Moto X can now be pre-ordered at Best Buy


  • Christopher Law

    Likely won’t drop money for pre-order. I honestly want to know more about support from CM community first 🙂 Like, will there be OTG or is it non-existent?

  • Yeas

    The only pieces of information we care about:

    1. Is it unlocked
    2. Whats no contract price

    Rest is kind of meh at this point.

    • Eluder

      1. No
      2. Assuming close to $600 as AT&T went out at $575 outright.

    • hhero

      omg 575$ i thought it was a middle range device

    • beyond

      $575 is the new middle range

    • imrangr1

      Yep for a premium top-tier phone you need to drop $750 minimum.

  • Sluma

    exclusive to rogers…I’ll pass and wait for the new nexus phone.

  • Gsizzle

    Apparently the no term cost in the states is $575/$625 for 16GB/32GB Variants.

  • casey

    I also doubt that outright sales will be allowed in the first little bit

  • ksbanderson

    What I want to know is if customization with Moto Maker is coming to Canada

  • David

    for its spec, dual core chip and 720p display, it all sounds like 2012 device to me….and close to 600 outright? they must be crazy lol

    • tony

      Really? So BlackBerry must be extremely stupid to charge for their BB10 phones since they have worse specs and charge $600-700 at launch.

    • David

      well it’s across platform so you can just compare like that, iphone 5 is not crazy high on spec either, but image galaxy s3 is selling for $600 now:P

    • FuzzyFish6

      “well it’s across platform so you can’t just compare like that”

      An intelligent reply about specs on syrup. Shocking! BTW, WP8 devices doesn’t need high specs neither.

    • tony

      Well how do you explain that to someone in a store? When they have signs which that make you believe more of something or higher of something is better? You may know the difference but does the average consumer?

    • FuzzyFish6

      I don’t disagree with you there Tony. Then again most mainstream consumers don’t look at specs neither, they just care that it’s the newest device out and they want it.

    • FuzzyFish6

      Stop baiting for BB trolls.

      How your reply should read.

      “Really? So every other OS manufacturers must be extremely stupid to charge for their phones since they have worse specs and charge $600-700 at launch.”

    • hfghgfhf

      Guess why BlackBerry is still loosing market share.

    • MatroXX

      If this came out around the time of the Galaxy Nexus (2011) then it would be a worthwhile phone…in reality this should be a sub $400 phone.

      Software features like “ok google” (enhanced google now) and flick camera gestures don’t add a premium, neither does choosing a colour case.

    • David

      finally someone get what i’m talking about, atm this phone would make more sense to sell at the price of nexus 4.

  • Justin B

    I still think this phone is quite a refreshing twist on the Android platform. I have a Moto XT910 RAZR, and an S4, and in all honesty, can’t see what the big deal is. It doesn’t make enough of a difference to warrant the battery consumption. Quad core is nice and all, but it really doesn’t make the S4 appear faster/snappier than my old Razr in daily use!

    Would need to use it to see if it actually is worth the $. Paper specs don’t tell the whole story and I think they’re pricing this based on user experience. They feel the device experience is (to the average user, who is likely not reading this site) on par with an S4 or an iPhone 5, so it’s priced nearly the same as one. Apple’s entire business is based on user experience, and I think we’re seeing a shot across Apple’s bow on many fronts.

    I’ve never been a fan of the “throw more cores at it” approach (I feel it’s a cop-out), so this is a welcome change to me.

    My XT910’s battery is quickly losing its ability to hold a charge for more than 3-4 hours, and shortly I’ll be looking for a new phone. It’ll be either a Moto X or the 2013 Nexus phone (needs to work with Telus and T-Mobile so hoping for pentaband LTE). Early days yet, still much to learn about these devices and how they compare to each other in the real world. Looking forward to a full review!

    • FuzzyFish6

      Good for you.

      I’m very happy to see Motorola (and in turn, Google themselves!) buck the stupid spec race trend with Android.

      So many fanboys don’t realize that it’s about how a device functions, not numbers on a sheet of paper.

      If device X and device Y functions the same in your hands, who cares how it’s powered.

    • imrangr1

      Really? MY XT910 stay for a day but I use it casually and if you are not happy with the battery you can change the battery to a MAXX one for $100 kit. Maybe the price has went down but it’s still possible.

  • MatroXX


  • King kobi

    I respect the attempt Motorola made and I respect the customization at this phone offers but its not enough to make a dent in the market and that’s a fact how are you going to handle all the returns when people don’t want to keep the customize phone that’s a lot of waste. in all honesty it looks like it’s coming down to the note 3 and the Nexus 5 as being the most anticipated phones in the final months of the year I have a galaxy note 2 I’m completely satisfied Its the wind version aka penteband. no other note in Canada or America is penteband other than AWS version and I’ll be keeping it and most likely going for the Nexus 5

  • EvanKrosney

    You’d have to be a fool to drop almost $200 for this mid-range device.

  • jehu111

    Would it be possible to buy this outright, get it unlocked and use on Telus?