Galaxy S4 now available at Mobilicity for $649.99


  • hunkyleepickle

    If your going to pay full retail anyway, might as well wait a month and get the same hardware minus touchwiz straight from Google….

    • kevin c

      Google just announced (today) that there will be a special edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a pure Android interface (no TouchWiz). It will go on sale on the Play Store.

    • deltatux

      We’re assuming that Google is selling it in Canada as well. So far all the announcements I’ve seen is for US…

    • Jonathan G.

      More than likely it will be the same time frame as the US (if I recall it was the same for the N4). I’d say if you can wait the month and it doesnt pan out or they specifically say it will be later then I’d go ahead and purchase it from Wind.

    • rgl168

      I’m wondering about that one too; reports so far suggested that it will be US only. We’ll have to wait and see whether it will come to Canada.

  • TrDxIt

    Or… you could just purchase it from US and use it in Canada, if they don’t bring it to Canada (at the same time/ever)

  • blk_jack

    Buy it on whatever carrier you like in Canada. The hardware will be the same as the one from Google and you will be able to flash AOSP directly overtop of TouchWiz. The i337m currently supports both Rogers/Telus/Bell as well as AWS bands (Wind, Mobilicity, etc).

    If you’re not on a carrier I would consider Koodo since they are the cheapest outright.

    • random

      wait your saying that the mobilicity/wind version of the s4 will also work on robelus?

    • blk_jack

      Yes. Read up on the details on xda.