Google+ Hangouts app now available for iOS and Android


  • Dylan Neild

    Just an FYI that this doesn’t work with Google Apps accounts. Apparently the permissions necessary will be in the Settings->Talk area of Apps administration and will need to be enabled by your Apps account administrator. No word on when other than “soon”.

    • Nathan Jones

      I’ve got a Google Apps account and it installed and is working fine here. Or are there specific things that I’m missing? I know when I open the app I’ve got a lot more people I can ‘hang out’ with than i did before.

    • Dylan Neild

      According to Google this is still in roll-out so some people will have it working, other won’t. I’m in the won’t camp. Waiting patiently.

  • disqus_NDR2hN7GeW

    not available in canada

    • rgl168

      Installs fine here. Click on the link above on the desktop and click Install; within seconds the app should start downloading on the phone.

    • northernpenguin

      On desktop link now says “This page is temporarily unavailable”.
      Looks like they pulled it for the moment.

    • Eduardo

      No problem installing here, too bad Google+ messenger is still there!

    • Jerry

      Available and working fine in Ontario. iOS version that is.

    • Beef jerky

      It’s available and works, but the video image quality sucks hard. I thought Skype was bad..

  • Matt Logan

    I had the same issue, but then I followed the link from my desktop and was able to install it using the web version of Google Play.

    • Nathan Jones

      Same here. Had to push the app to my phone from the web. The Play Store showed as already installed.

  • jaysim

    Play store told me i already had it, which was talk, but not the new interface. Had to uninstall my talk with titanium backup, then I downloaded hangouts from the play store and it was the new version.

  • ElNad

    Oh yes, another chat/video/messenger apps that no one will use. So now, you need WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Skype, BBM later, etc just to text to everybody you have on your list. Why not use SMS and be done with it. Or email if the person is in another country.

    • Nathan Jones

      Outside of North America SMS is expensive (which is why Whatsapp is so popular elsewhere in the world). That being said, I look at SMS like faxing. There’s nothing really wrong with it, but it’s old, and there are so many better things that could replace it. Personally I don’t get the SMS thing, but I’m old and carmudgeon-y. So there’s that. 🙂

    • TomsDisqusted

      SMS is terrible for all sorts of reasons. What we need is something that ties all these services together. Larry Page made reference to that in the keynote: that GTalk was based on open standards and they were surprised at the lack of uptake of that.

  • Justin Crowley

    worked for me…. Nexus 4

  • thas ★

    If you’re on a custom ROM, you’ll probably have to delete the Talk app with Titanium Backup first. The Hangout app itself is a huge work in progress. Adding new people is extremely clunky. Tablets can’t seem to get it as of right now & I can’t seem to contact people who still have the Talk app.

    • Dennis Tester

      If you have the Talk App installed when you go to the PlayStore on your device it will say replaces Talk. The way to get around this is on your PC sign into the PlayStore search Hangouts and install from there. This is what worked for me.

  • dracos

    I am in Toronto and it works fine on my Nexus 4

  • deusfaux

    so far dislike greatly the ability to discern whom is online or not, like Talk had…

    • deusfaux

      the *LACK* of ability

  • Sean McConnell

    Interesting… Not available on my Nexus S with 4.2.2 rom, but available to my wife’s HTC Amaze with 4.0.3… WTF?

    • Mayoo

      Maybe because when you read the description of the app, it says that it’s rolling out gradually (In example : N10 and N7 are not available right now). Give it some time, you’ll get it.

  • Varroa

    Also not available/compatible on my Asus transformer Pad running 4.2.1, WTF?

  • Mayoo

    I can’t get Hangouts to confirm my phone number. It always fail after a few minutes. Anyone having this issue too?

    Could it be carrier related since it’s sending an SMS?


      I’m having the same issue with a Koodo phone.

      Edit: The second time around I went to edit number and just used what it gave xxx xxx-xxxx and it worked.

    • Mayoo

      Just tried but didn’t work either. I had my provider verify if the SMS would be blocked on their side. They are verifying and should get back to me soon.

  • peter tam

    Very disappointed that it didn’t merge G+ messenger’s android client.

  • peter tam

    Also disappointing that the desktop client removes the ability to dial a phone number.