Video: Here’s Google unveiling the Android Kit Kat statue.. plus a new Nexus?


  • Sukdis Knaatz

    I hope that the paid-for Kit Kat name grows on me, because right now it is very repulsive. Key Lime Pie sounds so much more appealing, and non-commercialized.

    Money talks…


    • Fawoo

      Key Lime Pie sounds repulsive actually, but hey that’s what personal tastes are for.

    • Tarun Batra

      Nestlé did not pay Google to use that name

    • Mark

      Technically it will be a non-monetary transaction as the accountants draw it up. No cash changes hands, but they swap advertising revenue and expense.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Kit Kat gains the most from this relationship. I was going to buy the n5 regardless of this marketing. The only effect it has had on me is to make me crave kit Kat.

    • Mark

      I thought KLP was dreadful. Who has even tried that dessert before? Not a reaction you want for a name that will be the face of your brand. I had my fingers crossed for anything else, even Kandy Kane. Great idea, and it’ll be some free cross-advertising for both companies.

    • Balls O’Steele

      If I eat more kit Kat, will I become smart like the Google employees?

    • Savbers

      The KitKat name was not a Paid for thing, they literally just asked an Nestle said OK!
      Google felt like doing something unexpected because not many people know the taste of a Key Lime Pie.

  • JB

    Its LG, and its all plastic. Yuck.

    Z30 for me.

    • JB

      That was built by Asus. LG will make it out of hard plastic. Sadly.

    • Nimer55

      I think what’s it made out of is Google’s, and not LG’s choice.

    • JB

      Yeah, it will be. Mark my words

    • jb

      Aren’t those bbs made with the same soft plastic?

    • JB

      The z10 is. The q10 is metal and woven glass. Plastic keyboard of course. Z30 will be woven softtouch glass, and steel.

    • kroms

      *shakes head* Your such a TOOL.

    • kroms

      LMAO. Another BB ” BB FOREVER ! ” user whom knows Nothing about greatness. You go boy, You tout that BB Z10/30 that nobody wants. Tout it all you want. 5 months from now it wont be worth even the cheapest phone on the market because BB wont be making it anymore. But hey ? You can go over to MS and use there plastic later.

    • JB

      Seems a bit hostile on your part.

    • Miguel

      Public forums, what do you expect? Most people don’t even want to be recognized.


    Sigh, another LG. If only Google had its own hardware company, I’d name it Motorola.

  • FlageJan1


  • Farid Pirani

    I can’t see a speaker on the back, so possibility of front facing speaker! That would be great.

  • Jordan

    The guy has perfect nails, looks like a hand model. I’m sure this was meant to be seen. Also it’s a lot thinner than anything out there.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Looking like a DROID style backing material to me. I hope it’s HTC or Motorola, a 5″ 1080p screen and a large battery at the iconic price value. Wouldn’t mind a dual core processor to keep the price down also. That would deter me from buying the upcoming Note 3 as I’m planning to upgrade from an S3.

    • OMFCody

      people are saying they see the LG logo in the video, but I really don’t see LG using that big of a camera lens, having front firing speakers, and making it differ so vastly from the G2.

    • thas ★

      Yeah, I also don’t see the LG logo people keep talking about.

    • Henry

      hmm, big lense and front speakers? HTC maybe..

    • OMFCody

      That’s what I’m hoping for!

  • Rich

    Just hope they stick with Nexus 4-esque launch pricing.

    • EvanKrosney

      But not Nexus 4-esque storage. 8GB wasn’t nearly enough, and I store most if my media in the cloud.

    • Anaron

      Good thing they offered a 16GB model.

  • Kyang

    Omg.. I don’t want to buy another phone so soon! Front facing speakers…stop tempting me…

  • TeeJay1100

    Google announce the date for the new Nexus unveiling!!

  • Terwax

    heres the video: Mobilesyrup has to approve the post..

    mediafire dot com/watch/ga561wpc3i6b2sa/Unveiling_of_the_Android_KitKat_statue.mp4#

    Make sure you put the link properly.

  • rivard35

    if the next Nexus is soft touch then i’m ok with that, looks really well done on the nexus 7

  • coolguy231

    Not sure if this even matters but the nexus logo is not landscape for nexus 4..though that seems like sick a*s new nexus phone..excited what google has for us in kitkat 4.4 and the new nexus devices.

  • Richard Xing

    Why is the Nexus logo horizontal? It makes sense on the Nexus 7, but here?

    • coolguy231

      Just what I said, we will all know what it looks like when its officialy announced.

    • Guest

      Oops didn’t see your post.

  • Brice Johnson

    Break me off a piece of that…umm…break me off a piece of that Fancy Feast.

  • kirilmatt

    I hope its LG to be honest. I love my nexus 4. It feels awesome compared to the GS3 that I had. The screen is amazing as well.

    • EvanKrosney

      Anything feels amazing compared to the GS3.

  • Dimitri

    Has anyone paid attention to this? Watch the video again, now see how many times it points the camera on him & the phone.. Not saying they are doing it on purpose but it does seem odd & off if they are trying to hide the next Nexus device.. Also the reason why they took the video down, was because they noticed the next Nexus device was in it, most likely now the guy has to give back the device or use another one while he is out on the campus just in case this happens again.

    Doesn’t anyone at Google watch the videos before put out on Public?…

    • Henry

      That “oops” was as much of an accident as a high-level Apple guy leaving an iphone 4 in a bar.

    • Dimitri

      I still remember that lol. Samsung, HTC, Apple, Googe, & the rest do it on purpose to a big thing out of it.

  • Technodork

    I’m just thankful it’s not made of glass :D. Nikon tech I hope so?!

  • Humberto Giambrone

    Obviously planned “leak”. Guarantee the next Nexus looks nothing like this. They’re toying with us.

    • JTon

      Does google have a history of toying with us? I dunno why you assume this

  • beyond

    why is Google pulling the videos if this is a public event?

  • SaberX

    You can most definitely see the LG logo on the phone. Watch it frame by frame while the sun moves across the NEXUS logo and then across the LG logo. Looks like a pretty nice phone, but we’ll see.

  • Maïté Grisard

    I like that brand matching idea, they like each other’s products and so they help each other…. good story, good marketing opportunity.