Instagram rumoured to announce video-sharing feature on June 20th


  • iPlunks

    Directly going against Vine. A war between Twitter and Instagram (Facebook) is rising

    • hottster

      actually you should also add “keek” to that war.

  • hoo dat

    “SQUEEEEEE” is the sound 100 million 11 year old girls just made.

  • Nicole

    Vine>Instagram video

    • Manbo

      Anything > 6 second videos…

      Except 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 second videos.
      Figured I’d throw that in there ’cause someone would’ve said it.

    • Nicole

      6 second videos > long a*s ones
      Because if you post a video on vine of ig, how many people are actually gonna sit there and watch your 2 minute long video.
      Pretty much no one.

    • Manbo

      6 second videos of what though?
      It sounds like Youtube for A.D.D. sufferers.
      I don’t understand what the appeal is.

    • Nicole

      Have you ever actually been on vine? Trust me, some of the videos would be the best 6 seconds of your life.

    • Manbo

      Nope. I’ll hold judgment until I check it out then.

    • Manbo

      I genuinely don’t. Maybe someone can explain it to me…
      But as a disclaimer, I also think Twitter is the dumbest thing ever. Well… in regards to social network nonsense.

  • Collin Lewis

    Good! the vine app for android is pretty useless in it’s current state, i have way more friends on instagram