Netatmo Weather Station Review


  • casual_confidence

    carbon dioxide levels and air pressure check – interesting

  • sicsicpuppy

    Is this engadget ?

    • Avalain

      My thoughts exactly.
      I mean, on one hand this sounds super cool and I’m actually interested in finding out more about it. On the other hand this seems really far from the mobile space.

    • hyperhyper

      Yeah it’s a bit of a stretch to review this because of the connection between it and your phone. I like the occasional gem like this but do not want to see more than 2-3 week because you are right. Engadget fills that need quite nicely while I come to this site (several times each day) for Canadian mobile news.

  • abc123

    It’d be interesting to see the change in carbon dioxide levels when something’s burning in the kitchen…

  • Rain

    Expect your outdoor module to disappear within days.