi will be priced even lower than the Q5, lack LTE connectivity but come with a faster processor and removable battery.

Over the weekend another BlackBerry devices found its way online. The C-Series Americano’ is expected to launch and come with a 4.2-inch all-touch display. BlackBerry announced that they are planning to release four new devices (2 high-end devices and 2 entry-level devices).