Industry Canada creates “MoreChoices” site about wireless in Canada, says “Our work is not done”

The battle continues.

James Moore, Minister of Industry, has once again stressed that the government is “standing up for Canadian consumers.” Over the past several weeks there has been a big PR battle between the Big 3 carriers and the Conservative government. Both sides are informing Canadians their viewpoint on what they believe is ‘Fair for Canada’ and best for the future of wireless our country.

While the carriers want various loopholes closed that would allow a bigger foreign player enter the Canadian wireless space – namely US based Verizon Wireless. The Big 3 have stated several times that they’re not opposed to competition, but that they want a ‘level playing field’ and believe any flexibility the government gives an outside company “will have massive consequences for Canadians.”

Moore and his team have crafted a dedicated site called ‘MoreChoices‘ – this redirects to a page on the Industry Canada site and houses a bunch of facts, quotes and ‘tools’ for Canadians to make informed choices of their wireless needs. The government has also provided a timeline that shows their continued support to bring “More choice. Lower prices. Better service” to wireless in Canada. The site also shows how to “cut through the noise” and defends their work against what the the Big 3 carriers currently state.

“Our work is not done.”

Finally, the site boldly declares “Our work is not done. The upcoming auctions are an opportunity to build on our success and provide Canadians with more choice. Because more choice means lower prices and better service.”

There’s one thing we’re finding out about this entire saga: James Moore is dramatically different than past Industry Minister Christian Paradis. Moore means business.

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