Apple’s Back-to-School promo now includes the iPhone


  • TB!

    When I bought my MacBook Pro in 2009 I got a free iPod Touch. I think they did that only for one year, maybe 2. Prior was a regular iPod, still a better deal, though $100 or $50 for a bunch of music or apps is better than nothing.

    • Tom

      Same here, free ipod touch 8 GB 2nd gen back in 09 with a 13″ Pro. And a free all in one printer too that I still use – $360 worth of freebies total (still had to pay the sales tax on them but well worth it).

      Apple must’ve figured a lot of students were selling their free ipods (I didn’t – loved it and it was my “smartphone” at the time) to get even more of a discount. Whereas with the app store gift cards they actually get back $30 (or whatever percentage they charge app devs) of the $100 they give out. Win situation for them.

      When I saw the title I momentarily thought “free subsidized iPhone” LOL…

  • Günter Schwarz

    I wish they would of kept the iPod deal. $100 iTunes card is nice, but I think a 200$ iPod was a bit nicer.

    • Tom

      Exactly… Apple greed at work here.

  • Fiona

    “Apple’s first out with their back-to-school promo that offers up the usual discounts on everything Apple – iMac, iPad, iPod, and for the first time the iPhone has made an appearance.”

    It doesn’t look like the’re offering discounts on the iPod.