New report, based on 2011 stats, reveals Canadian wireless industry is booming

A new report, based on 2011 stats, by Nordicity and the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) shows that both wireless subscribers and revenues increased. Not the biggest shocker considering we’re now in 2013 and the carriers have continually declared this information during their quarterly results. However, some interesting stats to take note of:

Canadian wireless revenues grew in 2011 to $19.1 billion, up 6.3% from $17.9 billion. Approximately 92% of the $19.1 billion total revenue, or $17.5 billion, came from voice and data services. The other $1.4 billion in network revenue came from devices and accessories.

In addition, an interesting stat on the app marketplace was that the carriers “earned an estimated $166 million from consumer payments for mobile wireless applications and content.” No specific details on the breakdown of which apps/content, nor how long an app was used, but they did note that iOS was the runaway leader in this department. In December 2011, an estimated 3 million Canadian mobile subscribers watched TV or video via their mobile smartphone device.

As for the subscriber numbers, the CWTA reported 27,387,200, also up 6% from 2010 of 25,825,400. So by now were probably sitting somewhere around the 30 million wireless subscriber mark. More than 90% of the population (aged 15 and over) use a mobile phone. Powering all this glory has pumped 308,000 jobs into Canada.

Bernard Lord, CWTA President & CEO, stated “Not only has wireless become essential to the lives of Canadians, it has also become a critical component of our economic prosperity.”

Source: CNW