Apple: Over 50 billion apps have been downloaded


  • Dave Grant

    So apple and google are more or less even… 48 billion for google, 50 billion for apple.

    Question is: who has greater velocity & acceleration?

    • Sean Lumly

      Google Play, by far.. Last year (2012) Google had ~15B downloads in March, whereas Apple had around 25B in the same month. Google Play downloads have been growing at a much faster rate year-over-year. Thankfully, according to Appbrain, the number of low-quality apps have been stagnant, meaning that the additions are mostly good.

      Now if we are talking monetization, I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers were very different.

  • Chrome262

    Correct me if I am wrong, but Mac app store is tallied differently from the ios app store. While Google counts all from play, its integrated so non Android and Android are combined. That means Chrome apps as well. But I am not sure

    • Sean Lumly

      Chrome apps are not (yet) available via Google Play, but the Chrome Web Store. This will probably change in the future.

  • Evayo

    Who cares Apple? Who cares?

    • Lolz

      You do, apparently…

  • jackjiarocks

    Ahhh….. lets see the numbers a year from now, shall we?

  • nosnhoj

    What is the average cost per app? Translate into revenue, thats what matters.