HTC One Max press image leaks


  • Max Fireman

    I would consider this phone simply because it has my name.

    • Farid Pirani

      I guess I shouldn’t hold out for a phone with my name.

    • Nathaniel James

      I would consider this phone, if I was certain that HTC wouldn’t abandon the software after a year it’s been released…

    • somedoobsandbeer

      Well you’d always have stock Android to go back to. Both the HTC one and the s4 can run either images. And as of late, the stock experience is actually a lot smoother and cleaner.

    • Dave Strot

      Does that mean you buy a lot of feminine pad products also?

    • Liberal Phone Person

      and hair driers

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      And Pepsi

  • silver_arrow

    Frankly I am really glad they are doing what Samsung is doing. And by that I mean having One design and going with it. The Max sure looks like a beast phone and will be pretty good competition with the Note 3

  • Super_Deluxe

    I’d definitely buy this over the Note 3 if I was gonna upgrade soon mainly for the build quality and design. Good job HTC!

    • Francois Roy

      I’d definitely go for the Note 3 just for the system updates, even tough I hate the plastic shell.

  • MrMission

    I would really love it if there was a Play store release of this.

  • sdfsdf

    They should have went with 3-4GB of RAM. Everyone is releasing a phone with these specs these days.

    • tilbar

      the spec war is dead with the exception of battery. If they got a 3500 or higher battery, this would be a tempting phone

    • Dimitri

      Can you show me what phone from Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry & Nokia that released a phone with 3-4GB in USA & Canada? Please show me a link with a Canadian OR US model. If you can not, you are a fail troll.

      3-4GB mean nothing as well. Spec war is over like tilbar said.

    • sigfgjhfghd

      Everybody has 2gb.
      They should have pushed further with 3 or 4 GB.

    • lol

      someone is compensating

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher


  • BB BB

    I own the OneX and still no updates in over a year. If HTC is only putting 16gb of storage with no SD slot then I would rather buy a Note 3. At least Samsung is still pushing updates to the S3

    • smiley

      Well, Taiwan has 4.2.2 rolling out for OneX. Meanwhile in NA, still no 4.2 for One.

      Blame the carriers. HTC is slow but not THIS slow.

      Also OneX wasn’t a big hit like One. HTC is going to pour more money for its One as it has sold some 5 million devices. Moreover, Max has similar specs as in Camera, software etc minus software for CPU.

    • southerndinner

      The carriers aren’t at fault when other OEMs are pushing updates. Blame HTC.

    • smiley

      Do you know what you’re talking about? How is it HTC fault when half of the world has access to 4.2 but even one month after the release, NA does not have it?

      And please no game that HTC max is coming out. It is true that NA is big market but so is Taiwan and Europe. Moreover, in Europe, the contracts are 2 years or less. In Canada, it only recently changed to 2 years. Having said that, it is more worthy to hold updates in those countries so people simply buy new phones instead of holding off to old ones, which is the case in Canada as one has to wait 3 years before they can upgrade.

    • Eluder

      The One X is running jelly bean 4.1.2 which is the same as the S3, so what’s the problem here?

    • smiley

      It is running 4.2.2 in Taiwan. In less than a month, it would be serving most of the world, minus North America.

    • Matt

      And this is why I prefer the iPhone. When Apple releases an update to the OS it “automagically” is sent to the phone via an OTA update. No waiting for a device maker or carrier to tell me when I can update my phone. Just saying.

    • Tony Sarju

      I always facepalm when I read comments like this. You need to invest more time into understanding the fundamentals of mobile OS’s and how the ecosystems operate.

    • Matt

      Good. Keep facepalming yourself.

    • Henry

      Enjoy those new icons. Just sayin

    • smiley

      Why would they put 16gb in max when the regular One has 32gb?

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      Because they don’t like winning.
      HTC is the Snapple of the android world.

    • smiley

      Man, please come up with facts. I thought there were only Android fanboys. But now there are “samsung” fanboys too. Its a fact HTC max will come with minimum 32gb yet with no proof you IMPLY it’d be 16gb, or worse, 8gb. Wait, you said they don’t like winning? Hmmm, let me guess, 2mb? HTC was first company to actually produce good android phones. And they still do today.

