Possible Nokia Lumia EOS with 41MP camera sensor appears in leaked photos


A Windows Phone-based successor to the tremendous-yet-ill-fated Nokia PureView 808 has long been rumoured, and today we’re finally seeing our first potential look at a prototype.

The reliable leakers over at WPDang have trudged up some interesting shots of what appears to be a Lumia-looking device, similar in size to the Lumia 920, with an enormous camera sensor and lens combination.


Indeed, like the PureView 808, this model appears to have quite a hump on the back of the phone to accommodate the 41MP sensor, which is believed to be identical to the one found in the original. There will be undoubtedly be improvements made to the lens system, however, and you can expect the inclusion of optical image stabilization and a host of other algorithmic optimizations as well.

The PureView 808 creates near-lossless photos, even when zooming, by using a technique called oversampling, or pixel binning, which combines the data captured by multiple pixels into one sharper, less grainy pixel. This works to create photos of sharable 5MP size from a much larger sensor.


The front of the device appears nearly identical in size and shape to other Lumia devices, but is not squared off like the recently-announced Lumia 928 and 925. It will apparently feature a 4.5-inch 1280×768 pixel AMOLED display, like the Lumia 928, along with wireless charging support and a full-sized Xenon flash.

The veracity of these photos is not completely verifiable, but they look about as real as any leak can be. The PureView 808 successor, dubbed Lumia EOS, is expected to be announced in July. No word on whether it will come to Canada.

Source: WPDang