Screenshots showing specs of the Moto X arrive online


  • jackjiarocks

    Sorry mate, I may have bad eyes, But my fruebds cant tell the differece,

  • EvanKrosney

    Congratulations, you fall into a small minority of people with better than 20/20 vision. A lot of people can see better, but by a lot I still mean less than 5% of the human population.

  • EvanKrosney

    How is it the same? The Z10 uses the S4, the One S uses the S3. The Z10 has 2GB of RAM, the One S has 1GB. The Z10 has a 720p display, the One S is 540×960. The Z10 has LTE, the One S maxes out at HSDPA+. The Z10 also supports Wireless-A, has NFC, a larger battery, HDMI, I could go on all day.

    In regards to software, in what way does it suck? It’s stable, fast and fluid, and extremely intuitive to use.

    Finally, I do NOT believe that over 75% of BlackBerry staff refuse to use BlackBerrys. That statistic’s BS and you know it.

    • bigshynepo

      Evan, don’t feed the troll’s double-digit post count. You’re talking to a lonely man whose having a lonely sunday night who probably only owns a prepaid symbian phone.

    • Sureisbitches

      ^^ another a$$clown.

    • EvanKrosney

      LOL, thanks. I was in need of a laugh 🙂

    • Tom

      The One S uses an S4 actually. It was only one variant sold in Eastern Europe and parts of Asia that uses the older S3.

    • Eluder

      I also find the bb10 platform terrible. It’s ugly and really boring to use. Plus it’s definitely NOT intuitive! You have to learn everything in bb10 before you actually get good at it. Whereas with Android, iOs or wp8 you can just jump in and it all just makes sense. The battery life seems good on bb10 from my experience though, so I’ll give bb some credit there. I also can’t stand the keyboard on the z10, it’s nowhere nearly as fluid as swiftkey and the swipe up gesture slows me down.

  • Henry0623

    Any proof?

    • HorrorBiz

      Considering Motorola said they’re not planning on making it cost a lot I’d assume it won’t be $500-$600.

  • Sureisbitches


  • fates

    What’s the point of replacing your nexus 4 for this? It’s similar specs, and even if its better, its no doubt only a minor upgrade…People with too much money to spend.

  • fates

    What’s the point of replacing your nexus 4 for this? It’s similar specs, and even if its better, its no doubt only a minor upgrade…People with too much money to spend.

  • S2556

    or the flagship moto device coming out later

  • Henry0623

    HTC One S was never a midrange. It was priced the same as the One X.

  • Henry0623

    They do have flagship specs! Just not resolution wise. The first of 2013 that is. Right now the max is 1.9Ghz until the new snapdragons 800 comes out into the market in actual devices, consumers won’t know anything.

  • Chowdder

    That’s a wrong (bordering on stupid) statement, a person with 20/20 vision refers to far sighted vision measurement. I’m pretty sure you don’t hold your smartphone at 20 feet away from you so your statement doesn’t make sense. Furthermore, a person with 20/20 vision might also not be able to see object at close distance such as those suffering from hyperopia and presbyopia.

  • steve

    how are you able to turn lte on? i read that an update disabled that hidden function? thanks in advance

    • kirilmatt

      It’s not super easy but it certainly isn’t hard if you know how to root. All you do I root(Nexus root toolkit), download the old radio firmware(zip file from XDA) and flash using clockworkmod or whatever else you use. Works flawlessly for me and I get 30+mbps, sometime over 60mpbs!

  • Garrett Cooper

    I get really good battery life with my N4 actually. I was looking forward to the Moto X, but I don’t think there’s enough here for me, I’ll stick with my N4 and see what the fall has in store.