Asus tipped to replace Samsung as manufacturer of Nexus 10 successor

We are getting imminently close to that time of the year when Google replaces its Nexus line-up. We’ve seen photos of the Nexus 5 from multiple sources, and the Nexus 7 was refreshed in July, so what’s left is the Nexus 10.

Perhaps the most under-appreciated of the lot, the Nexus 10 was last year’s quiet beast, a well-made Samsung slate with a super high-resolution display and ultra-fast Cortex-A15 SoC. It was meant to herald in an era of tablet-optimized apps, but for the most part we’re still waiting for that to happen.

According to a tip from Twitter user Rage06, Asus, not Samsung, is expected to produce this year’s version of the Nexus 10. Whether it shares a similar design language to last year’s model remains to be seen, but we’re expecting at last a Tegra 4-class chip in there. Of course, Asus is really the only other manufacturer who sources displays of high enough quality to compete with Samsung (at that size, at least) so we’re hoping for a similar-resolution screen, too.

Mostly we’re hoping for a price reduction. While $399 was a good deal cheaper (for a device of that speed) than the remainder a year ago, it isn’t today. The leaked photo shows a £349 entry price (the retailer, PC World, is based in the UK) so we’re not confident of a price drop. Still, the Nexus line needs to grow, and Asus could be the OEM capable of doing it with both tablets.

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