Google Now boosted in Search update for Android, brings car rentals, concert tickets and NCAA scores

Google has updated its Search app for Android with a number of new Google Now cards that should definitely be appreciated by even the most casual user.

At the forefront are two services which require Gmail integration to work properly — that is, the scanning of your Gmail account for relevant, contextual data — car rental and concert ticket information. Specifically, Google Now scans your Gmail for reservation details about car rentals from a number of companies and, according to a blog post, “together with the boarding pass and hotel reservation cards, makes Google Now your ultimate travel companion.”

Concert ticket integration brings up the ticket, barcode and all, when you arrive at the venue, along with the website for upcoming events at the same place or locations nearby.

Google has also expanded its transit card with fuller information; late commuters will be happy be note the last bus or train home, and will be reminded about it. The company is also setting up a commute sharing card, which combines with Google+ to help users set up ride shares in their cities. It’s a strange and interesting deviation from the typical Now context, as this is the first time other people are integrated into the system.

Also new are NCAA scores, which is in addition to existing sports scores from the MLB, NHL and NBA.

The TV card has also been overhauled, showing users the news and music mentioned and played respectively in the show. Saying “Listen to TV” will initiate this feature, though it doesn’t appear to be live in Canada just yet.

The update is rolling out slowly to users over the next few days, but Android Police has kindly offered an APK for eager users.

Of course, all of these features will be immediately accessible to Moto X users, as the service’s touchless controls integrate seamlessly with all the updated goodness of Google Now.

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