Android distribution numbers for September: Jelly Bean leads with 45%, Eclair And Donut vanish


  • Rich

    Using JB, but of course it’s because of XDA.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Nexus 4.3 Jelly Bean

  • ChrisPollard77

    Stock 4.3 … on two devices … both with two 4.3 updates already. All hail the mighty Nexus!

    • rawryree

      But not the Nexus S.. or Nexus One.. stuck in 4.1 forever.

    • ChrisPollard77

      Maybe Google will achieve their goal of reducing hardware requirements for future versions of Android and 4.4 or 5.0 will be able to run on older gear. I don’t expect my old Galaxy S2 will ever see 4.2 or newer either. Eventually, the hardware just isn’t enough to keep going forward. Try running Windows 8 on a machine that shipped with Win95 and see how that goes.

  • howitzerr

    Using JB since its launch, will forever live on my GNexus i guess, i dont think they will update to kitkat.
    Nexus 5. time to shine.

  • Alexandre1545

    Using Jelly Bean 4.2 on my Samsung Galaxy S thanks to XDA for extanding the life of this phone

  • B-Mac

    4.1.1 on HTC One X

  • wes

    4.04 ICS… on the dreaded LG Optimus 2x… anyone got a phone for sale?

    • Liberal Phone Person

      google has the nexus 4 for 249.

    • wes

      Yeah, but no. 🙂

      Got a LG Optimus 2x and Nexus 7. Thinking about replacing both of them with one. But not sure which phablet to get. Note vs Xperia Ultra vs Mega vs Nexus 7 LTE.

      That’s the debate for me.

  • ITCanWork

    4.2 on S3 Telus with liquidsmooth ROM. Best pure android ROM for s3

  • Guest

    Stuck on Gingerbread. Bell and Samsung abandoned my phone as soon as the S2 arrived, so I am running a European build of GB (2.3.6) on it using Bell’s config files.

  • Brian Chau


  • S2556

    4.3 on my new Nexus 7. 4.2.2 on my GS3 running AOKP

  • Ed Ethan

    the World still needs some legacy support

  • Nick Gallant

    Telus HTC One running the Google Edition 4.3 and loving it!

  • opteron1983

    Galaxy Nexus 4.3 Jelly bean

  • Jonah Emery

    4.1 on my Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Francois Roy

    Nexus 4 & 7: ‘nuf said.

  • Jeremy

    The Gingerbread bashing is crap. Android developers can easily cut features for older devices with a simple “if” check, and there’s compatibility libraries for almost all of the new APIs anyway.

    One of Android’s strengths is that 3 or 4 year old devices can still run the latest apps, whereas Apple forces its customers to trash their devices every 18 months if they want any kind of update.

    I use 4.3 on my tablet and 2.3.3 on my phone. I develop for both (back to 2.1, though that may soon change to 2.2 as the minimum).

    • Mark

      Yeah, Google play services is up to date for everything running Froyo and up. That’s over 95% of Android activations on the same version. Not exactly the fragmentation boogie-man it is made out to be.

  • bill masion

    Running 4.0 ICS on LG Optimus 3d (Originally 2.2), getting the Nexus 4 in the mail later on today *Fingers crossed*

  • HiKsFiles

    4.2 Slim Bean AOSP ROM on my Galaxy S1 i9000m, currently showing an uptime of 108 days 🙂
    4.1.2 Dandroid 3.9 TouchWiz based on my Galaxy S3 i747m

  • Dylan K

    Sitting on 4.2.2 w/ Cyanogenmod 10.2.1 on an S3, and 4.3 on my stock Nexus 7.

  • Mark

    My Galaxy Nexus is on 4.3 (probably its last update). Meanwhile, I still owe $50 on the contract for my secondary device – a Telus HTC Desire running Froyo. Crazy world we live in…

  • Zee

    Raise a glass for Donut. It was nice knowing you Donut, your like will never be seen again.

  • Kewjoe

    4.2.2 on my HTC One, 4.3 on my Nexus 7, 4.2.2 on my wife’s Nexus S, 4.2.2 on my Mom’s Galaxy S, 2.3.3 on my niece’s Dell Streak 5

  • Cottonswab

    Those that are still running 2.x can buy new phones with 4.x for cheap now. It’s time to move on. Keep your old apps on your old phone. Life moves on. If more devs stop 2.x support then people will move to 4.x. Some of those old android phones are so slow anyways.

    • Stephen_81

      But why spend money if you don’t have to? That is a fools way of going through life spending for the sake of spending

  • jimrebello

    4.3 Jelly Bean. I don’t thin I’ll ever go back to a non-nexus phone.

  • Jeff Brassard

    My tablet is stuck using ICS probably forever. 4.0.3… blek!