Bell reports Q1 2013 results, wireless subscriber base jumps 3.6% to 7,672,075


  • Lukeiphone

    I am on Bell right now and I have had no issues with coverage, calls or data. Even customer service has been great for me.
    The only problem I have is with their plans. Their plans are the biggest rip offs, but if you get a good deal like a corporate plan with 6GB data, then why not?

    • dandoozled

      The thing is though, the plans aren’t a rip off.

      Yes, they are more expensive that Wind of Mobilicity, but when you look at the total value of what you get for the plan, it really can’t be beat.

      I pay $90 monthly to Bell, I have an older grandfathered plan ($65) with 200 Minutes, Fab 10, 6 GG, etc. I’ve added call forwarding ($3) and a voice mail and call display bundle ($7), as well as incoming calls ($15) to round out the pricing. I also jumped on a Canadian Long Distance promo about 18 months ago, so all my minutes are all national.

      For this, I get more than adequate minutes, access to the largest LTE network in the country by far, the fastest data speeds where I live (my S3 is as fast than competing DSL and Cable speeds most times), a large data plan that I have only exceeded twice, and a phone that actually works if I am outside of major urban area (I work in Oil and Gas, I am -never- in a city). Even guys I work with that use Rogers and Telus service occasionally struggle to get service. More Rogers than Telus, due to the Bell/Telus tower sharing agreement. Guys with Wind and Mobi simply don’t have service, or pay exorbitant roaming fees.

      At $0.20 per minute for their domestic roaming, Mobilicity would cost me roughly $300 a month, just in voice service for my 1500 minutes I use on average, and that doesn’t include data ($9216 for 6 gigs, at $1.50/ Mb) or text ($100, for my roughly 1000 messages a month).

      For an extra $10 I could jump on the new unlimited Canada Wide plan, get all the minutes I would ever need, but have a smaller data plan. It’s a huge savings over what I would get if I was with Wind or Mobilicity. Virgin and Koodo, I could likely do better on the monthly pricing, but then I would have to pay far more for the handset, as well as pay out my bell contract. Why bother?

  • Tom

    Every plan on Big3 is a rip-off, unless, like you’ve said, you are getting a special deal. I mean, $100+ plans, in 2013?? Get the hell out of here!

    Please, shop around with either one of the Big3’s bastard babies, or with new entrants. Do not go directly to the Big3, unless you don’t like saving money for some reason.

    It hurts how badly Canadian companies are ripping off their fellow Canadians, hiding behind a protectionism wall. There is NO competition. The Big3 CEOs play golf with each other every other week, and decide where the prices would go.

    Look at ANY of the promotions that the Big3 does. They all just happen to change their packages and pricing within a day or two of each other, and the offers look exactly the same. If this isn’t collusion, then I don’t know what is.

  • emememem

    It’s simple, join their sub brands, 60$ will get you same network and 6gb and c Canada wide calling, considering their network, it really can’t get better… and the sub brands have way better customer service