Video: iPad 5 casing leaked, reveals thinner and lighter design that cuts 1.5cm off the sides

Apple’s next iPad is “thinner and lighter to the previous generation.” Those are the words from a video that reportedly reveals the casing of the 5th generation iPad. A 3-minute video from Unbox Therapy potentially shows that Apple will take its own design lines from the iPad mini and reveal a thinner front-panel bezel, but not giving up the display size as it’ll be the same 9.7-inches. The back of the new iPad also has significant changes, namely the volume buttons and the addition of dual speakers at the bottom (same location as the iPad mini). Apparently the width will shave off 1.5cm and come in at 17cm – which can make for one-handed use. Check out the video as the ‘new iPad’ is shaping out to be a nice tablet.

[source] Unbox Therapy [/source] [via] Tech Crunch [/via]