Mobilicity offering sweetheart deals to win back lapsed customers


Mobilicity seems to be doing whatever it can to maintain its current customer base, offering former users with lapsed account balances the opportunity to renew their service with one of two “sweet deals,” with “free data for life.”

Both plans offer unlimited data: the $25 Smart plan offers unlimited talk, text, caller I.D. and data; the $40 Smarter plan adds unlimited North American calling, global text, voicemail, call waiting/forwarding, and discounted BlackBerry Internet Service.

It appears that the deals are only valid through the company’s *611 phone portal, and is only valid when agreeing to enter into an Automatic Monthly Payments deal with a credit card or pre-authorized chequing account.

The $25 Smart plan doesn’t seem to be that competitive, as Mobilicity currently has a $29 promotion that includes everything in that deal but adds caller I.D., call waiting, voicemail and global texting. The $40 Smarter plan is also being offered temporarily to everyone (originally $45/month) but the deal may not last much longer.

While it’s not surprising to see these deals made available to former customers who may have tired of Mobilicity’s limited coverage area, it’s interesting to see such tactics employed in the months leading up to what will likely be a merger or acquisition, or at the very least a massive restructuring of the company. Mobilicity seems to be doing whatever it can to maintain its customer numbers in the run-up to what happens next.

(Thanks tipster!)