Apple pushing customers into retail stores by promising free App Store content


  • Chilly

    Imagine this app on the products at the Apple store for a second…

    Yo Dawg, I heard you like stores! So we put a store in our store, so you can browse our products while you browse our products!

  • KrispyInTO

    Free my little pony in app purchase if you spend at least 1000$

  • Derrick P.

    So……apple is loosing customers because they are not being innovative enough…..or even releasing new products to keep up with demand, *cough* iphone *cough* so to bring people in they say “Hey, here is a free .99 app! Now buy a iphone for 699 or a mac for 1200+ etc. Apple is starting to turn into a really ridiculous company….and i used to be an apple fanboy but i was tired of getting the next best thing *cough* nothing changed *cough* and wasting my money. Im happy with my S3 and i think i will get an HTC one. Sorry Apple i won’t spend $1000 to save a dollar haha. Rant done hahahahah

  • E. R

    One reason to visit the Apple store on a weekly/monthly basis? Hmm not bad…

  • PT

    “Apple tends to be a bit more generous than usual”

    That statement is really scare a living out of me.