Chromecast app released for iOS devices, bridges the platform gap


While it’s up to individual developers to add Chromecast support to their apps, Google is taking the first steps towards multi-platform support today with the release of an app for iOS devices.

The app itself doesn’t enable much functionality beyond an initial setup of Chromecast — aiding it to find a specific WiFi network and renaming it once setup is complete — it proves that Google wants people to use its services regardless of operating system. Well, as long as the operating system is Android or iOS.

Currently, Chromecast supports Netflix, Google Play Movies, Play Music, and YouTube, with others coming soon. Though the dongle isn’t explicitly sold in Canada, it’s easy to pick one up from across the border.

Google released an update to the software that barred third-party app AllCast from streaming local audio and video through the Chromecast. Looks like Google is trying to work with content partners on this product, and doesn’t want to risk their ire in getting around those necessary restrictions.