Update: ‘Bring You Own iPhone to WIND’ promo will offer up $500 in service credits

Update: WIND has gone live with this offer and they note on their site that if you bring an unlocked iPhone 5c or 5s over to WIND they’ll give you up to $500 in credits. Check it out below or here at WIND

The new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s will not officially be coming to WIND Mobile, but that isn’t stopping the carrier to offer a promo that encourages Canadians to sign up on their network.

According to an internal doc we received, WIND will be coming out with the “Bring You Own iPhone to WIND” promo. This will actually start this coming Thursday and last until September 23rd. The details are slim, but the basics are that anyone who brings their new iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s to WIND will see a $500 service credit applied to their account. Of course, there’s a bunch terms and conditions.

The doc notes that you’ll have to bring your unlocked AWS (1700/2100) compatible iPhone, plus purchase a WIND nanoSIM ($25), then sign up on their $40/monthly plan (if you leave the plan at anytime the credit vanish). The $500 in credits can be used for premium data, voicemail+, international roaming and long distance calling. In addition, this promo seems to be ‘ONLY available for new activations.’

Here’s some info from the docs – look for this promo to go live on Thursday:

“On Friday September 20th, 2013, Apple is set to release two new highly anticipated smartphones – the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. To welcome these new products to the market, WIND is offering up to $500 in service credits for customers that bring their new iPhone 5s/iPhone 5c to WIND and join on our WIND 40 plan by Monday September 23rd, 2013.”

“To ensure continued receipt of the Bring Your Own iPhone (BYO iPhone) service credits the customer must remain on the WIND 40 plan and continue to use a Nano-SIM Card for the duration of the 20 months”

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