Rogers Moto X continues its price drop, now $149.99 on a 2-year


  • Balls O’Steele

    Would have to be $0 on a 2 year for me to consider it.
    Better to wait for N5 in October.

    • JB

      Phone is a total flop in sales(buddy works at rogers) Stock has been returned…etc.

      In Canada people want: Galaxy, BB10, Iphones, and Xperia. Thats it. Everything else is struggling selling.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Moto X sales are being cannibalized by N4 price drop. Not smart strategy by Google.

    • Thomas

      Google seems to be not communicating with Motorola very well even if they are owned by the same company.

    • FiveOD

      This is because most sales reps are lazy morons. On average I sell more Lumia 920s than I do GS4s because I know how to right size the customer for the phone that’s best for them and don’t just fall back on iPhone and GS4 for everyone.

  • jetbeck

    My only real interest in this phone is the Moto Maker thing, that’s pretty much the only thing that would get me to buy it over waiting for the N5 or maybe picking up a HTC One.

    They really needed to allow unlocked purchases from their website to anyone, anywhere. I don’t care if it takes 1-2 weeks for it to ship out.

    • jackjiarocks

      So..that means sales have been tanked

    • thedosbox

      Yeah, Rogers pricing is out of whack considering the lack of Moto Maker. Not too bothered about the whether the phones are SIM unlocked as there are plenty of alternative vendors who are willing to do so at lower cost.

  • Guest

    ROgers probably gonna pricematch that on monday/tuesday… Any I would love motomaker

  • Jean-Sébastien Roy

    ROgers probably gonne pricematch that on tuesday…. And i would love to have access to motomaker!

  • sicsicpuppy

    Give it a few months and Rogers will give you money to take it off their hands

  • IJustGotaTan

    It will be $99 by Christmas.

    • JB

      It’ll 29.99 by christmas, if its still offered…

  • EvanKrosney

    News flash, Big 3, the reason people aren’t buying isn’t because of the on contract price, it’s because of the $100+ monthly fees just to get a reasonable amount of data.

    • jetbeck

      actually if you BYOD you can get 6GB of data for $85. Not saying that’s a good price, but its a reasonable amount of data for under $100. And they’ve shown they are willing to drop lower (Koodo, dropping to $55 for 5GB in Manitoba, bell doing about the same in Thunder Bay) but only if they actually have competition.

      Now we just need to get some more competition in here some how 🙂

  • Richard Xing

    It would be nice if the unlocked price is also dropping.

  • Brad Hermann

    at $20/mo reduction on your flextab shouldnt the subsidy always be minimum 480 and then we pay whats left? so it should be $70 on a contract or cheaper as a promo hopefully.

  • Tech Guru

    Still overpriced, lemme know when its free

  • Humberto Giambrone

    It was always overpriced, on contract and especially straight up. To be fair, Rogers actually priced it lower than AT&T or Verizon.

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    Nelson from ‘The Simpsons’ would say “Ha Ha!”

  • FiveOD

    It’s a real shame that the Moto X is failing, it’s a gorgeous phone and a dream to use. The price is way too high, it needs to go below $100 on contact and fast.

  • beyond

    overhyped + overpriced = fail

    • Laurent Nguyen

      seems like BB10 all over again

  • hunkyleepickle

    Just sell the damn thing on your website, unlocked, off contract, at 350-400$ and watch it fly off the shelves; even without motomaker.

  • Dylan D’Croix

    Has anyone actually used one yet? We have a demo at work, and while I like the screen stiffness of the device (feels sturdy). It looks incredibly cheap, the “woven” pattern is blatantly printed on (as in its fooling nobody that its carbon fiber, you can see where the print begins and ends) , it just looks cheaply put together. The camera is sub-par, even if the MP’s are bigger than most other phones out there..

    It just looks and feels like a $300 phone, would never in my life consider paying upwards of $600 for it.

    In my opinion the only thing it has going for it is the notification screen and the voice control. In other words, you are better off waiting for their next device.

    • Rony

      Funny. Everyone is different. And that’s good. I like the phone a lot. Much more then one is great but it’s huge compare to moto x and it has the same size screen.
      I read many many reviews and absolutely nobody complaints about cheap look.
      So you are one of the few I guess. But thats Ok. Everyone has different taste.

  • dandybuck

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • Michael Brooks

    Just got one of these on Rogers (Black) for $50 (Wireless Wave discounts, including free OtterBox) on a $55 a month plan that includes 1000 canada-wide minutes and 500 GB of data. All on a two year!

    It happens that, somehow, Rogers sees the phone as a low-end smartphone (whereas Fido and Virgin offer the same plan for older phones, including the Nexus 4) and offers it on this discounted 2 year (often saved for supplying your own phone; most companies call it a Data+Voice ‘Lite’ plan). Really, really surprised when I inquired about the plan and got a steal.

    Don’t settle for a $70 plan that rips you off; inquire about what works for what device. Ask questions. The phone is awesome by the way, even if it only comes in white or black. Yes, feels a tad ‘plasticy’. but the weight and soft touch back are perfect, and the unique features are wonderful.