Rogers launches “Connected for Success” broadband internet pilot program, wants “to help bridge Canada’s digital divide”

Here’s a feel good story to start your day. Rogers, Microsoft Canada and Compugen have all teamed up “to help bridge Canada’s digital divide.” This time it’s not about the upcoming spectrum auction, but by bringing computers and the internet to those who don’t have access.

The “Connected for Success” is part of the Rogers Youth Fund initiative and is a pilot project that will start later this year with the Toronto Community Housing. The goal is to “bring more youth online and give them the tools and resources needed to experience the benefits of connectivity.” Rogers will be providing the internet services, but will charge those who qualify $9.99/month for internet speeds of 3Mbps and usage allowance up to 30 GB. Microsoft Canada and Compugen will be providing the option to buy a computer with some free software and technical support at a subsidized $150.

Rob Bruce, President of Communications for Rogers, stated “We must invest and develop our youth to ensure they have the digital savvy they need to be part of and prosper in Canada’s digital future. And it starts with a broadband connection. It’s unfathomable that Canadians are living without internet access today because they simply cannot afford it. With Connected for Success we’ve taken the first step to connect youth and we urge our competitors, our partners and communities to work with us to bridge Canada’s digital divide.”

Good cause… would love to eventually see a mobile angle to this announcement.

Update: At the Canadian Telecom Summit Rob Bruce stated that they will look at a wireless solution in the future, but for now it’s premature.

Source: Rogers
Via: CNW