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      Wow. Just.. wow.

      Unbunch your panties princess, it’s making you crabby.

      When did I say anything about Samsung?.. and Snapple is delicious. Also, past track records from HTC, they make a great product and then gimp it with tiny battery, low memory, etc.

      I find it pretty funny that you immediately deem someone a fanboy and then proceed to exhibit the same fanboyism for another company.

      I am a fanboy of technology. I could care less who the manufacturer is. Now relax and go back to your sad, angry little life.

      Hugs n kisses,

    • smiley

      Who is ahead of HTC? Samsung. Can you possibly say LG or Sony etc is better?

      I deem you as fanboy because you imply that HTC will have less than 32gb of storage by saying they don’t like winning.

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      Well then it must be so. I must own a Samsung, in fact all Samsung products, because I am a blind consumer unable to differentiate between a quality product and one that is just a rehashed version of the previous. I will only buy one brand because it’s just easier to do that instead of researching what is out there, trying new things and listening to other peoples insight and experiences. -_-

      Please, don’t do anything drastic when HTC releases a 16GB version. The world just couldn’t survive without fine, upstanding, intelligent people, such as yourself.

    • alexxx

      I’ve got a one x and I had 5 updates this year, major ones, the phone is super fast I don’t need a new one for ages.

    • Pinz Tattoo

      But as you are posting this, your phone is undoubtedly, plugged into a power source. I love my One X, I hate the battery.

    • Pinz Tattoo

      But as you are posting this, your phone is undoubtedly, plugged into a power source. I love my One X, I hate the battery.

    • alexxx

      Battery life has not been a though or a concern in my mind for the longest time, I’m accustomed plugging it in for a bit when I’m at my pc, because I use it to stream music as well, but it is very true that the battery life at least on my unlocked international one x has been awesomely improved. I really don’t think it is a weak point of this phone(anymore)! weak point is speakers and not loud enough phone calls, having used it for almost 2 years? another one is/was multitasking – same resolution as above, grown accustomed to, and has improved by same degree as the battery. Never worn a case, phone looks MINT even tho I drop it on asphalt every other day; ghost armor on front reeeally is worth investment because it won’t let you break the screen! babbling, gtg

  • Catharsis Ponder

    My nipples explode with delight

    • somedoobsandbeer


  • Paul Serge

    Anyone waiting for the Blackberry A10? 😉

    • sigfgjhfghd


    • smiley

      Fan of BB but not really after all the leaks and medicore specs. Sure who cares about specs but at least have the latest gear. I don’t want BB to tell me next year that BB11 needs a quad core to run. They said they would put bb10 on playbook but now they can’t due to 1gb ram.

  • bembol

    They took the changes they made with the One mini and used it for the Max. 🙁

    I hope these pics being leaked are not final. 16GB? Is there microSD support?

  • Nadefrenzy

    Lol it’s just a giant version of the HTC One —not the case with the Note 2 line up.

    • Theo

      It has a stylus too, didn’t it?

  • Theo

    What company is good at updates? Sony sucks, LG sucks…

  • Rio

    Companies are just as much to blame as the carriers. If Google and Apple can do it, why cant the companies?

    They just want the extra monies from allowing carriers to add all that crap.

    • Brendan Kish

      Thats because apple is responsible for a lot more than other companies. They have a agreement with carriers to take customer service responsibilities. Companies like samsung and htc dont take customer service responsibilities. so if a carrier releases an update and it messes with the phone, they have a lot more customer service calls which costs them more money.

      Android companies like samsung and htc also put their own skin and software features on their phones which increases the time for them to release an update.

    • Rio

      Who makes the phones? Samsung and HTC right?

      They do not want to take responsibility for customer service that is all. If they truly want the best experience for customers than can EASILY do what Apple and Google are doing and bypass the carriers. But I am sure they enjoy the $ offered by the carriers

  • grantdude

    Next step: make the same thing again, this time with a 10 inch screen. I’ll TOTALLY buy a HTC tablet.

  • Brendan Kish

    thats why i dont like the htc one. the bezel is as big as a blackberry