Riptide GP2 hits the Play Store with better graphics, more vehicles and excellent multiplayer


Right on time, Riptide GP2 has hit the Play Store for $2.99. The long and short is that it’s a dramatic improvement over the still-excellent original, with improved graphic and sound effects, more levels and vehicles, seamless multiplayer and a (mostly) 60fps frame rate.

Vector Unit hasn’t polluted the game with in-app purchases (that we can find at least), either, keeping the full game unlockable for the reasonable $2.99 price tag.


I played a few rounds of single- and multiplayer, and found that while the single player game maintained a close-to-60fps frame rate, the multiplayer match stuttered on my HTC One. The game has been optimized for Tegra 4 devices, one of which is the upcoming Nvidia Shield, so we’ll see how things fare on that machine in a few weeks.

Screenshot_2013-07-23-14-01-22The game plays very similarly to the original: it’s a forward-moving arcade game, so you only have to worry about doing tricks (of which there are many), pressing the on-screen break, and avoiding the boundaries (of which there are many, too).

Vehicles are fully customizable and upgradeable, so points and powerups are useful for giving you an edge in future levels. There’s a career mode in which you can win the World GP Championship or some such, but the majority of the fun comes from quick three-minute jaunts around the track. Think Wipeout with jet skis.

Riptide GP2 is a great way to show off the graphical prowess of your new high-end Android device, so even if you’re not a huge gamer, it’s one of the few ways to test out that top-of-the-line quad-core SoC.

Download Riptide GP2 for Android.