Fido set to release the Sony Xperia SP


  • Phil Rod

    Looks like a nice little phone. I Wonder, though, if I should stick to Xperia or switch to Galaxy (Since Fido has the S3). I always preffered the look and the feel of a Sony phone though. Then again… yesterday I was thinking about getting a BB Z10…. My contract is coming to an end and I don’t know what to do! One year ago, there was no questions (for me, Xperia all the way) but today…. so many great products out there!!!

    • Mobile User

      It depends on what you want to do with your phone. If it’s mostly messaging, I’d go with the Z10. If you need apps, Android would be better as they have more apps than BB though you can port some Android apps to BB10 (until BB10 provides support for Android 4.2 apps). The GS3 and Sony SP are about equivalent since they’re both dual core. GS3 has more internal memory but the SP has the cool lightbar. The GS3 has an AMOLED screen while the SP uses LCD but it’s still a nice screen. I recommend playing with each one in the store to help you in your decision.

    • sero.evo

      I have the Xperia T and I prefer a lot of the Sony tweaks to the OS over stock Android or Samsung, but obviously that’s subjective.

      Of course, if you’d be playing around with launchers anyway it’s irrelevant as a lot of the Sony widgets (weather, Walkman, etc) won’t work with anything but the stock launcher.

  • Nathaniel James

    Sony is doing well! 😀

  • Demyd

    Would be awesome if it had a 12 MP camera. But either way i’m sure it will take amazing photos Sony makes amazing sensors.

  • Tom

    Cool, but will it have the same super tight bootloader lock as previous Rogers/Fido-branded Xperias that no one has been able to crack so far?

    That’s the main thing keeping me away from Xperias despite Sony’s good AOSP support (they give a lot of binaries to the FreeXperia project). It’s expensive to import an international unbranded model due to customs fees, and if I go for a used one on kijiji it’ll just be a carrier-branded model that someone SIM unlocked which doesn’t affect the bootloader lock.

    Shame because Xperias are beautiful and as I mentioned the AOSP support is much better than for other non-Nexus devices – too bad you need an unbranded international variant to take advantage of the latter…

  • Kenneth Greene

    Looks like a good phone, but will it get upgraded?