Public Mobile releases the uber entry level Kyocera Kona


  • expat

    I had such a phone 8 years ago, from Samsung. 300 dollars it cost! Honestly, I hardly think anyone wants to be seen in public with a flip phone nowadays!

    • Doctor_TuToo

      you wouldn’t believe….
      I actually liked my flip phone (when i got it for replacement) it was solid phone as everyone says

    • expat

      I also liked it then. Actually both of them. lost the first one, then bought another…That is when I learned to back up my contacts on the computer…

    • Totti

      I still see those phones around, mostly with elderly, or with someone who just doesn’t give a crap about “latest and greatest’, which, honestly is a majority.

      Only tech nerds like ourselves really care about Galaxies and Ones.

    • no

      those are public’s target market. the people who are not one mobilesyrup and howard forum ever 5 min. and all they need is a phone to place a call.

  • FKnm

    It will be my next phone, so tired from charging every day…

  • baltooshka

    It should be $20 nowadays

  • Lapkarl

    Back in 90’s