Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 can be purchased today


  • Dimitri

    As much as i love Samsung products, why do they make them look exactly a like? S3 came out with that design & not the Note 2 has it, S4 has it & Note 8.0 has it. Can they not be original & change it up a bit? Are they trying to be like apple & keep the same boring design?

    • Stephen

      Branding recognition

    • Dimitri

      I understand that BUT it kinda gets boring seeing the same design on the phone & tablet. Are they going to use this design on their laptops too? change it up a bit & make the tablets have a different design to what the phones have.

  • Emc

    That really sucks. Price point is way out of line by at least $100. I was going to get one, but not at this price. Outrageous.

  • Mike123

    you can get the note 10.1 for $450 @ futureshop/bestbuy when it goes on sale which happens atleast once a month. Priced way to high. I’ll pass.

  • Brandon Walters

    The note 8.0 uses a micro USB to charge. I don’t see the need for an HDMI Output given how the device is used everyday. It would be nice for the device to be cheaper (you could say that about anything) but, given my 2 days experience with it, I am not regretting the extra cash I spent. The value added features justify the cost.