Fallsview Casino believes Toronto could use more fun, releases FUNSQUARE app that helps give an “augmented reality experience”

Fallsview Casino is looking to boost the number of visitors to their fine establishment. To do this they’ve stepped out of doing the traditional promotions and entered into the digital age by releasing an app called FUNSQUARE (compatible with iOS and Android devices). In the official description Fallsview says that “If there’s one thing Toronto could use a little more of, it’s fun! Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort is ready to answer that call. The answer is an app and a massive billboard ad.

FUNSQUARE, coupled with their interactive billboard located in Toronto’s Yonge and Dundas Square, will gives those who download an “augmented reality experience.” This billboard experience will go live on June 2nd and for those interested in taking part should download and open the app, press the Fun button and hold your device towards the billboard.

You’ll see something amazing… but will it get you to travel the hour and part with your money.

Source: CNW


  • Ian Hardy

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