Rogers launches Vicinity loyalty program, apps available on iPhone and Android


  • disqus_kCPMN1BEYg

    Hell no, companies already gather too much information. I’m not gonna help them do it more efficiently.

    • Fandroid

      Well if you use android you already know Rogers likes to stuff it full of bloat and garbage. I’m sure this will become a standard “feature” like other programs sometime in the future.

    • tom

      Never will I ever let Rogers to be my big brother.

    • Johhnyboy

      Them stick to iOS or feature phones if they are your carrier.
      At least apple told them where to go with their bloat ware.

  • Mobile Nerdy

    This is such a pre failure…give up…Carrier born app’s are awful…

  • TomsDisqusted

    Do I want Rogers tracking my location (any more than they already do)?

    A few months ago the Rogers/Yahoo e-mail system was majorly compromised – the sort of thing that would have been front page news if it happened to Google/MS/Apple. Rogers refused to acknowledge it (they were getting tons of calls) and took quite a while to even address it.

    They prove, time and again, that they can’t be trusted with my information.

  • skullan

    Not a bad thing. Let’s face it, if you’re carrying a mobile phone, people already know where you are, if they truly wanted. This is an opt-in ability to benefit from that.

    • Shoebox

      What? No, don’t bother to answer.

    • skullan

      That was supposed to be a reply to disqus_kCPMN1BEYg. If it had of been under there, it would have been clearer.

      As for not bothering to answer, meh.

  • Jeeverz

    No No and NO!

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