BlackBerry A10 Aristo leaks online


  • Phil

    Too bad the OS is garbage.

    • lusky3

      It’s actually a very fluid OS. It wouldn’t take me away from Android, but it wouldn’t be a pain to use it for a few weeks either.

    • skullan

      Oh, I see, you thought this was the comment section for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0… easily mistaken.

  • jackjiarocks

    WELL , aside from the top bar , I dont see a difference between this and Z10

    • Thomas

      Uh, 5 inch screen?

    • Dimitri

      I guess you can not read the specs ( even tho they are not official) the specs will be different. The A10 is known to have new processors/ Bigger battery / Bigger screen size / Higher memory & all. The looks have nothing to do with it. Take a look at the S3 & S4. Same look but the screen size is a bit different / 720p VS 1080p/ Dual core VS Quad core / LTE vs LTE Maxx / smaller battery VS bigger battery & so on. Catch my drift?

  • Andrew K.

    Can’t wait until they release OS 10.2
    So many new improvements and features that are coming that will blow your mind!

  • Joseph Cacoilo

    z10 looked nice, this looks worse to me. Hoping it’s either a fake picture/poor photo

  • nig gie


    Hmmm… I guess we now know why they could not get the playbook to work… Why would anyone want to buy a wimpy 5″ phone for another $1,000 when they could easily bridge the BB10 OS based $99 playbooks..

    5″ just just annoyingly big.. like those stupid mini SUV’s that cannot tow anything, but 7″ was actually useful.. aww too bad…

    HAHAH Henz catsup guy just took a dump in the mouthes of all blackberry fanbois…

    • Dimitri

      You sound like a troll. Here let me explain something for you as i doubt you even learned anything about technology.

      SO.The playbook has different specs then the phones do. Maybe you should open your eyes my friend & search that. Second i know many companies that update their tablets within 2 updates or so & then never update them again as the new OS can not be supported.

      Where in the world do you see the price tag $1,000? Maybe we are all blind but the device has not even been announced let alone a price or correct specs. Second Wimpy 5′ inch phones? So i take it that seeing as LG, Samsung, Sony & a few others made a 5 inch phone, they are wimpy as well? OH wait maybe you have not heard of those devices. I can list them for you? Second catchup? Also one other thing. Do you know how to type proper English? If not i suggest taking a course in school to teach you. Next time you come on here & think you can troll others & a multi billion dollar company, think & wonder where you are in life & what you are doing before making comments like that. Try owning a multi billion dollar company without any debt, the company name on a lot of things & sports teams, making phones & brand new OS & then come troll. This should go for all you trolls. You can down vote me all you want, the truth is this tho.

    • Mariano Gori

      Don’t waste your time trying to argue with him. Just look at all his other posts, he’s just a sad little troll that gets a*s rapped by his own father every day.

  • Rich

    You know this bad boy will be like $500 on a 3 year contract with how Blackberry has been pricing their phones lately.

    • Dimitri

      Again with assuming Blackberry is the one with the prices. Lets see. Samsung / Sony / LG / HTC & the rest make the outright prices, not the contract prices. They have a say BUT the carriers also have to agree for the price on the contracts. So it goes both ways not only the manufacturers way.

      Take a look at the Galaxy Nexus when it was on the carriers & the LG Nexus 4. The outright prices were higher the Google had it. The carriers brought them down as people bought the phone from Google instead. You guys have not idea what you guys are talking about.