TELUS says Galaxy Note users can now upgrade to Jelly Bean


  • vn33

    Hurray ! Finally, my Note gets some JB love !

  • Stephen

    Yay finally, slow effing carriers

  • Super_Deluxe

    And still no 4.1.2 love for the S3 while international S3 users have had it for months now. FFS!!

    • Deli

      Jelly bean has been released for s3 for all the major carriers a while back. I dunno what you’re talking about

    • Super_Deluxe

      4.1.1 but not 4.1.2. I just want that multi-view feature.

  • RedPlumpTomato

    nothing for me….

  • RedPlumpTomato

    i spoke to soon. had to use samsung kies but, it works!

    • kevinsebby22

      Are yoi getting multi window

  • kevinsebby22

    nothing yet

  • Dylan D’Croix

    S II X user here, updated to 4.1.2 this afternoon via Kies desktop app. 🙂

  • BaconTelevision

    EDIT: apparently kies wasn’t connecting to the server, JB update is available for Rogers variant. OTA download isnt available, so it must be updated via Kies

  • Guille

    I cant find multiwindow..

  • PT

    Wind Mobile has released 4.12 for over 2 months now. What a joke!

  • ArberBeq

    Hopefully the rogers one gets some Jelly Bean love without no bloat ware.

  • kevinsebby22

    Why cant i get multi

  • Joshua Smikle

    cant believe they didnt do it over the air, attempted to do it via keys as they prescribed and it bricked my phone…

  • Christopher

    Hello fellow galaxy note users, to feel the full jelly bean experience finish your update to your device. once it complete back up any or all important files. then go in settings>backup reset>factory reset. clear it all, it takes 10 mins. Start from scratch, add the apps you want. their chance one of the old app or apps had support stopped at ics, plus it fresh start to your phone. you notice a boost in speed and less ram usage. Enjoy!

  • kevinsebby22

    Samsung kies is not working for me help

  • slobodan nedeljkovic

    thank you kindly, Ian
    I’ve downloaded jelly form kies…the most pleasing is that after i’ve backed up all the contacts, videos, photos, whatever i’ve chequed in the tools of the kies window and sinc them
    to my pc…also i have their icon on my pc’s toolbar…(in a case i jump into the water with my cell)
    i have problem with my galaxy note n-7000 (international), that i cannot charge my battery, bouhgt a new one, still loosing power…i keep it on usb so i can make calls, before i call service since i have warranty…

  • Donovan

    Still no update for me yet.

  • kevinsebby22

    Still waiting

  • Logan

    I Have The Note SGHI71& And i am getting absolutely nothing! I am on telus and am a mobile phone salesmen so this issue is very frustrating, Does anyone know why i cant recieve the update over the air or through kies???

    • carry

      Multi-window is gimmick and all of OEMs doesn’t care of Canadian market. Sorry for this bad news.

  • kevinsebby22

    Kies is not working getting frustrated

  • kevinsebby22

    someone help

  • Norm

    I updated my phone yesterday through kies it was better then waiting for the notification.

    • kevinsebby22

      I cant kies to work

  • blaiser

    Connected to Kies yesterday around 11 p.m. and the download took no more than 15 minutes. Note now works perfectly smooth with no loss in usability. My original attempt to connect onto Kies failed on my first computer (Kies leaves alot to be desired). I had to re-install Kies via Samsung’s website onto another computer to make the download possible.Worth the effort.

  • Donovan

    Finally got the GNote updated to JB. The downloading process on Kies went smooth. I’m loving JB on the Note right now!!!!!

  • jepoi28


  • Eric Haddad

    Had to flash via ODIN as kies did not recognize my device :s. Now experiencing battery drain issues and serious lag.

  • kevinsebby22

    is your model i1717d cause if so i still cant get it

  • kevinsebby22

    Said the samething to me

  • Rick Berglund

    Dont be in a hurry to taste Jelly Bean if you have a newer Uconnect radio or other older other models of different bluetooth software in cars. I took the plunge with mine and my wifes galaxy note I717D only to find problems keeping the phones paired, No solutions from Samsung, Telus,or Dealership. So I had to figure out how to revert back to ICS, now all is well except I don’t have JB it was so cool. Well I hope whoever needs to get with the program does because I don’t know what kind of phone to buy next, you can bet I will go out to the parking lot and be sure it pairs and works and remains paired before 72 hours by law and well I think my provider gives a month but you cannot use the phone past a certain amount, I need an hour that is it

  • [GGG] C1 Queen

    Doesn’t work on my I717D, keep having error on Samsung Kies

  • Martin Bell

    Hey does anyone know how to update it…. basically I cant install some apps because I dont have the latest jelly bean…. freeking telus sucks balls!