Google now activating 1.5 million Android devices daily, CEO is “very excited” for Moto X


Did you know that Android is pretty darn popular? How popular, you ask? During today’s earnings conference call, Google CEO Larry Page dished that the company is activating 1.5 million Android devices every day, up from 1.4 million just before Google I/O.

The company celebrated 900 million overall Android devices sold at that May event, and during today’s conference call Page said he is extremely excited for the future of Android, and is especially looking forward to Moto X, the not-so-secret flagship from the now fully-integrated Motorola Mobility.

Indeed, Motorola put a damper on Google’s overall earnings results today, but things are looking up for the firm for the first time in a couple years.

Will the Moto X be announced during next week’s Android-related “breakfast” with Sundar Pichai? Here’s hoping.