Google keyboard screenshot accidentally shows off new greyscale Android 4.4 colour scheme


  • Ian

    This screenshot looks no different than my jellybean tablet…

    • hi

      Maybe different theme

      But that pie, key lime pie hmm.

    • Chowdder

      It’s KitKat

    • hi

      Before was key lime pie. Hence the pie.

  • Clay D

    Its space Grey

    • Tadooh

      Haha. Stealin from apple already. Nice!

    • BB BB

      Good one! I will stick with Space blue.

  • Poodz

    Also shows we will still deal with a keyboard notification (annoying) and no battery percentage…

    • Dimitri

      You can enable battery percentage in the settings. Did you not know this? Unless tablets do NOT have this feature, then i can understand but i know tablets have them as well.

    • Sequoia46.2

      How? Not on stock android.. unless I’m missing out by not having 4.3, I’m on 4.2.2

    • Dimitri

      I was talking about none Nexus devices so that is why i posted that.

    • Sequoia46.2

      Yeah but this article wasn’t talking about non-stock Android…

    • Dimitri

      Yes i know that but others will get confused if someone says ” No battery percentage meanwhile there is on other phones other then the Nexus line.

      Anyways sorry for wording it wrong i guess.

    • Yulet

      There’s no option to show battery percentage on stock Nexus devices, phone/tablet doesn’t matter.

    • Dimitri

      Oh okay. I was talking about non Nexus device.

    • Tadooh

      No, but if you take your lazy finger and drag down on the statusbar what do you get? Battery percentage.

    • TP

      To check the battery percentage, you will have to
      1) turn on the screen
      2) unlock the screen
      3) pull down the status bar
      4) switch to ‘toggle’ screen
      where in other devices, you just need step #1.

    • Henk Bezuidenhout

      That keyboard notification gets used a lot by people that more than one language, or use more than one keyboard app. I use it to switch between my first language and second language as well as switching to the Hackers Keyboard when using an SSH client. You can disable it by deselecting all other input methods and languages (including the Voice Only input method) in the settings menu.

    • Tadooh

      Its there so you can gain quick access to keyboard options and to change keyboards if yiu so desire. Its also only there while your typing, so whats the big deal? Sheesh.

    • BB BB

      ON my S4 I can display battery percentage. But I don’t see it as an option on my Nexus

  • Rich

    Apple level of innovation at work here.

  • Elliot Parker

    Who cares looks the same as Jelly Bean. Slow news day?

    • Dimitri

      I would love to hear more info for the Note 3 instead at this point. Pricing & such. ( Release date with Telus is Oct 4th but no other carrier has said anything).

      The keyboard looks the same exact thing just color change.

    • hunkyleepickle

      sorry the internet isnt living up to your expectations today….

    • Tadooh

      Well, mobikescrewups coukd be talking some more about the death of blackberry… would that be better or even more boring?

  • Jonathan G.

    I hope they let us change the system colours like that. That was one thing that I always wanted to be able to do and partially why I would flash roms.

  • imperticus

    10:07 – 7th October when KitKat is announced?
    Long press character on all 3 lines of keyboard, compared to only one in JB.

  • Festik

    This screen shot could easily be faked. Not buying it.

    • Tony Sarju

      Lol, It was uploaded by Google to the Play store. Why would they fake it?

  • Yozer34

    I was going to buy an unlocked LG G2, but seeing as the Nexus 5, with always-up-to-date vanilla Android, is coming within a month or two, as well as the $300-$400 I will save, I’m definitely waiting for the Nexus 5!

  • beyond

    Where is KitKat in all this? This doesn’t reflect KitKat at all….come on Google I want to see some chocolate BROWN. Make us want to EAT our devices!

  • L Joel



    Looks like the Gingerbread keyboard.