BlackBerry ‘Kopi’ leaks online, designed like a Q5 with a removable battery


  • Acer12345

    No LTE, so I’m guessing it’s strictly for emerging markets?

    • Sam

      YEH removable battery this what will save BB from the bankrupt

    • Sam

      BB need a good management not a removable battery!!!

    • David Etienne

      They sold one of their jets today, that was probably a good move.

    • Balls O’Steele

      More garbage from BBRY.

    • Sam

      this phone will be enough for Hiens and the remaining managment to pay their salaries after they have got redoff 4500

    • Tom

      I saw that article today. I was like WTF BlackBerry, do they really need corporate jets in these hard times? I bet it’d be cheaper to fly everyone on FIRST class than to operate a private jet.

    • David Etienne

      Well, their main customers (now) are mostly overseas. They were planning on replacing their two mid-range jets with one long-range jet, which makes sense because they would likely be flying to Asia/Africa instead of North America. Probably not a bad idea at the time, but they didn’t know how terrible their last quarter would be.

    • erterte

      i wonder who designs their phones, cause they are U G L Y A S H E L L

    • skullan

      Not everyone needs LTE. HSPA/HSPA+ is plento-fast enough.

  • J-Ro

    This phone should have been released and not the Q5

  • Henry0623

    Damn. Everything is leaking.

    • nig gie

      That’s what she said…

    • BMSMA

      Plumbers are on strike.

    • iphoneee’s bro

      LOL, thats a pretty good joke

  • Craig Pakkala

    Wow, another fail just like the BBM release for Android.

  • wes

    Butt ugly. Like the LG Gossip

  • David Etienne

    BlackBerry’s plan: regress your designs until you are selling the 8300 again.

  • Guest

    “Kopi” is Coffee in Malaysia and Singapore. So probably targetted for those markets?

    • BMSMA

      saya cinta kopi!

      Remember the HTC chacha? Spain had an outrage. 🙂

  • 01011001001


    BB just give up, give back whatever money that’s left to shareholders and employees.

    • Craig Pakkala

      sell of your patents and share with the employees

  • PT

    Does it runs Android?

  • Ali F.

    I am sorry but I feel already sick and would like to throw up

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Why is a removable battery even in the title as “news”? I thought a newsworthy part of a story would be something abnormal, something out of the ordinary – batteries that are not removable is what should be newsworthy.

    Actually, even then, who gives a s**t.But thanks for the leaked images of this new BB.

  • skullan

    Less than the Q5? I’m in.